MEDIUMSHIP RESEARCH.  I am an endorsed psychic medium for Voices Across the Veil, a research project spear headed by Dennis Grega, Ph.D., for

Please register for a research session by following one of the links below.  Here is a testimonial from Dr. Grega and a testimonial about me from one of the participants to offer you some background as to the depth and significance of this project.

Dennis Grega, Ph.D., Voices Across The Veil Mediumship, “Superb, Magnificent and and ‘Marvelous’ session!!!!  I sat enthralled watching and listening in the background. I loved seeing the smiles on both sitter’s faces. They will remember this forever as will I.  Thank you so very much! Especially for taking so much extra time. How about another superlative to end this message – Absolutely Amazing!!  Love & Light to you,  dennis”  Later he wrote on Facebook:  “WOW! Thank you for such a wonderful Voices Across The Veil session. As an observer I sat enthralled listening to the detailed evidential information you relayed from those on the other side. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of it.

Dr. Dennis Grega’s comment on another Voices Across the Veil event, “You are a most wonderful medium of the highest possible caliber!  You presented wonderfully evidential readings. Thank you again and again for doing this project.  Blessings, Dennis”

Sitter Feedback from Voices Across the Veil mediumship research session.  “The reason I am writing to you is to say that Laura is a great medium with a great personality and incredible skills.”  “I would like to repeat the session with the same medium [Laura], as she has beautiful energy and I feel very comfortable and calm with her.”   Later she wrote again, “I want to have a session with Laura because she has such a great personality,and as I said earlier, I feel very comfortable with her, which gives me an opportunity to be fully relaxed. She has a beautiful energy field.”   Read entire feedback HERE.