GRADUATES of the MASTER CERTIFICATION SOUL PSYCHIC HEALER TRAINING means these students have graduated from an intense 16 week training program covering abundance, channeling, clairvoyance and mediumship.  They have learned metaphysics, spiritual law, abundance, channeling, akashic records, reading auras, reading and healing with chakras, remote viewing, medical intuition, telepathy, remote influence, mediumship, pet mediumship, psychic detective and after life communications.   TRAINING CERTIFICATION info HERE.

David Rojas, Ph.D., web:
Graduated 5/15.  Cognitive Crossroads will inspire your creativity, stimulate progress, and instill successful strategies so you can

  • make positive mental shifts
  • create lasting behavioral changes
  • overcome unwanted fears or anxieties
  • navigate life, relationship, and career transitions
  • achieve your goals
  • realize your dreams

Patty Reed.  Graduated 6/15/16.  Can be reached as Patty Reed on Facebook.  Review of Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Training, “Laura; I took my time finishing your Soul Psychic Healer course and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It contained material that I hadn’t found elsewhere and I loved the exercises. I found the missing person exercise especially helpful in boosting my confidence. Thanks for a great experience.”  Graduated 6/16.


Karen Whaley,  Finishing training 6/15/16.   Here is a review of the training from her.    Karen Whaley,  Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Training Graduate, “Hello Laura,  I FINALLY completed your training & boy was I ever thrilled!!! Not only with the amount of information; but also with the new & different information you provided! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your training has helped me to become a much more confident Medium & also given me numerous additional means to enhance my income. I am so grateful to have found you & your incredible training!  Sincerely,  Karen”  Graduated 6/16.

Suzie Bentson,  Intuitive and practical tools to help you attract and receive love.  Graduated 5/15.

Serena,, Reiki, chakra balancing, flower essence healing.  Graduated 5/15.

Hanna Crown,, graduated 5/15.

Yolanda Bianca,  Graduated 5/15.

Grisel (Gigi) Hernandez,, Started 2/1/17.  Graduated 4/20/17.   Bio:  “As a young child I always knew I was different; needless to say everyone around me made me feel different. It was as if I had already been here before (reincarnated).”  Bio Continued HERE.


Carmen Scheid,, began training in 3/15.

Jason Breche,, started training 4/15.

Susan Brown,, started 4/21/15.

Leslie McClarty,, started 6/30/15.

Nicole Farnham, Australia., started 8/12/15.

Rachel King, Ireland., started 10/20/15.

Mary Proctor-Smith.,  started 12/14/15.

Chris Daubenmire,, started 12/30/15

Patricia Long,, started 2/13/16.

Edna R. Lee,, started 5/11/16

Jared Petrich,, started 6/12/17, Soul Abundance only.

Marie Santos,, started 7/5/17,  ALL courses.

Christopher Sunley,, started 10/4/17.  Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Candidate.