Here are some very exciting EVPs of a mediumship Trance Circle, during 8/2015, created by Donna C., an experienced paranormal investigator.  These are her words describing the audios.

“The first EVP is just a random comment while you’re talking to the group. It’s not pertaining to anyone so I’m not sure who it belongs to. I guess to the group in general. We were talking about sibling syndromes. A voice comes in and says, “YOU’RE RIGHT.” It comes in at the 6 second mark on the clip.

Here is that audio:  Sun Circle For GROUP.01_You’re right_reversal.mp3

The second EVP (sound only) comes in when you’re talking to BETTE. Its a sound that I hear often and I’ve come to believe that it’s energy displacement. Sort of what you would call a “sonic boom or swish” that happens when spirit gives messages or manifests. You’ll hear this “SWOOSH” sound at the 30 second mark of the clip.

Swoosh audio:  Sun Circle With BETTE.02_Swoosh Sound_Bette.mp3

The next EVP is for DEB. I believe it’s her mom that you’re talking to and a woman comes in around the 28 second mark of the clip to say, “PLEASE REVEAL.” She’s talking to you and giving you direction. :).

Please Reveal Audio:  Sun Circle For DEB.03_Please Reveal_Deb.mp3

Then I’ve found two for ROZ. It’s who I believe to be her husband. He’s still in denial about the cancer becaused by smoking. The first EVP is him saying, “I FELL ILL.” It come in around the 31st second mark of the clip.

I fell ill audio:  Sun Circle For ROZ.04_I fell Ill_Roz.mp3

The next EVP for ROZ is another one from her husband and he’s saying that, “IT DOESN’T HURT.” This one comes in around the 4 second mark.

Doesn’t Hurt Audio:  Sun Circle For ROZ.05_It doesn’t hurt_Roz.mp3

Please instruct your clients to listen very carefully and if possible, listen with headphones. I tend to hear them much more easily than those who aren’t used to listening. I’m sure you know what I mean. LOL!

Oh… and here’s a Bonus for you. It was captured during the first time I monitored your session with a client. I’m not sure if you have this or if you remember it, but I have to say that it’s one of the most amazing EVPs I’ve ever captured! We were sitting in the baby’s room. You’ll hear the baby make a sound. I remember you were sitting with your legs crossed. You’ll hear yourself asking for anyone in spirit to make themselves known and then this message comes in I hear: “Okay, I’ll do it. Mary here with some slight interference. Mary here with some slight interference with this… okay. I Love You. I’ll try it again” Such a long message and then afterwards, you mention that your legs are crossed and than you need to uncross them. LOL! LOVE THIS! Enjoy. I do hope you can hear it. It appears at around the 13 second mark. Have a Good Night. xxx

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