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How to Develop Psychic Abilities Video Training


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How to Develop Psychic Abilities VIDEO TRAINING SUBJECTS & PURCHASE:

  1. SOUL ABUNDANCE:  Clairsentience (feeling intuitively) for Law of Attraction,  Activate Your Purpose, Get Lucky, Heal Karma, Raise Vibration; BUY HERE
  2. SOUL CHANNEL:  Clairaudience (clear hearing) to Meet Your Guides, Life Purpose, Akashic Records, Past Lives; BUY HERE.
  3. SOUL PSYCHIC:  Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Auras, Chakras, Remote Viewing, Medical Intuitiion, Telepathy, Healing; BUY HERE.
  4. SOUL MEDIUM:  Claircognizance (clear knowing) to Talk to the Other Side; BUY HERE.




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4 Complete Courses – How to Develop Psychic Abilities

Length of video lesson:  Each Video Course includes 4 Video Lessons and a FREE Introductory Video.   Each video lesson is about 30 to 50 minutes in length.  This length is the equivalent of a 2 hour class in person.  The reason is a live class includes a lot of talk, introductions, interruptions, breaks, time for exercises, etc.  These videos include exercises which add to the length of the lesson, but not to the length of the video.  You have to stop playing video to do the exercises. 

a.  Soul Abundance:  Intuition for Miracles.  Soul Purpose MAGIC.  FEEL Spirit.  Steps:  LOVE the Now.  Open Your Dream.  Vibrate Higher, Engage GOD Flow (guidance, opportunities & destiny).  

b.  Soul Channel:  Talk to Your Guides.  HEAR Spirit.  Pendulum Board, Automatic Writing, Meet Guides & Learn Life Purpose, Discover Past Lives in Akashic Records.

c.  Soul Psychic.  SEE Spirit.  See and Read Auras, See and Heal with Chakras, Remote Viewing, Medical Intuition, Telepathy, Remote Influence.

d.  Soul Medium:  Talk to the Other Side.  KNOW Spirit.  Make first contact, Family Relationship Map, Psychic Investigations, Bring It Altogether. 

e.  Master Certified Soul Psychic Healer:  Complete all four courses (16 lessons) with Mentoring to become a Master Certified Soul Psychic Healer.  Video courses FREE with Mentoring HERE.   Certificate of Completion for a 4 lesson course completed and purchased. 



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Introduction – How to Develop Psychic Abilities

Spirit Medium Laura has developed a system to develop psychic abilities which is simple and meaningful.  It is based on the word LOVE.  LOVE, when used as an acronym stands for four basic steps.  These steps are layered throughout all of Laura’s teachings to make it simple and meaningful to you.

At its most basic level all miracles come to us when we align with LOVE.  Love is the highest vibration, the most infinite power, available to us.  If we choose to develop our ability to live in the vibration of LOVE, we will begin to experience a miracle consciousness.

Not only will we want for nothing, be super abundant, but as well, we will begin to develop our higher mental faculties and divine right of psychic perception.  We can begin to feel, hear, see and know things other people think is impossible, but is quite probable, once you know the secret. 

Here is the definition for the acronym LOVE which is the secret to How to Develop Psychic Abilities. 

L stands for Let go of control  At its broadest level when we are trying to control our life, we block our abundance.  At the psychic level being in a controlling state of mind prohibits 6th sense perception. 

O stands for Open our soul.  At the broadest level when we live as our soul, we become more abundant, we begin to follow our intuitive feelings, our heart, leading us to fulfill our Dharma or our miraculous purpose.  At the psychic level when you open your soul you begin to awaken your supernatural faculties.   Open also stands for asking spirit to come to you to begin a psychic session.

V stands for vibration alignment.  As the broadest level we align with the source of our miracle power, our soul.  At the psychic level we align with the vibration of the subject of the reading. 

E stands for Embrace your GOD flow.  At the broadest level Guidance, Opportunities and Destiny lead us in a state of Divine flow to our miraculous abundance.  At the psychic level Embrace the flow of guidance that comes to you from GOD to have the most astutely astounding session. 

Well I hope this mini lesson offered you some insight to How to Develop Psychic Abilities.  Take all or just one of the courses mentioned above to learn more. 


Spirit Medium Laura