SUMMARY:  This page discusses how manifesting wealth is associated with your destiny.  I provide my story, a free webinar about how manifesting is enhanced by incorporating destiny fulfillment, a book and a reference to my own material.  Enjoy!

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Many of you that know me know I worked my entire life for money.  I wanted to retire early as a millionaire and I did.

Manifesting Wealth

The universe is unlimited in its abundance, its ability to manifest wealth.

The way I got to this place was using manifesting wealth principles.  The one I really loved and that began my wealth journey is  from the book by Sanaya Roman, “Creating Money: Keys to Abundance.”

This book is a classic and you can buy it HERE.

By using a meditation in the book a major synchronicity occurred.  One day after work, while traveling home on the subway in Manhattan, the train suddenly stalled.

Rather than wait until the train started moving again (commonly I’d have to wait 30 minutes or longer) I decided to run upstairs to the Coliseum Book Store and browse.

There I found this marvelous book.  It literally fell off the shelf right in front of me.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it was for me.

Destiny is always at play in our lives.

The manifesting money exercise in the book worked, however, part two of the book says to manifest real wealth you should work from what you really love to do.

This will manifest lasting wealth that does not go away.

I distinctly remember telling myself, “Who cares about that!  I just want money.  Once I have it I’ll figure out what I really love to do and who I really am!”

Well, it didn’t work that way.  After I got the money, I kept wondering to myself, “Who am I?  What did I come to earth to do?”

I was emotionally bankrupt!  In this state guess what I attracted?

Monetary loss.  I lost it all!

No matter what I did to retain and enhance my monetary wealth, it slipped away from me.  I was always at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Finally my true identity as a gifted Spirit Medium led me forward into a new affluence.  I now help people heal, grow and manifest their dreams with spiritual tools like Soul Abundance.

In summary, then, the book “Creating Money, Keys to Abundance,” discusses how to create wealth using your solar plexus or ego. But recommends you work from a deeper level of self, your destiny.

I have written a book and self paced video training on this very same subject called Soul Abundance.  This training reveals how to align with your destiny, so you can live in the flow of energy you prepared for this life time.

Since this particular page is about MANIFESTING WEALTH, I decided to provide for you a webinar exactly on manifesting material goals that combines destiny as part of it.

(My course on Soul Abundance is more spiritually than materially focused.)

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  1. Laura Mendelsohn says:

    When I decided I wanted to manifest wealth, I got money, not wealth. Wealth comes by fulfilling your destiny. See why by reading article and getting the free webinar.

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