Advisement:  Spirit Medium Laura provides the highest quality clairvoyant intuitive services available today in compliment to, but not replacement for, licensed professional advice, healing and treatment.    This message covers entire website and service.


I call it Clairvoyant Healer (described below) where I “see” exactly where your blocks are, surgically remove them, reset your vibration, obliterate your karmic soul patterns (8 No fate), intuitively set up your soul desire in a Mantra, then vibration project to universe using 3rd Eye Manifesting. 

RESULTS:  Recent reversal of cancer with Clairvoyant Healer Rainbow Bridge healing.  Article HERE.


JOHN OF GOD.  I was born to do this work.  Recently discovered my master guide, St. Ignatius Loyola whom I have been channeling for over 30 years is same master guide as John of God.
HOW TO BOOK:  When booking your session ask for CLAIRVOYANT HEALER service.  Book HERE.
CONSCIOUSNESS ENGINEERING.  Recently discovered Christie Marie Edelson – Consciousness Engineering Special Event 2015.  People pay her to start $3500 for 5 sessions.  I do same work in private sessions at $179/hour. 



Laura has been channeling St. Ignatius Loyola for over 30 years.  Recently she discovered this is same master guide to John of God!

“100 Top Psychics,” research medium.  Book HERE.


*MENDING (healing).   MIND BODY SOUL healing, her guides call Rainbow Bridge Antahkarana Healing (return to oneness).  Channeling St. Ignatius Loyola for 30+ years (same master guide as John of God).  Certified LEAN Health Coach, Medical Intuitive, Creator of Chakra Soul Healing system, Author of Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification program.  Trained in Quantum Touch, Reiki.   MORE.

*MEDIUMSHIP to heal after loss. Saw spirit as a child.  Born as a natural trance channel clairvoyant medium.    MORE.

*MESSAGES, READINGS about your own life.  Natural Channel to your Divine Beings.  MORE.

*MENTORING, TEACHING.  Meditation, Manifesting, Spiritual, Channeling, Psychic, Mediumship Skill & Business Development.  MORE.

*MEDITATION to live in flow of miracles.   MORE.

*MANIFESTING to create desired life.  Over 40 years metaphysic training and experience.  Author of “Soul Abundance,” miracle system.   MORE.

*MEDICAL INTUITIVE.  MIND, BODY SOUL Insight.  Natural sight and propensity for medical information.  Certified Health Coach.     MORE.

BACKGROUND:  Where Science Meets Spirit
(of special interest Dr. Gary Schwartz at 1 hour 38 minutes)

Spirit Medium Laura MIND BODY SOUL Clairvoyant healing is based on over 30 years of channeling Divine Beings, creating the Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification program, the Soul Abundance L-O-V-E healing system, mediumship, quantum energy healing, clairvoyant aura reading, chakra soul healing and evolving client sessions.

The work originates through my master guide, St. Ignatius Loyola, same master guide as John of God.  My guides have told me this is Rainbow Healing, which essentially is a return to oneness, source, our perfection.

Your vibration is reset to its highest potential in the Field, our quantum state.  This is a higher vibration state, where miracles are the norm.  Some might call this 5th dimensional reality.  Rainbow Antahkarana Healing, “is a necessary tool for the activation of Merkabah, astral and time traveling, and Stargate passing.”

It is infinitely effective, getting to root issues, obliterating karmic soul contracts, aligning your EGO FEAR to SOUL LOVE (God) for cathartic transformation.  It works on micro to macro MIND BODY SOUL issues.


  • Learn the MIND BODY SOUL issues need to be healed using psychic perception.
  • Open.  Your MIND BODY SOUL must agree to the healing.
  • Vibrational Healing.   Colors, light and intentions channeled from Divine Beings Psychically Inspired!  Ex.:
    • Chaklear psychically discovers exactly where your blocks are, then using channeled messages and affirmations clears them using each chakra, resetting back to original polished vibration.
    • Auset.   Like opening a faucet, “Auset” washes your energy field so it is opened, cleared and reset with three channeled color washes from source.
    • “8” Fate is a powerful, cathartic release of karmic soul contracts.
    • Vi-Ject.  Manifest like Magic!  Using intuitive mentoring I work with you to “vibration project” your desired intention into the universe using 3rd Eye Mantra Manifesting Meditation.
  • Embrace Healing!   Certified LEAN Health Coaching, Soul Abundance Coaching, Channeling, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Business Life Coaching.

Benefits of Certified LEAN Health Coaching (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition)

Avoid over 50 life threatening diseases.

Peel Puffy Poundage from body and face.

Attain tighter, smoother, softer skin.

Let Go of toxic belly fat.

Attain ideal weight.

Feel Energized.

Sharpen Mental Acuity, Cognitive Skills, Memory.

Sleep Sounder.

Improve Mood.

Benefits of SOUL ABUNDANCE Coaching.
L-O-V-E Your Life!

Attract soul mate, right work.

Heal relationship with self.

Find peace.

Let Go karmic patterns

Open to your divine purpose.

Vibrate at higher frequency

Engage your GOD flow (guidance, opportunities, destiny)

Benefits of Business Mentoring.
L-O-V-E your business life!

Learn your soul’s Dharma.

Obtain a business plan, psychically inspired.

Vibration Reset to abundance.

Engage in spiritual selling, the fun, effective way to sell!



MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CLAIRVOYANT HEALER SESSIONS –   A session can include any or all of these services, can be done once or on a regular basis for “tune ups.”

1.  CHANNELING, MEDIUMSHIP (communicating with the Spirit World), MESSAGES (Psychic Perception, Remote Viewing, Channeling Divine Beings), MEDICAL INTUITION (perceive mind, body, soul health issues).  View videos on right side of page to see Spirit Medium Laura’s psychic perception.  There she demonstrates excellence doing live, real and raw uncut radio readings to complete strangers.  (Does both human and animal communication.)  Laura’s psychic abilities are even more accurate since body detox.

2.  CLAIRVOYANT HEALING (ENERGY HEALING), MANIFESTING.   Channels Energy of Divine Beings into aura, chakras, affirmations, instructions, intentions, etc. for Body, Mind and Soul healing.  Her guides tell her this is Rainbow Healing.  Has been channeling her master guide St. Ignatius Loyola for over 30 years.  Recently she discovered John of God (famed Brazilian healer) channels same master guide.  Read article HERE.  Laura has studied Quantum Touch Energy Healing and Reiki, is a Universal Life Church Minister, graduate of Center for Spiritual Living 2 year metaphysic training, author of book, “MANIFESTING MAGIC:  The ‘Soul Abundance’ Law of Attraction Secret,” wrote and taught the video course, “Soul Abundance,” manifested and healed many conditions, etc.

3.  MENTORING.  Spirit Medium Laura is a spiritual, business and health coach.  Some of her credentials include:

HEALTH/NUTRITION:  Dr. Sears Certified LEAN Health Coach, studied plant based nutrition as in “Forks Over Knives,” Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional insights, changed her own diet.

BUSINESS:  Certified Small Business Coach, wrote and taught “Create Your Holistic Business,” 17 years sales and marketing corporate sales, including 8 years with Microsoft Corporation drove $1M in revenue monthly, trained in SPIN Selling Model, was self made millionaire, trained in various forms of securities trading.

SPIRITUAL:  Author of Soul Psychic Healer 16 week Master Certification Spiritual Psychic training program, featured in book “100 Top Psychics in America,” research medium for, host of “Healing to Happiness” radio show featuring live mediumship readings.

COMMUNICATIONS:  majored in English Literature in college, wrote 5 books, studied acting for 5 years in New York City, been in over 20 films, TV commercials, avid dance student for over 30 years, public speaking to audiences in excess of 1,000 people, been guest on many radio shows, hosts her own show, etc.

OTHER:  Loves animals.

4.  CLAIRVOYANT HEALER USES:  This can be used to help manifest or help heal desired conditions in your life such as:

Grief Relief
Clarification and set life plan
Discover life purpose
Heal the past
Reach Ideal Weight
Stress Release
Blood Pressure
Attitude towards healing, eating right, exercising and doing the right things to promote health.
Positive mood and outlook.
Money, love, menopause, immune system, back problems, etc.
Symptom easing.
Help to heal illness chronic or current.
Pain Management.
Release from fear, doubt, loneliness, blocks, negativity.
Mending broken hearts.
Gain courage, creativity, intuitive insight, fortitude, etc.
Gain skills to create your future
Can be done in one session or monthly “tune ups”

5.  WHERE:  This can be done in person (one hour minimum session) or over phone or Skype.  Set your appointment here:

6.  CLAIRVOYANT HEALER SAMPLEs:   Spirit Medium Laura has applied healing to happiness to solve a variety of problems.  Here are a few samples.


  • Love – Release toxic old relationship to attract new, healthier, loving candidates in alignment with vibration and values.
  • Money – Shift from financial loss to success with money.
  • Health – Pain management.   Improve immune system.  Lessen frequency of colds, flu or viruses.  Aid in healing of any illness.
  • Emotional Healing after loss.
  • Menopause Symptoms.  This might include ideas to use herbs for body balance during menopause.
  • Sleep.  Improve sleep.
  • Ideal Weight.  Through detox nutrition speed metabolism and lessen excess toxic weight on body.  (Laura now weighs less than she did as a teenager!) Laura is a Certified LEAN Health Coach, educated in Dr. Bill Sears, Dr. Caldwell Plant Based nutrition and Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s approaches.
  • Cosmetic Improvements/ Anti aging.   Smooth skin on face and body by improving overall health, immune system, releasing body toxins, sleeping better, etc.  Healthy diet, exercise and supplements helped to obtain this desirable side effect.

Book your private CLAIRVOYANT HEALER session HERE: