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FREE!   SPIRIT MEDIUM LAURA RADIO.  ONLINE Mediumship, Messages,  Manifesting, Mentoring & Medical Intuition for HEALING to HAPPINESSMondays 7pm ET.

FREE!  Get 1 to 3 FREE!  Get 1/3 More Time FREE in Your Private Session with Laura.  Use Event Code “RADIO SHOW” when booking HERE



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  4. Get 1/3 FREE!  “The 1 to 3!”  Get 1/3 More Time FREE in Your Private Session with Laura.  Use Event Code “RADIO SHOW” when booking HERE.
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  1. GET READING.  Call 347 945 5849.

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3. WATCH SHOW or JOIN SHOW WEBINAR!    Click HERE to enter WEBINAR.   Please MUTE YOUR MIC upon entering!  You will get PRIORITY during show to get reading.   (NOTE:  If you do not have a Google account you will be prompted to create one to enter.)

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4.  Get 1/3 FREE!  “The 1 to 3!” Get 1/3 More Time FREE in Your Private Session with Laura.  Use Event Code “RADIO SHOW” when booking HERE.

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11 thoughts on “FREE Clairvoyant Medium Webinars”

  1. Really enjoyed this blog post thank you for taking the time to share with us all. I love the whole process on Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and all the other abilities as well.

  2. Thank you Roberta! I did not know I was talking to you today! Gosh! lol!

    You were put off? Didn’t realize that either. Guess I am kind of dense, especially since I am supposed to be psychic. :)

    Thanks for your kind confirmation. Many blessings, Laura

  3. I just want to take a few minutes to thank Laura for connecting me with my mother in the spirit world. As she came forward, I was a bit put off by the first thoughts she had but after I watched the reading later, I realized that if she hadn’t come forward in that manner, I may not have been certain it was her. Since the reading, I can smell her perfume most days and I am mentally healthier knowing she’s still with me. Thank you, Laura. Your gift is amazing! ❤️

  4. Thank you Shiloh and Zukisa for your comments. Best to get answers to questions during show when I have you on phone, but do appreciate your comments here.

  5. I’ve struggled to find a job or make my business work. I’m not making profit but loss ineverattempt. I wish to succees in my Nursery and Aquaponics business. I wish to win R120million Lottery so as to buy a house foor my, get my business up and running smooths, pay for University fees fo my children and build our church.

    I wish to learn to be an Entrepreneur mefium so as to alloviate povery from our poor rural coomunities.

  6. Hi laura,
    You took my call last week and pretty much validated that my relationship is unhealthy. What i didnt ask and is really eating at me for not seeking more clarity is can you please confirm for me for peace of mind , is my boyfriend currently seeing someone else? Cheating i mean

  7. Clairvoyant Medium Laura is here to help you heal, grow and manifest your dreams with afterlife, manifesting and medical mediumship. This post shows you how to join the show to get messages.

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