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ONGOING 2016, etc.  Live celebrity readings at Artis Senior Living.







ONGOING, 2015, 2016, etc.  Live celebrity readings at Savannah Court, Assisted Living facility.

I was a guest of The Gathering for Financial Consciousness Global Virtual Series 7/26/16.  Listen to my interview HERE.  More information here:

Sacred Stories.  I was guest on this telesummit.  Interview HERE.

Friday’s LiveRegular Monthly Promo Readings 2015 at Mastino’s, Delray Beach, FL.  Ended late 2015.



Regular Monthly Guest Appearances 2015 at Savannah Court for promotional marketing.  Ended early 2016.



order_bookSpirit Medium Laura was a guest on Sandra Champlain’s radio show, “We Don’t Die.”  She is author of the best seller, “We Don’t Die.”  Listen to the actual show at this link:




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Supernatural RadioSupernatural Radio Recorded on 10/14/14 show HERE.



(Recorded 9/25/14, air date 9/26/14 at 11pm ET, and airing regularly after that.  Link to the finished interview is HERE. )




9/26/14.  9:12am Interviewed by Manny Munez on 610 AM WIOD about why Dolphins football team could be losing so much because the stadium is built on an Indian burial ground.  Is there a curse there?   


USC TV & Radio Productions, Ascension Soul Wisdom, To be aired on 10/3/14 at 10pm.   Listen to that show HERE.

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Some Questions to Ask During Interview:

  1. What is the process & steps you went through in order to become a medium.
  2. Have you always had this ability & how you honed your skills?
  3. The actual process of what you are getting from the other side when you do a reading.
  4. Are you getting telepathic messages, visuals & symbols that you are receiving?
  5. The legitimacy of mediumship, as a lot of public perception of it is mediums use fake techniques through cold readings by fishing for information and generally using trickery through out right fraud.
  6. How to spot if a medium is legit or a fraud.
  7. How a person can decide if a certain medium is right for them ahead of time.
  8. Is certification a guarantee on how good a medium is?
  9. What are some of the things the sitter can do before & during the reading to help give them the best reading.
  10. These would be only some of the areas I would like you to touch on in your presentation.
  11. How you deal with the skeptics & naysayers who out right disrespect this profession.

Other Questions to Ask During Interview:

1) When and how did you get started communicating with the spiritual realm?  (ANSWER:  Born into a creative family.  Saw ghosts as a child.  Over looked my creative nature even though began channeling guides out loud over 30 years ago.  Story:  Intuitively led to Central Park.  Met man who took me to his reader.  Told my guides wanted to come through.  They audibly did immediately.  Full trance experience too.  But went back to focusing on money until I achieved millionaire status.  When most of this money was lost, I began this new career.  I feel I was being led to the greater wealth of service from one’s gifts.)
2) What is the most important service you provide to your clients?  ANSWER:  HEALING to HAPPINESS.  HEALING:  Guides work with me to discern psycho-spiritual blocks, karma, soul contracts and physical illness set up this life time for growth.  I clear these blocks with them so they can move from HEALING to HAPPINESS.   At times I do energy healing as well to release psycho-spiritual blocks to health.  During a Trance Circle I was conducting, an attendee had a nose bleed.  I went over to her laid my hands on her and sent in intention for healing.  Her nose bleed stopped within 5 minutes.  I realized then I had to incorporate more healing into all of my client sessions.  Today I had someone cry to me afterwards.  Very deep emotional blocks were discovered and released.  HAPPINESS:  Consists of teaching client how to create their life using their 3rd eye for manifesting.  Astounding results have been and continue to be achieved.
3)  What other services do you provide to clients?  ANSWER:  Mediumship.  I am an evidential medium.  I love facilitating sessions with loved ones in spirit to earth for purpose of healing.  It is like I have a first row seat to the infinite, divine and miraculous.)  Then at times I add healing into the session if the grief is very extreme.
4) What is the strangest other side discernment you have every encountered? (ANSWER.  Nothing is strange to me anymore!  But here are two amusing stories.  1.  Father comes in and says he is from the West.  He is wearing a cowboy’s outfit.  I don’t know what to make of this.  Client laughs.  Family name is West.  2.  Mother feels head is itchy.  Daughter in spirit had been ticking her scalp to get her attention.  Mother was flabbergasted as itchy scalp had been such an issue for her she had asked her hair dresser to change shampoos.  We all had a huge laugh over this!)
5)  What other services do you offer?  (ANSWER:  Radio show host and author.  I have written 4 e-books, corresponding video courses and teach online psychic and holistic business development.  I have created a Master Certification as a Soul Psychic Healer which takes 16 weeks to complete.  )
6)  What is biggest challenge you encounter as a medium?  (ANSWER:  People who come to me doubting, cynical and closed emotionally.  It is fine to be skeptical.  This does not affect results, however, when a client has a “show me” attitude it blocks the energy which provides the miracle of information.  Be open if you plan to meet with a medium or a psychic to get the best results.  Also, be relaxed, with a focus for your time with the medium.  If you come to a medium and say “Tell me something,” it is like telling your friend to go to the beach and find something for you in the sand.  If you do not know what you are looking to find, you will find nothing, especially if you are closed emotionally.)
7)  Any other challenges?  (ANSWER:  People who believe a psychic is supposed to tell your future is very challenging for me.  Instinctively I do not believe we have a set future.  We are always creating it.  When I was young my mother always tried to tell my “fortune” with Tarot cards.  I instinctively despised this. Nothing can be more dis-empowering than removing my client’s responsibility to own their present and to create their future.  This is why I focus on HEALING to HAPPINESS type sessions.)

12 Questions to Ask During Interview:

1)  When and how did you have your FIRST experiences with spirit? (ANSWER:  At 3-4 years old as I went to sleep at night saw dead people.  Story:  Soft party sound, got louder and louder, then suddenly silence.  Saw strangers in my room speaking to me.  Frightening.)
2)  When and how did you KNOW you were communicating with the spiritual realm?  (ANSWER:  Spontaneously began channeling guides out loud at 30 years old.  Story:  Intuitively led to Central Park.  Met man who took me to his reader.  Told my guides wanted to come through.  They audibly did immediately.  Full trance experience too.)
3)  What does it feel like to go into FULL TRANCE STATE to bring in a soul from the other side, as you did in your early days of communicating with spirit?  (ANSWER:  Body limp.  Vision field compressed to upper right small window.  Awareness body being used, but cannot see, feel, or hear what is transpiring.)
4)  How do you know spirit communication is REAL and not a figment of your imagination, telepathy or some other unexplainable phenomena?  (ANSWER.  Don’t know.  Evidence helps, but does not prove anything except I could be reading someone’s mind or reading energy Collective Unconscious.  Science still has not “proven” what this is.  Compelling Story:  Mother of an ex-boyfriend came to me just as she had passed with a message for him.  She gave it to me just as he learned she had passed.  I did not know she had.  This is compelling evidence.)
5)  When and why did you begin to do this professionally?  (ANSWER:  Spirit led me from millionaire to medium, against my best efforts to not go in this direction.  It is as if I was no longer in control of what happened to me.  My soul’s plan took over.)
6)  Why do you feel you were meant to do this work?  (ANSWER.   Astrological Natal chart all my planets in house of the occult, 8th house, Pluto.  Numerological life path number is 11/22 (master), Mole over third eye, Channeling was natural, Destiny seemed to take over.  )
7)  Why do you feel you were being unconsciously “developing” yourself to do this work your entire life?   Did you take psychic development classes? (ANSWER:  Drawn to visual, literary, dramatic and dance arts all my life.  Later I realized drawn to this b/c it was a form of channeling.  Felt good.  Had talent for it.   Later I did take a few psychic medium development classes, but found they stifled me.  When I realized I was already a developed medium and let go into my natural creative process, I blossomed in skills.  )
8)  Why do you feel art is an ideal training ground to do this work?    (ANSWER:  Art encourages dismissal of conscious mind in lieu of subconscious.  This opens up channels useful for spirit work.  I use art in some of my classes to help students develop.  Ex.  I use acting, singing and dance and drawing as development tools.  It helps the student to learn how to let go and allow an inner voice to emerge.)
9)  What are the basic steps one must take to enter the “psychic” state safely?  Why safely?   (ANSWER:  LOVE, unique formula to consistently get in and out of the psychic state safely.  The formula produces an altered brain wave state, coupled with setting intention to open to spirit in love and light.  Safety is important as once opened to a psychic state, you become vulnerable to every vibration both negative and positive depending on your own vibration.  Like attracts like.  Important then, as a precaution, to always set intention to work in Love and Light.)
10)  What classes do you teach and why?  (ANSWER:  I offer a Master Certification as a Soul Psychic Healer, if one completes a sequence of 4 courses focused on clairsentience for abundance, clairaudience for channeling the collective, clairvoyance for reading and healing the human energy fields such as auras and chakras, remote viewing, medical intuition and telepathy/remote influence, and mediumship for other side connections.  I also teach a class on building your holistic business based on your soul’s mission for this life time.  )
11)  What is the strangest other side discernment you have every encountered? (ANSWER.  1.  Existing client asks for an emergency sitting with me.  I had no idea what to expect.  As I worked with other clients that day I kept hearing the word Mother.  I even felt energy.  Then as soon as the client arrived I heard “MOTHER!” loudly and was whacked on the side of my head with energy.  Her mother had deceased just the week before and apparently was waiting to talk to her daughter!  2.  Mother feels head is itchy.  Daughter in spirit had been ticking her scalp to get her attention.  Mother was flabbergasted as itchy scalp had been such an issue for her she had asked her hair dresser to change shampoos.  We all had a huge laugh over this!)
12)  What was the most unusual client session you have ever had?  (ANSWER:  When I was just learning how to receive names, I used to hear the name Charles all the time.  Obviously the whole world can’t have the same name.  So spirit wanted me to know the name of someone on the other side really was Charles, by spelling it out in front of me using three dimensional blocks.  It was so strange to watch the name C-H-A-R-L-E-S slowly shape itself before me.  Got my attention and I did say the name, and it was exactly correct for the person that passed.  2.   Radiologist was a reincarnated “light being.”  Came to me for life between life times mediumship session.  He received confirmation of what he suspected, that he was a “light being” incarnated on earth to to help lead mankind forward, in particular by fathering and raising his most “special” son.  )


Valencia Reserves, Lyons Road north of Atlantic Av., Boynton Beach, FL.  Only community on left hand side.  Barbara Wohrle.  bwohrle@aol.com561-509-6411.

ABOUT PSYCHIC MEDIUM & CLAIRVOYANT HEALER LAURA:  Seeing spirit uninvited as a child, Laura closed off until her master guide, St. Ignatius Loyola, (same as JOHN of GOD) pushed through over 30 years ago.   Some credentials include author of the Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Program, featured in “100 Top Psychics and Astrologers in America,” research medium for and host of radio show “SPIRIT MEDIUM LAURA MEDIUMSHIP & MESSAGES,” samples of which are on her website

Speak and demonstrate mediumship to audience.

Speech Title:   The MIRACLE of MEDIUMSHIP

Speech Outline:

1.  Laura’s 10 Most Miraculous Psychic & Mediumship Experiences.  These experiences could change as I move closer to the day, but at least I have these down.
a.  Seeing spirit as a child..  Out of body experiences.  Star Seed.  How to shift from one dimension to the next.
b.  Knowing answers on tests at school.  Hypnosis makes you psychic, and smarter.

c.  52 Card pick up.  Funny, but real.

d.  Out of body experiences as a teenager during meditation.  Downloads of information.  what I learned from spirit.
e.  Being different, hyper sensitive, isolated but not knowing why as a young adult..

f.   The COINCIDENCE which opened my vocal channelling of spirit and met my Master Guide.

g.  Completely going into trance with Louis’s Master Guide.
h.  Feeling “funny” around crystals, funny around spirit.  Still not knowing why.  Mediumship different from channeling.   Story of visit to the Shaman in Manhattan with my friend.  The Santorian Cigar fiasco.  My mother’s preparation for launch to spirit.

i.  Seeing my mother as she prepared to transition during out of body experiences.  Her final appearance.  Her final “act.”
j.  Trans mediumship during’s research mediumship session.  Shaking and vocals taken over.  Why this happened.
k.  Radio show on 12/7/15 at 58 minutes into the show did mediumship for Jennifer.  Her aunt came in and showed me her swollen, hurt shoulders almost like her bra straps had given her sores from a too heavy breast.  Jennifer said she had just had a consultation that very day for a breast reduction operation due to that condition in her own body!  So specific.

2.  Laura DEMONSTRATION of LIVE MEDIUMSHIP to an audience volunteer.

3.  Laura provides LIVE MEDIUMSHIP EXERCISE using two volunteers as audience follows along as desired with their own partner.  You will be SURPRISED to learn that gaining access to the miracle of spirit is EASIER than you thought!