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Get 15 Minutes FREE with purchase of a life changing Essential Oil or product.  Details below.

Mediumship, Psychic Sessions With Spirit Medium Laura

Spirit Medium Laura is now offering you 15 minutes FREE session time, with the purchase of product value (PV)* of $25 or more from Young Living.

15 minutes of time with me costs $49 so this is a great value!


Call me at (954) 465-7338 to discuss what product to purchase, make the purchase and book your session.

Alternatively, follow steps below.



  1. Go to Young Living website HERE (or Call Young Living at 1-800-371-3515) to order using my Sponsor ID and Enroller ID which is 3425407.  My name is Laura Mendelsohn in case needed.
  2. Click on “Become a Member” at top right of screen.
  3. Choose Retail Customer (Choose Member if you want to buy at a discount of 25% and become a distributor.  This choice requires you buy a Premier [$160] or Basic Starter Kit [$45].  The Basic Starter Kit does NOT count towards your FREE 15 Reading Time.  If you want to explore this option please call me at (954) 465-7338 to discuss.)
  4. Fill in the bottom of page using my Sponsor ID and Enroller ID  3425407.
  5. Fill in your Membership information.
  6. Explore website and order your product.  Again I am available to show you around, help you choose a product, etc.  Just call me at (954) 465-7338 and I will be delighted to assist.


1.  Pay for time you want subtracting 15 minutes at Step 1, HERE.  If you only want 15 minutes simply go to Step 2 to book your time.

2.  Book your appointment time at Step 2 on  Remember to add 15 minutes to your appointment.  Ex.  If you want a 30 minute appointment, you would have paid for 15 minutes, then booked a 30 minute appointment.

3.  When setting appointment enter “SOUL ESSENCE” as Service Desired.



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