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COURSE BREAKDOWN.  Here is the breakdown of each course and a link to an introductory video for it.

Each course contains 4 classes.  Each class contains a self paced video, an e-book (or referral to a book on, a self paced workshop video and its accompanying presentation. You can watch video introductions and purchase these classes below.  There is a free Facebook Support Group called Soul Psychic Healer to work with other students, however, you must request on FB to be added.

For self paced it is recommended to take at least one week to complete one class, therefore, the entire course could be completed in 4 weeks.  For information on how to get the 16 week Soul Psychic Healer Master Mediumship Certification go HERE.

Course 1.  Soul Abundance.  Begin your spiritual journey, live in bliss, begin a dialogue with your own soul, your doorway to the divine, automatically attract abundance intuitively! Let Go of limiting blocks through cathartic release exercises.  Open your inner beauty with mezmering core activation exercises.  Vibrate at the higher frequency of miracles.  Engage your resulting GOD flow of guidance, opportunities and destiny.      Introductory Video

Course 2.  Channeling the Collective.  Foundation course for all work as a psychic medium healer.  CRACK OPEN your connection to the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS!  Begin a dialogue with your Spirit Guides and Angels.  Learn your life purpose.  Visit the Akashic Records to learn about a past life.   Introductory Video

Course 3.  Clairvoyant Psychic Healer.  Do you want to heal the way Spirit Medium Laura does?  This course is JAM PACKED with information.  Learn to real auras using map channeled through Laura from spirit.  Heal with chakras by channeling charged energetic messages through them.  Learn telepathy, remote influence and other amazing clairvoyant psychic techniques.   Introductory video

Course 4.   Mediumship.  Learn how to make first contact using your natural way of working.  Build on this to get evidence, evidence, evidence.  Send souls to the light.  Learn psychic detective.  Many, many exercises and ways to learn.  Introductory Video:

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