MANIFESTING LOVE.  I have found in my over 50 years of manifesting experience that manifesting love is different than manifesting money.   Manifesting desires requires you have cleared your blocks to that desire, and aligned with your essence.

Clearing blocks and aligning with your true essence is done with the Soul Abundance system described below.

In addition to this, I have found that manifesting Love is better done with a Spiritual Ceremony and manifesting money is better done with a Creative Visualization.

If you have found the Law of Attraction to not work in your life it is probably because you have not cleared your blocks and used other spiritual laws such as the Law of Non Resistance or the Law of Dharma.

Each law when used together creates an abundant you, ready to attract anything you desire.

Here are the Find Your Love Soul Abundance Steps.

Step 1.  Let Go of blocks to love.  Spiritual Law of Nonresistance.  Besides the exercises in the video course, during your time with Laura you will receive a personal clearing ceremony to be done on your own as homework.  It will be specially prescribed for you from your guides to Let Go and Release the blocks.

Step 2.  Open to your essence, your soul.  Spiritual Law of Essence or Dharma.  At this step during your time with Laura you will be helped to see who you really are and given a special intuitively inspired Spiritual Ceremony to heal your heart, express personal empowerment, to love and blossom yourself just as you are.

Step 3.  Vibration Alignment:  The Spiritual Law of Vibration.  During the video you will learn and apply various laws of vibration to vocalize to the universe your requited frequency.  During your personal time with Laura she will help define the right love essence for you.  Then you will be given a Spiritual Ceremony to call in your love.

Step 4.  Engage the GOD flow (Guidance, Opportunities and Destiny) to finally find LOVE.  Spiritual Law of Flow.   You will learn how to engage your intuition to follow the flow of coincidences now possible after completing the prior steps.  Laura will provide for you a heart based meditation to keep you on course during your calling in process.


LAURA’S story.  After many years in New York singles scene Laura could really relate to the TV Show, “Sex in the City.”

She had dated more than she cared to admit, and still had come up with only a flattered ego for all the dates.  She still had not found love.

So when Laura’s sister said “I have a candle for love let me give it to you,” Laura thought it sounded like an innocent enough thing to do.

Laura was very much a believer in manifesting.  Her mother had taught her one way to manifest when she was just a little girl.  When she did what her mother had said to do, it worked like magic!

So Laura accepted her sister’s gift.  She lit the beautifully dressed pink candle and forgot all about it.  She had a busy life.

But within 2 weeks of lighting it, a funny thing happened.  She met a man who became her boyfriend for the next 8 years!  For Laura this was a little miracle.

Well, as with all things on the earth plane, that relationship ran its course.  Laura was again in need of some magic.  Whatever life had been casting her way, was meant to be cast away.

So on February 14, 1998, Valentine’s Day, when her date for that evening cancelled at the last minute Laura had a mission.  She decided she would go to a local metaphysical store and obtain a little help.

Within 2 weeks of doing this she met a man.  Handsome, good on paper, and interested in her.  They were married within a year.

This did not last either.  It was not a match made in heaven.  They were not suitable as a joined couple.

However, Laura did not give up hope.  She decided after that marriage ended to do some manifesting again.

This time she decided she would create her own magic.  Maybe this time it would bring a more suitable love.

Within 2 weeks a new man appeared.  He was a soul mate.  After a tumultuous 4 years, that exciting, passionate, but problematic relationship ended.

But this was not the end.  Laura grew as a person.  Her soulmate experience gave her the opportunity to open her connection to her soul’s magic.

When she did this a funny thing happened.  Her soulmate returned.

That my dear friends is another story.  However, the essence of this lesson is that a soul mate can provide great opportunity to love ourselves.

When we love ourselves, we will attract the right love, with or without a little help from spiritual magic.  That is why Soul Abundance is needed.

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SOUL ABUNDANCE COURSE:  MANIFESTING MAGIC:  The “Soul Abundance” Law of Attraction Secret.  This course allows you to intuitively awaken and align with abundance.  Learn to Let Go, the Spiritual Law of Non Resistance.  Open your true essence. Vibrationally align with what you desire.  Embrace your GOD flow (Guidance, Opportunities & Destiny).    This course allows you to intuitively awaken and align with abundance.

The Course contains:

*4 self paced video lessons
*a link to the e-book for the course (or referral to the same book on when available for a small extra fee)
*4 additional detailed workshop video lessons and their respective presentations,
*and additional links to online recorded guided meditations when used.

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