ESSENTIAL OILS for STRESS and Setting Intentions

Essential Oils for Stress and Setting Intentions to create your reality.  Recommendations listed below.  Call me to buy at 954 465 7338 or buy directly from Young Living.

Each time I am working with a client under tremendous stress, I will have them sniff a bit of Stress Away from Young Living and they say, “I want that.”
I decided to make it easy for “get that,” with the words below.
Order Oils from Young Living.  Call 1-800-371-3515.  Provide my Member ID 3425407 and name Laura Mendelsohn.  Call me with any questions you might have at 954 465 7338.

a.  Stress Away in Basic Starter Kit.  Comes in $45 in a Basic Starter Kit which provides other oil samples and allows you to buy other oils at wholesale such as Lemon (good for affirmations), Peace and Calming (good for anti stress), Lavender (calming), etc.,

b.  Stress Away alone at Retail.  $39.14.  Wholesale $29.75

c.  Peace and Calming at Retail.

d.  Frankincense is great for relaxing and meditation.  Retail $55.59.  Wholesale.  $42.25

d.  Lemon Oil for daily affirmations.  Retail $14.80.  Wholesale if you buy the kit $11.25

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