Help With Grief and Depression

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Help With Grief and Depression.  A lovely lady came to me for help.  she had lost her daughter to a violent murder 7 years before.  Her son and grandchildren (the children of her daughter) had never recovered from the grief.  They were embroiled in abusive dysfunctional patterns towards her and themselves. 

Here are some resources I suggested for her.  No matter where you live, you should, in my opinion treat your depression with holisitcally.  These resources are local to me in South Eastern Florida, except for the nutritional supplements, of course, but the concepts are the same.

HELP WITH GRIEF:  Holistic medicine, holistic therapy, holistic nutritional support and reading books about the world of spirit where your loved ones live.


1.  Holistic Doctor.  One of the things to look at in managing grief is your physicality.  Your hormones need to be evaluated in this process.    As we age we lose our natural supply of feel good happy hormones.  Only a holistic physician will evaluate this as part of your evaluation.

For a holistic approach, I recommend Dr. Mitch Ghen.  He is absolutely wonderful.  I was on his radio show.  He is highly knowledgeable and has stellar credentials as well.

His contact information is:

Taken from his website.  Dr. Mitch has 33 years of experience in anti-aging and holistic and integrative medicine. Along with his work in nutritional medicine, “Dr. Mitch” has a remarkable amount of experience as an expert clinician and researcher in the field of stem cell transplantation.

In addition to being a physician, Dr. Mitch holds a Master’s Degree in Biomechanical Trauma and has a Ph.D. in nutrition and psychoneuroimmunology. He is an international lecturer on oral and IV nutrition and stem cell transplantation and is recognized as one of the premier teachers at conferences and seminars on integrative medicine. His private practice is in Boca Raton, Florida, his office number is 561-674-0555, if you would like to make an appointment.

More at

2.  Grief/ Trauma Support.  Stacy offers help with grief and depression using EMDR combined with other holistic and traditional resources.  She is a therapist who is actually trained in mediumship, as well.  Contact information:   EMDR.  Stacy Aberle, MA, LMHC, Life Therapy., 850 377 6909,  Reiki Healing, Crystal Divination/Healing, Chakra Balancing.  Intuitive dog behavior therapist.

(a) IADC.  Induced After Death Communications.  Based on EMDR for grief, this is will allow you to “meet” your loved one directly for help with grief.  Video about this HERE and HERE.  Buy book here by Dr. Alan Botkin HERE.
(b) DO IT YOURSELF!  EMDR.  Self induced box with instructions EMDR therapy for grief or trauma.  Free Video HERE.  Balloon no instructions EMDR HERE .

3.  Nutritional Support for Mood:   This is what I take myself.  5-HTP, then I also take Inositol 650 mgs 2 X day, B1 250 mgs 2 X day, Choline Bitratrate 250mg 2X day and Calcium.1200mg 1X day.  After I started taking this I felt my mood stabilize right away (only took 4 days).  I highly recommend your grief support include at nutritional component. 

3.  Recommended Holistic Reading.  It is important to read about the world of spirit to help with grief and depression.  When you can learn about the world your loved ones have gone to you will realize their new home is a beautiful, loving place.  They are safe and have a new life there.  

(a) “Journey of Souls,” by Dr.Michael Newton.  Using a special hypnosis technique to reach the hidden memories of subjects, Dr. Newton discovered some amazing insights into what happens to us between lives. Journey of Souls is the record of 29 people who recalled their experiences between physical deaths..  Order here.
(b) “Dying to Be Me,” by Anita Moorjani.  A review states, “Of huge value to anyone interested in the areas of near death experiences, death, dying and bereavement, cancer, spontaneous remission, the mind-body relationship, mind-body and energy medicine, reincarnation, or to anyone who simply wishes to examine how the universe and life works in general.”  Order here.
(c) “Afterlife Interviews,” by Jeffrey Marks.  This book confirms what above books say.  You are magnificent and your thoughts create your reality.
(d) Melodie Beattie, “Make Miracles in 40 Days.”   Go here.  Melodie Beattie famed author of “Co-Dependent No More,” lost her son.  This book talks about using a journaling method to release some of the grief. 


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