JOHN OF GOD:  Channeling Same Entities

W-O-W!  My spirit people are same as John of God!  Today I was looking for validation of why I know my work is similar to John of God.  Since this seems outrageously pretentious I thought I’d look for a reason to say this.

As soon as I did my 1st Google search, clicked the 1st link chosen, I was magically transported to a page on John of Gods website, where 1st words I read revealed he channels St. Ignatius Loyola.

JOHN OF GOD:  Channeling Same Entities

Over 30 years ago I began to spontaneously channel St. Ignatius Loyola, who has been my master guide ever since.  I knew nothing about John of God, or even St. Ignatius Loyola.  Although I was raised Catholic, I was not very religious, nor practicing it at the time.

At times we as humans think we are in control.  It is big things like this that tell me, little you and I are not.

I have been guided recently to begin doing healing as part of my work on earth.  So now I offer private HEALING to HAPPINESS sessions, not just for physical illness, but as well for emotional and spiritual healing.

I was recently interviewed for a radio show.  The host suggested I was practicing therapy without a license.  I am not practicing therapy.  I am practicing channeling.

Spirit is practicing healing!   I think this is the reason many people choose a spiritual modality for healing rather than a traditional one.  Because a spiritual entity can heal much better than a licensed or unlicensed human ever can.

JOHN OF GOD:  Channeling Same Entities

So I am going to go out and see if there is a way to license my spiritual entities.  Do you think I will succeed?   I know this is funny, but really.  If something is working why disrupt it?

Have a beautiful blessed day!

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