CHAKRA THERAPY – Remove Blocks to Manifesting With Rainbow Light Healing

CHAKRA THERAPY – Remove Blocks to Manifesting and Healing with Rainbow Light Healing, Including Chakras, Aura and Sacred Symbols. 

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Chakra Therapy

Rainbow Light Healing Chakra Therapy Can Free You of Blocks to Manifesting Your Dreams

Channeled MIND BODY SOUL Rainbow Healing from St. Ignatius Loyola.  St. Ignatius Loyola is same Master Guide to famed healer from Brazil, John of God.

Spirit Medium Laura began channeling St. Ignatius Loyola 30 years before she discovered this is the same Master Guide to John of God!  As well, Laura did not know about Rainbow healing when it was channeled to her, further proof this comes from spirit realms.

After reviewing some John of God videos on, Laura realized she does not do the outward show he does.  No psychic surgery, no crystal bed, no energy current room, etc.  Not that that is bad, it is just that spirit does not work this way through her.

She channels the spirit entities who do the underlying work.

Gail Thackray, Spiritual Educator, went to John of God.  After her spiritual surgery she went to her hotel room where she experienced the entities.

This is the work Spirit Medium Laura does do with clients.  You can hear Gail’s story at 18 minutes into this audio.

Laura is led into a deep trance where the spiritual entities show her the chakras, clairvoyantly see where and when the emotional spiritual blocks are which caused the block, illness, even to past lives, current soul contracts and then release them with the client’s and the spirit entities help.

The release entails sending in light, color and vibration with channeled prayer from the entities.  It is an intensely overwhelming cathartic experience, especially for those with deep illness.

In rainbow healing, the practitioner (Laura channeling the entities) delves into the subconscious and higher-conscious minds to blast and transmute disease and pain with powerful cosmic rays of light. This removes memories of disease from the body and restores radiant health and balance.

Rainbow healing draws on a variety of alternative healing therapies so that one is healed at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a journey of self-healing and transformation by exploring one’s energy centres, chakras, and auric fields.

Laura has written a course on how to read the aura and chakras for purpose of healing.  More on her courses HERE.

More on Rainbow Healing in “Times of India,” HERE.

Here is an example of Laura doing a group version of this healing.  The healing starts at 1.5 hours into this audio HERE.

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