LIGHTWORKER DEVELOPENT & SUPPORT WEBINAR: Mediumship, Manifesting, Medical Intuitive, Lightworker Business Training, Development and Support

LIGHTWORKER DEVELOPENT & SUPPORT WEBINARs:  Mediumship, Manifesting, Medical Intuitive, Lightworker Business Training, Development and Support.


Develop your psychic mediumship, manifesting, medical intuition and spiritual entrepreneur expertise in online group setting.   Bring your questions.  Work with others.  Attendee Limit 6.  Attendee Minimum 1.

Mediumship Training

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1.  Experienced psychic light workers who desire affordable coaching to take their skills and business to next level.

2.  Computer, Android or IPhone/Ipad connected to Internet.   Details: ;

3.  Google account.  If you do not have a Google Email or other Account GET HERE.

4.  RSVP.  Attendance limited to those that RSVP.  (Link to attend is at bottom of this invitation.)

Some subjects could include:

1. Trance state development for spirit communications.

2. Sensing different levels of vibration when working with spirit.  How to control.  When are you communicating with a soul?  When a spirit guide?  When are you reading energy?

3.  Obtaining more fluid communications.

4.  Unblocking yourself and sitters.  Things that come up with sitters.

5.  Manifesting goals and dreams.

6.  Spirit Medium Laura mentors in these areas: mediumship, manifesting, medical intuition, healing, and creating your Spiritual Entrepreneur business, Etc.

About Spirit Medium Laura

Testimonial About Clairvoyant Medium Laura by Dennis Grega, Ph.D., who leads the Afterlife Data “Voices Across The Veil” Research Mediumship Program.

“Superb, Magnificent and Marvelous’ session!!!!  I sat enthralled watching and listening in the background. I loved seeing the smiles on both sitter’s faces. They will remember this forever as will I.  Thank you so very much!   Absolutely Amazing!!”

Clairvoyant Medium Laura has been manifesting for over 50 years, channeling spirit for over 30 years, is Accredited (confirmation pending) by ASSMPI (American Society for standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation), is an Afterlife Data Research Medium, Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach, graduate of Center for Spiritual Living Educational Program, author of several books and The Soul Psychic Healer Mediumship Certification Program, featured in “Top 100 Psychic” and much, much more detailed HERE.

Areas of Expertise & Coaching

Otherside Connections from an accredited research medium to loved ones in spirit to heal grief and the existential crisis of physical survival.  Samples of work in video on right sidebar.

Manifesting through advanced metaphysical application of Spiritual Law, psychic discovery, release of karmic blocks with Chakra Therapy from Angelic Guides and intention projection from 3rd eye to universe for outcome.

Remote Influence/Telepathy.  A form of manifesting to influence the behavior of another to heal, release or recover for highest good.

Medical Mediumship, Intuitive Healing and Certified Health Coaching for healing, insight and further investigation with licensed medical professionals of your choice.Mediumship Training.  Laura offers a 4 month Certification Program.

Mediumship Training.  Laura offers a 4 month Certification Program.

Spiritual Entrepreneur.  Psychic Coaching to create your ideal work (Dharma) based on your soul. Laura specializes in Online Entrepreneur and is working on a certification in this area.

Link to Attend Mediumship Mentoring Webinar

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