Testimonials – 2

C. L., Remote Influence for Relationship, “Hi Laura,  Thank you so much for the time you’ve spent with me today!  Sxxxx called me today on break telling me how wonderful he felt and feeling confident, which he’s never mentioned previously! It was wonderful to hear. I’m glad I can experiment to try and work things out.  Thank you for everything!  C. L.”  [We sent Sxxxx a healing for self esteem.  It worked right away!]

Dr. Dennis Grega, Voices Across the Veil Research Session, “Dennis Grega to Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn.  November 10, 2015.  WOW! Thank you for such a wonderful Voices Across The Veil session. As an observer I sat enthralled listening to the detailed evidential information you relayed from those on the other side. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of it.”  Link to actual post is HERE https://www.facebook.com/laura.b.mendelsohn/posts/10206120975037422.

Tara, Soul Healing & Soul Business Coaching.  “Hello beautiful Laura! I am still buzzing from our reading this morning. Thank you so much! I deeply appreciate you and all the love your share!!!  Eeeeee!!!! Cannot wait for this unfolding!  With love, Tara”

J. W., Reading.  “Thank you so much Laura. I sent a Skype message to you basically saying you’re great. I enjoyed talking to you. You are very calming and reassuring. I was prepared to hear bad news but you’ve given me some hope. Thank you, your guides and divinity.  I will take their advice and listen to my inner voice (divinity) more instead of overriding it with my brain!!  Hope to connect again soon.  Take care X”

Shanna T., Mediumship, “Hi Laura, Thank you so much for the messages! I appreciate it so much! You have an amazing gift and I’m grateful that you could pick them up!  Big hugs! Shanna”

Teri L., Healing and Reading.  “Thank you so much for giving guidance with my daughter. It helped s so much!!!”

Manuela N., Remote Influence, “Thank you!!  You’re simply amazing”

Roberta Phipps Barragon.  Mediumship.  “Visiting this page is so exciting for me as I was one of the first people in 2013 when Laura began the Angel Readings. She put out a Facebook post asking for volunteers to help her set up Skype video for a new offering. I was the first to respond but the last one she read on her first video. Her reading was perfect, so accurate. And I’m thrilled that she’s been internationally recognized.

Mary P. Mediumship.  “thank you for the special session it meant everything to me and Henry.  MP.”  I wrote an article about this miraculous encounter which is HERE:  The Otherside: UNBELIEVABLE Spirit Evidence

M. B., Life Reading, ” Your readings are always super helpful and things always improve between xxxx and I following a reading with you; it’s so bizarre, but wonderful. :-) Look forward to talking soon!”

M. B., Healing, “Hi Laura,  Hope you are doing great today! Thank you so much for the beautiful healing. I feel empowered.  I have decided that I’d like to work with you on trying to heal xxx, and on telepathy, as we discussed (if you are still available to help). If you are available, please let me know what type of scheduling and payment options to select for these services. Always a pleasure to work with you. Many thanks!”

Sarah S., Relationship Healing and Reading, “Hello Laura,Thank you very much for the recording.  I was shocked at how accurate you are. Ive never experienced that before. I continue to pray about xxxx and will be in touch soon.  Sarah x”

Alayna E., Spiritual Healing and Life Planning session.  “Thank you so much Laura! I appreciate you going above & beyond my reading, and outlining all of this for me. I look forward to starting my new journey. I had a chance to look over the course you sent me, and it looks like something I would be interested in. I will definitely be in touch with you soon. I hope you have an amazing & blessed week.”

L. C., Raise Your Vibration, “Absolutely loved the meet up last night. The time just seems to fly right by.  I did learn a few things last night and intend to be mindful of my actions and thoughts, especially towards others!”

H. J., Raise Your Vibration, “Enjoyed last night.”

Julie Frame, author of the http://www.theeternalguide.com/ blog. The Psychic Millionaire:  Life Purpose Abundance, “The class yesterday was absolutely amazing.  I am so grateful for the wealth of information that was presented.  I’m also grateful for the wisdom shared by your guides as to the direction I could move into with energy healing.  I’ve always felt like my path would include that kind of work, but need a little bit of a push.  You are truly a kind and gifted teacher.  I’m honored to have been in class and look forward to the next.”

Dora, 11-11-11 Miracle Awakening, “Hi Laura & Brenda,  I wanted to thank you again for allowing me to attend your most beautiful and vibrationally uplifting class.  The meditation was one of the best I’ve ever been led into and I am grateful to you for having had the opportunity to receive all that Love and Positivity!  Thank you for sharing your message with me!   Much love and blessings to you both!  Dora”

Mary Foy, Telepathy class, “I had an amazing experience that I had to share. I took a telepathy class the other night with Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn at The Oneness Center in Delray that was truly awesome. Laura is a gifted teacher. The class was such fun! I loved it and highly recommend it!”

G., Psychic Beach Party, “Tonight’s circle on the beach was really enjoyable. Thank you. In addition to your psychic talents, you are very skillful at ‘managing the room.’  I  look forward to participating in future events.”

M. C., Psychic Creativity Series, Aura & Chakra Reading, “I just want to say thank you again.  I have been enjoying your classes.  Your students have a great energy and an enthusiasm to develop themselves further.  I really enjoyed this last class.  You are the best and thanks for sharing and enhancing my gifts.  Many blessings to you.”

L. G., Akashic Records Introduction, “Thank you for a wonderful workshop tonight.  Everyone was amazed by your channeling.”

L. L., Remote Influence class, “Dear Laura,  I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class and your energy.  It was really fun and gave clear directions for getting the benefits of remote influence.  I used the remote influence on a friend of my daughter, who I’ll call ‘N,’ and asked her to ‘Treat my daughter lovingly.’  The next day, my daughter told me ‘N’ was really nice towards her and invited her to attend an upcoming birthday party.  Wow!     I haven’t used the other tools (vision board, etc.) yet as it is a bit hectic now – After the holidays, I will use the wonderful things you provided us.  I am really looking forward to your series in the New Year!   Thank you!”

B. T., The Mediumship Intensive, “Thanks so much for the terrific workshop experience yesterday, and especially for the personal insight shared with me at the end of the session, which has been foremost on my mind since.”

Evelyn Ballin, Holiday Spirit Circle At TheHeartPainter.com, “the two of you are awesome readers.  The crowd was thrilled and want more.”

Jamar Seance,

M. J.  Seance, “I want to tell you that after the seance with you, when you contacted my father, I have felt more joyous and filled with love than I have in a long time. Thank you.”

Dinner And A Seance,

Arianna Garcia, Rated 5 Stars, “Very enjoyable and informative! Excellent Group with great energy! Meditation was relaxing. Thank you!”

Carol Wilding, Rated 5 Stars, “Loved every minute! It’s enlightening to learn from two such beautiful, open and caring psychics.”

T. J. M., Rated 5 Stars, “Food and location great. The readings are great and very helpful and right on!”

Anonymous by request, Rated 5 Stars, “Really enjoyed the evening. Found it very interesting.”

Anonymous by request, Rated 5 Stars, “Great Event! Great format! I think you were both great. I was very impressed with your abilities and good intention of helping people.”

K. S., Rated 5 Stars. “I was very impressed and moved by the seance. On my way to the dinner I asked my boyfriend that passed, if he would please contact me tonight, let me know I’m not crazy to validate everything. AND HE DID! Thank you very much, you are a blessing.”

J. E., “I had a wonderful time. Please let us know any future Psychic dinners you will be having in the future. I have many people now interested thank you.”

C. J., “My first attendance and experience and it was both facinating, as well as, entertaining. Overall, I felt it was done very well and organized and was glad to get a reading. I do think you have a gift and had a sense that you are good at what you do and enjoy it.”

Dianne S., “Totally got what I came for.” Rated 4.5 Stars.

Ellen M. “Great event. Very accurate. Having several mediums was great.”

Elissa R., “Really enjoyed it. It was really accurate and I’d definitely do it again.”

Evelyn D., “Excellent!” Rated 5 stars.

Lisa M., “Fascinating and very, very real!”

Linda E., “Very enlightening seeing the different styles and what information came to Laura and Brenda. Thank you both!” Rated 5 stars.

Cora Lee H., “A wonderful gathering of like minded spiritual beings. Brenda & Laura were excellent in bringing loved ones over with their messages.” Rated 5 stars.

Rosemary, “Interesting. My first time coming to a seance.”

Sarah L.,, “I found you both (Brenda & Laura) very warm and compelling. The setting was nice.”

Roxanne H., “I enjoyed the event. I am fascinated by this and firmly believe there are people who have the ability to do what you do.”

Candle Magic: Miracles Are Within Your Reach, September 13, 2009

Pat G., “Very Good, you are entertaining and personable. I am excited to try what you’ve spoken of with candles and having a 1/1 appointe with you.” 4.5 Stars

Cheryl C., “Laura is a wonderful lecturer providing, information in an accessiblde manner, Thank you I truly enjoyed it! ”

Caroline G., “Great, very informative!”

Elle D., “Very interesting and you were great.”

Carmen Garson., www.goddessstore.com, “Very good! Informational and entertaining!”

Marilyn C., “Good location, good energy. Great information. Great job. I was happy & pleased I attended. Good examples to get you started. Messages were very clearn and on point.” 5 stars

Gina, “Very enlightening & enriching.”

Eneida M., “Very informative. Great tips!”

S. S., Psychic Party, “You spent so much time with us and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks for such a memorable day.”

C. W., (Mediumship Class & Circle, 8/10/09) “Hi Laura, Last night was wonderful…thank you so much. It was a great comfort to hear from my dad, both for me and my mother. My neighbor is interested in attending the next circle. I loved the energy, and especially your energy…you’re such a warm and amazing person. Thanks again…looking forward to the next time,”

M. Paris, “Are you planning on any more Master Mind classes on Manifesting? The last one was wonderful.”

S. Scheiner, “Miracle Law of Attraction For Business,” 2/1/09, “By the way, you spoke so well, so ‘natural’ (like your title says). You are really informative, entertaining, sweet and very inspiring!!!”

“Dynamic Transformations”, Blog Talk Radio show 1/26/09, hosted by Mark Patterson, CEO, www.TheGodTone.com, “Hi Laura. Again, thank you for being on the show. I thought that you were great. Many of the questions I felt could have come from myself.”

Law of Attraction For Love Event, 1/21/09

Hildy, “Hi Laura, I especially enjoyed last night’s meeting and I am looking forward to more of your lectures. Please let me know when you will be speaking again.”

Stanley, “Hi Laura…..Thank you for a delightful evening. ”

Seance Cafe, 12/10/08

C. Layton, “Amazed and confirmed.”

M. Cherilus, “5 Star Event. Laura is a natural. I am looking forward to the next session. I was impressed with Laura’s training. For me it was simple and straight to the point, leaving very little room to question who she is. Thank you for also giving me an opportunity to share.”

R. Sauer, “First experience. Very dynamic! Made me wish I had asked for contact.”

The Mediumship Intensive, 11/12/08

“Very good. Got through to loved ones.” G. Velazquez

“Very enlightening. Would definately do this again.” K. Shebiel.

“Great experience! I am glad I have met you. I look forward to receiving more of you soon!” D. Chin.

The Mediumship Intensive, 8/17/08

5 Stars. “Informative and well thought out event.” G. Nelson.

5 Stars. “Good class, very informative.” A. Van Rooyen.

5 Stars. “I learned a lot in this intensive class, all the exercises and practice helped me to get confirmation. I am glad I came.” P. Hoyle.

5 Stars. “I learn new things from Laura all the time! ‘The Mediumship Intensive’ is a great way to learn more about mediumship and develop our skills.” K. Felisimo.

The Séance Café, 7/28/08

“Enjoyed the event very much. You were right on the money,” B. Hirnyk

“Very enlightening,” H. Cochran.

“Awesome as usual! I always learn something new from you.” Five Stars, K. Felisimo

“You validated everyone who got read,” K. W.

Speech, “You Are The Miracle,” 7/24/08

“Great talk. Wonderful energy.” Rachel Rose, LMT.

Rated Five Stars, “As expected, peaceful and informative,” Shelli Blair.

Rated Five Stars, “Inspirational and enlightening!”, K. J. Leventhal.

Rated Five Stars, “Very good! Made me think!” R. O’Leary.

Rated Five Stars, “Clear and precise,” T. Zimmerman”.

“The Profound Power of Play,” presentation, 7/7/08. Rated Five Stars, “Laura it really left me wanting more, Great presentation!” V. Santell.

“Intuitive Magic Play Night,” 7/9/08.

“Fun and spirited, lovely presentation, good energy. Thank you for your openness, Laura!”, D. DeNicola.

“Entertaining, informative and enlightening.” S. White.

“Very well presented and easily perceived.” C. Barr.

“Your articles are amazing. I have been on the Internet for the past two hours reading your articles. Your words are exactly what I need while I’m going through a rough patch in my life. Your article, ‘Losing to Win,’ restored my faith and confidence. For that, I sincerely want to thank you. ” J. Ngo.

“Well, as a result of attending the Mediumship Café, I am now seeing spirits. I had two ladies on Friday for a reading and two days before they came I had her Grandmother in the bedroom with me. My husband was so enthalled that he made me pick the lottery numbers last night…” Vicki Santell.

“Dear Laura, I was exceptionally and wonderfully amazed by what took place at ‘The Mediumship Café’ I attended in September. I have always believed (and sometimes have had ‘signs’) that there is definitely something much, much greater that what we can see with our naked eye, but I don’t know quite how to get “in touch” or “connect” with this beautiful energy we all have and are.” Samantha Angelino.

“Laura, Wow! great turnout. Great how it all flowed so well together timely. Great guests who “tried and succeeded” in delivering messages. Great night! kudos!” Kevin Pittman, The Seance Cafe.

“Thanks, Laura. Last night’s cafe was awesome! That was the first time I’d ever attempted a reading, and surprisingly, I did pretty well. I was especially proud of my daughter, Allie, who is only just beginning to learn about what possibilities lay ahead. I’m so glad that she’s embracing her spiritual side and wants to continue learning….Thanks for an outstanding evening, every month! I really look forward to the workshops and the friendship and spiritual energy that we all share while were together. I find these evenings most enjoyable.” Sincerely, Gail Medina,

The Seance Cafe

“I trust that this email is additional positive feedback re last night. For me, it was great – it was organized, you were in control & kept things moving. The whole thing had shape & focus – both because of your leadership. Thank you.” S. B., about The Mediumship Cafe

“Laura, Thank you for last night [The Mediumship Cafe], it was thoroughly educational & fun. I am so glad you are continuing this group & I hope you are enjoying it.” S. B., About the Mediumship Cafe

“Hello Laura!!!

The group was very nice and I have had a great evening!! Thanks for the opportunity to teach us to believe in our selves through that simple and wonderful experience. I thank the angel to guide me and that Karen shared the flyer with me. I feel happy to have found a great group of people. Blessings. Thank you for your time !!!” Valeria, about The Mediumship Cafe.