Spirit medium Laura began channeling spirit over 30 years ago in a spontaneous exercise of simply asking for her guides to come through.  During this time she was even taken to full trance by the spirit world.  She is a gifted and natural spirit channel.

CHANNELING SPIRIT GUIDES, AKASHIC RECORDS, or COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS.  Laura has found that channeling spirit is the portal to the Akashic Records (Collective Unconscious).  She uses her connection to channeling spirit to help you discover past lives, discover life purpose, meet your guides and develop your creativity.

COURSE.  Doing the Soul Channel course will help you.

  • Learn channeling
  • Become more creative
  • Become more intuitive
  • Open your psychic sense of clear hearing or Clairaudience
  • Learn how to use a pendulum
  • Learn how to do automatic writing
  • Access the Collective Unconscious
  • Meet Your Guides
  • Learn your life purpose
  • Access the Akashic Records for yourself or others
  • Review past lives for healing and self discovery.

COURSE:  CHANNELING SPIRITS:  Clairaudience for Spirit World Communications.   Gently develop your clairaudience (psychic clear hearing) to gain wisdom, healing, creativity, intuitive, psychic, mediumship perception and the wealth of help available to you from the spirit world, to the all knowing Collective Unconscious (Akashic Records), with Spirit Medium Laura.

Connects to your Divine Beings (Angelic Spirit Guides), your portal to the all knowing Collective Unconscious (Akashic Records).

Subjects covered:  Channeling Spirits, Pendulum, Automatic Writing, Meet Your Spiritual Guides, Learn Life Purpose, Visit Akashic Records, Channel a Past Life.

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