Thank you for your interest in booking a Private Session with Spirit Medium Laura!   Follow these 3 easy steps.   (1) Pay, (2) Book, (3) Prepare.

All Booked Sessions are bound by Step 3 Preparation/Guarantees.  Thank you.  

1.   PAY HERE.   PRIVATE SESSIONS with Spirit Medium Laura.   Different services can be combined into one session.  Rates do not change if session is shared.  PAYMENT REQUIRED before booking on calendar.  REFUNDS provided for any UNUSED sessions.  Thank you in advance.

PRIVATE SESSIONS with Spirit Medium Laura
REQUIRED: Phone # or Skype ID  & Session Type (Mediumship, Mentoring and/or Medical)
Event Code (if applicable)

ONSITE PRIVATE CIRCLES:  Spirit Medium Laura will come to your location for a private circle.  FEE:  Two hour minimum.  Travel time from area code 33446 and time at location combine to create the fee.  BOOK:  Deposit of one hour time required to schedule. Pay above.   Then remainder payable on day of event, cash or check or credit card.  TIMES:  Laura can be made available most evenings and weekends with enough notice.    Please phone Laura at 954 465 7338 to book your time.

LOCATION: In person appointments are conducted in the vicinity of zip code 33446, SE Florida, US.  Google Maps can provide estimated travel time.  Go HERE.

PHONE READINGS CALL NUMBER are done from (954) 465-7338 usually.

INTERNATIONAL SESSIONS.  Please decide how we will connect as I do not have international phone calling.
OPTION 1.  Skype.  Skype is free and can be installed at this link:   My Skype ID is “lauradance22″.
OPTION 2.  You call me from your phone.  My US phone # is 954 465 7338.

VIDEO CONFERENCE - Skype.  Please provide your Skype ID during payment process above if you desire this service.  If you do not provide, it is assumed we will connect via phone.   Laura’s Skype ID is Lauradance22.  FREE Skype download HERE:

RECORDING OF SESSIONS:     All sessions are recorded.  File formats are compatible with most systems.

TIMEs for APPOINTMENTS:  (Appointment Availability currently 1-7 days out.)   Time zone:  Eastern US (New York).  Available times for appointment are shown on Booking Calendar HERE.   Please do not place yourself on Booking Calendar without making payment at step #1 above.  Thank you.

DON’T FIND WHAT YOU NEED?  Email me at or phone me at 954 465 7338 (US) to arrange for an appointment outside of regular schedule.  

PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS.  Here is a great article and video from Bob Olson of Best Psychics Directory and AfterLifeTV about how this works.  Read/watch HERE.

2.  BOOKING CALENDAR.  Here you can check Laura’s schedule to see availability before making payment above.  Only place yourself on calendar AFTER Payment is made at Step 1 above.  THANK YOU.   Booking calendar HERE.

TIME ZONEs:  Your time zone will be automatically converted into my time zone (Eastern US).  Just follow steps.

Call me at 954 465 7338 if you do not find an appointment that works for you on schedule.   



PREPARATION.  Here is some preparation information so you can get most of your sessions.

  • Know that 3 elements make success – you, the psychic and spirit world; not just the psychic.  This is why it is so important to prepare for your sessions.
  • Review me doing readings at this link.
  • Be relaxed and meditative.
  • Pray before your session asking.
    • Your loved ones to clearly come in during your session.
    • For spirit to provide accurate and successful guidance for you.
    • For successful healing as needed.

REFUNDS.  Refunds available before and during your session for remaining time if you are not satisfied.  Afterwards not.

GUARANTEES:  I guarantee my readiness, skill level (proven by videos), testimonials and eagerness to please.  The rest is up to spirit and you.  So if you are not satisfied just ask for refund before your time has been used and that will gladly be provided.

You are paying for my time, not my guarantee I can produce a session to your satisfaction.  No medium or psychic can do that.


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Email me with any questions or suggestions you might have.  Email: