Aura Colors:  Purple the color of psychic ability, transitioned loved ones and past lives.

When I see purple in the aura of a person, depending on its location several pieces of information are revealed. 

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Purple Petal

Purple Petal (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


Aura Colors:  Purple in the Third Eye location means person getting the reading is open psychically.  It can also mean psychic ability if located elsewhere in the aura, as well. 

So if I saw purple in the right area over the head and through the shoulder area, I might interpret this meaning the sitter (person getting the reading) gets psychic information by using their creativity and connection to their spiritual guides.  Depending on where the color is located helps define its meaning. 

Spirit has actually created a map around the body for the meaning of each location.  This is an example of an extended set of symbols spirit has chosen to create to work with me.  If you are astute as a psychic practitioner you will have a series of psychic symbols created when you work regularly with spirit. 

Purple could also mean sitter is being led by psychic information, past life recall issues are at play, or a loved one in spirit is currently influencing the situation, depending on its location, what I hear spirit say to me and how it is shaped. 

Purple is an extremely important color because it is of highest spiritual realm, miracle frequency, and connection to psychic ability.  So when I see purple in Aura Colors I know very powerful forces are at work.

Aura Colors:  Purple Floating Dot Psychic Symbol

If I see a purple dot of light in the aura floating in a particular location I know spirit is bringing in the issue of a transitioned loved one or a transitioned loved one is trying to come through.  For example in the aura area which stands for relationships with men, if I saw a purple floating dot I would know there is a man in spirit which is currently affecting the person getting the reading.

As I hone in on these Aura Colors I find more and more information is revealed from spirit.  It is truly a miracle to see this at work.


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3 Responses to AURA COLORs: Purple

  1. Awaken says:

    A doubt, should i not visualize purple and yellow color aura on those who don’t want to wish spiritual awakening. Will it effect at some point ? as i don’t want to to anything without their intentions on this path. Advice please. Thank-you :)

  2. Laura Mendelsohn says:

    I would interpret that as an otherside connection to a man from past that is in spirit trying to come in. Aura interpretation is very creative. I suggest you take some of my free radio training (Clairsentience March 2014 aura reading) by joining mailing list at upper right of screen. Thanks for writing.

  3. SMD says:

    I saw the other day on a man on his left leg purple aura can you help . It all new to me.

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