SEANCE: Private Spirit Circles, Your Place, My Place or Online

SEANCE:  The Open Sight Seance.  A Private Spirit Circle, Your Place, My Place or Online!

Enjoy a special kind of seance where the audience participates in talking to spirit too!

Spirit Medium Laura conducts a seance or spirit circle in a way that is more exciting for you and your guests.  She engages the audience in the process, leading them to receive messages too if they choose.

Seances can be very rewarding.


First, she opens the circle to spirit, connects the non physical dimension to ours and empowers each attendee to access their psychic mind.

SKEPTICS.  Please understand skeptics will ruin the event.

BE OPEN.  The more open you are the more you will get.

QUESTIONS for SPIRIT.  Spirit Medium Laura directs each attendee to write down 1 to 3 questions on a piece of paper than can be answered with a Yes or No.  While they are doing that Laura sets the space.

SAGE.  Laura sages the space.

CANDLES, SALT, WATER.  Spirit Medium Laura then lights the candles.  Places salt on the table and a glass of water.

MUSIC.  If so inspired Laura will place some relaxing sounds of ocean in background.

TURN OFF CELL PHONES.  Electronics can interfere with spirit.

CIRCLE OPENS.  Spirit Medium Laura asks all to uncross hands and feet, join hands and to breathe from abdomen.  She tells all attendees to mentally call in their loved ones or focus on any questions they have about their own life.

She then opens with a prayer,

“Father Mother God, all beings of highest love and light please come to us now for this circle.  Please allow all messages to come through clearly, accurately for highest and good and benefit of all  in highest love, light and protected space possible.

Please provide us 100% accuracy.

All souls on the other side please provide the following five pieces of information so that the sitter will know it is you.  Please provide your name, image, cause of passing, relationship  and message of personal significance.

Please send pictures to our eyes, words to our ears, feelings to our body and knowing to our brain.  Please go up and down vibrational frequencies to find the right one for us to connect.  Please use your guides and my guides as needed.

And so it is.”

Laura asks all attendees send out their energy on next exhale of breath.  She connects all into into a psychic field.


ASK QUESTIONS.  At this point Laura will instruct one sitter to ask a question of the circle.  Laura will give all sitters a chance to get an answer from spirit.

The answer might be a feeling, a picture, a thought, a flow of words, etc.  Whatever is received is correct and should be shared.

Then Laura will continue with messages for the sitter than asked the question until all have had a chance to receive either a message from loved one in spirit or their guides about their own life.

This is a very exciting experience for all!  Attendees become more than a spectator, they become an active participant, which is life transforming!

(Please note, spirit is in control of these sessions, not the attendees, so we have to be open to getting whatever we get.)

CLOSE THE SEANCE.  Spirit Medium Laura thanks the spirits for joining us and disconnects our energy.


PRIVATE CIRCLES:  Spirit Medium Laura does provide private circles at your location, her location and online.  
FEE:  Minimum TWO HOUR FEE (current hourly rate listed on  Laura does not charge extra for travel to your location if you are within 30 minutes one way from area code 33446.    
ATTENDEE LIMIT:  Limited by how long you want each attendee to get.  I have done as little as 5 minutes per attendee.  This is not recommended by Laura has done this.
Giving the psychic 10 to 15 minutes break, you might be able to get as many people as 20-21 people through a 2 hour time slot. 
FORMAT CHOICES:  Group circle, individual privates or combo, my place, your place or online using Zoom.    
BOOKPlease phone Laura at 954 465 7338 to book your time.  Deposit of one hour payment required to schedule.  (Pay Step 1 on  Remainder payable on day of event, cash or check. 
TIMES:  Laura can be made available most evenings and weekends with enough notice.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Spirit Medium Laura

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