REVERSE AGING SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS 2017: You Can Actually Give the Gift of Youth At the Holidays!

REVERSE AGING SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS 2017. What a great gift this could make! Reverse aging, reverse degenerative disease, extend JOY!

REVERSE AGING SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS 2017: You Can Actually Give the Gift of Youth At the Holidays!

Yes you can and I am giving a gift to a friend at the holidays which can theoretically according to the latest scientific breakthroughs help reverse the aging factor in humans.

Potentially it can help heal illness too as many diseases come from aging.  Can you imagine your doctor giving you a cure for cancer but saying the side effect would be to reverse aging in you?


I am a self admitted nerd.  Each day if I am bored I will begin to research and study a subject of interest to me.  Usually it is something near and dear to my own needs, solving a pesky life threatening problem.

It’s all about The JOY Secret you know, living at your highest potential of bliss.

Lately I have been looking and feeling rather old, tired and my face has been rather droopy, so I decided to look into diet, nutrition and now latest scientific research to see what is out there in 2017 to help reverse the effects of aging.

Here is some of what I found.

1.  Calorie restriction is important.  The idea is to keep your caloric intake to less that 2/3 of the recommended amount for your size on a daily basis, sort of starving yourself.  This has been proven scientifically to increase life by 30%.   Very hard to do.

2.  Restrict protein intake.  If you have been reading anything about Whole Food Plant Based nutrition, like the books, “Forks Over Knives,” “The China Study,” or “The Blue Zones,” you will know that when animal foods are almost completely removed from diet diseases disappear and life extends.  Another quick way to say this is a true Mediterranean diet improves life span.

3.  Niagen and a Vitamin B3 derivative called NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide).  This supplement has been formulated by Dr. David Sinclair, a top Harvard scientist from his studies on anti aging and age reversal.

4.  Metformin, a drug for diabetes, has been used as well in this process.  There is an herbal supplement that can be bought over the counter via Amazon in US.  More on that below.

This particular supplement was found to extend the life of mice.

Time Magazine in March 2017 published an article on this.  They speak about the precursor to NMN, called NAD+, however, NMN is quite a bit stronger and will be following NAD+ as the go to supplement for anti aging.  Here is an article on difference between NAD+ and NMN.

Time Magazine Article.  Here is a link to the article from Time magazine, March 2017 which goes into detail about this.

Here is a short video summarizing the article.


Here is the most important presentation on this discovery given by the scientist behind it, Dr. David Sinclair.  Enjoy!

HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING.  So I am buying a friend and myself the NMN and a Metformin Herbal Supplement as listed below.  The NAD+ is the earlier supplement which is not as strong as the NMN.

This is for information purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.  Check with your preferred medical professional before making a decision.





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