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1.  FREE.  Mediumship Training with Top 100 Psychic Medium Laura Introductory Class.  This is a full 27 minute video with exercises.   Request this introductory video by joining mailing list here.

2.  FEE.  SELF PACED MEDIUMSHIP TRAINING.   4 MONTH SOUL PSYCHIC HEALER MASTER CERTIFICATIONYou can learn how to become a medium in just one course if you have done psychic development before or all four courses which build upon each other.  They are Soul Abundance (Clairsentience or clear feeling), Channeling Spirit (Clairaudience or clear hearing), Psychic Creativity (Clairvoyance or clear seeing) and Mediumship (Claircognizance or clear knowing – uses all of the senses above). Each course includes e-books, presentations, and videos.  More information and order HERE.

3.   MENTORING SESSION DISCOUNT with any COURSE PURCHASE(The 3 for 4.  Buy any time and get 1/3 more time.)  As well, Spirit Medium Laura can mentor you with the course in one on one sessions via phone, Skype or in person.   If you purchase any course you can obtain 1/3 more time for free.  Ex.  Buy 45 minutes, get 60 minutes for same price.  Buy 30 minutes get 40 minutes.  Buy 15 minutes, get 20 minutes.  Book at  Place “Mediumship Training” in Event Code field to receive the extra time.

All mentoring is both psychically, intuitively, spirit guide based, in addition to the intellect. Hope this answers your questions.  If not just email Spirit Medium Laura at or call me at 954 465 7338.


Spirit Medium Laura has developed a system to develop psychic abilities which is simple and meaningful.  It is based on the word LOVE. 

LOVE, when used as an acronym stands for four basic steps.  These steps are layered throughout all of Laura’s teachings to make it simple and meaningful to you.

At its most basic level all miracles come to us when we align with LOVE.  Love is the highest vibration, the most infinite power, available to us. 

If we choose to develop our ability to live in the vibration of LOVE, we will begin to experience a miracle consciousness. Not only will we want for nothing, be super abundant, but as well, we will begin to develop our higher mental faculties and divine right of psychic perception. 

We can begin to feel, hear, see and know things other people think is impossible, but is quite probable, once you know the secret. 

Here is the definition for the acronym LOVE which is the secret to  develop our abundance, intuitive creativity, psychic sight, and mediumship abilities.

L stands for Let go of toxicity.  At the abundance level the clearer our energy, the higher our vibration, and ability to manifest prosperity. 

At the psychic level a toxic body, mind and soul can block our psychic sense perception.   

O stands for Open our intuition which is the soul.  At the abundance level when we live as our soul, we begin to follow our intuitive feelings, our heart, leading us to fulfill our Dharma or our miraculous purpose. 

At the psychic level when you open your soul you begin to awaken your supernatural faculties.   Open also stands for asking spirit to come to you to begin a psychic session.

V stands for vibration alignment.  As the abundance level we align with the source of our miracle power, our soul.  At the psychic level we align with the vibration of the subject of the reading. 

E stands for Embrace your GOD flow.  At the broadest level Guidance, Opportunities and Destiny lead us in a state of Divine flow to our miraculous abundance. 

At the psychic level Embrace the flow of guidance that comes to you from GOD to have the most astutely astounding session. 

Well I hope this mini lesson offered you a good overview of how to be a medium.  Take all or just one of the courses mentioned above to learn more. 


Spirit Medium Laura

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  1. This mediumship training reflects a life time of experience. Enjoy the FREE Intro Mediumship Training Video. Join our mailing list above.

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