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Grisel Hernandez(Gigi) – Graduated 4/20/17

As a young child I always knew I was different; needless to say everyone around me made me feel different. It was as if I had already been here before (reincarnated).

The level of maturity was that of an old soul, I’d say, now looking back.
There was this deep interaction I’d have with people and could almost feel (literally) their pain. I understood more than what was expressed or demonstrated; it was almost as if I knew them well enough to perhaps, predict what would happen next or understand rather the outcome of their situation. So with that, people of all age groups (except kids my age) would gravitate towards me to simply have conversations where they felt more at ease with themselves.

I wasn’t sure then what all of it was. I knew I was simply different but was clueless as to how different and/or why?

All my life I’ve spent endless time in search of like-minded individuals whom would understand who I really was or what was “wrong” with me. Yes, because although today I understand it to be a blessing currently; back then it sure didn’t feel as such. I was penalized for being me. Name calling was the worst!  Feeling you don’t belong or trying to figure out where you belong is devastating (as a young child).

My great-grandmother (whom I lived with for a long time) would always tell me, “you are a very special soul”. But that didn’t mean much when going through the pain of feeling awkward, it simply meant she loved me a lot and I was special in her eyes.

I would gravitate to the mystical world, it was fascinating to me; I felt I belonged. I loved watching the people dressed in yoga outfits, free spirited individuals, traveling to India, cultures, spiritual beliefs and anything that was of service to Mother Earth; while often regarded by many as, “Mother Theresa”, because of my service characteristics.

I absolutely marvel life. Regardless of the rough journey. In all of the struggle I was forced to look deeper and with that came beauty. It’s like being locked in a gold mine and chipping away at the huge stones, where layer after layers crack off and when you’re almost giving up, there, suddenly, deep into the cracks you see a tiny, microscopic twinkle that motivates you to go on, just to discover the beauty that lies beneath. That to me is life.

People are fascinating to me, observing humanity in all forms offers fulfillment to my soul in the way food satisfies cravings. The development of the mind from beginning to end is such an amazing evolution. It’s the most incredible miracle ever created. And I have the gift of comprehending our species in a way that I’m not exactly sure I can explain in plain English or any other language other than by the obsessive feeling of LOVE for the creation of humanity.

I am able to feel for others in ways that I feel myself. I now know that people like me are called ” Empath”.

As a Doula (birth coach) I’ve worked closely with moms before the creation of their baby, during the development of their growing baby, during the arrival of their baby (birth), after the arrival of their newborn baby, and mentoring their way to becoming a great mom.  As an Early Childhood Educator, I’ve worked on guiding in the direction of basic proper skills in early development. As a humanitarian I’ve assisted women with Cancer, women whom have experienced still births, moms going through difficult times. As a light-worker I’ve surrendered to Spirit in helping the process of healing Chakras by performing Reiki or energy work.

I declare myself as an instrument of Divine Spirit and today I understand I won’t fight my gifts and I will follow my bliss. I surrender to be used by Spirit in the natural way to follow my purpose without restrain.

Today I’ve completed my (Soul Psychic Healer) course and I absolutely loved the journey and experience. I’m open to broaden my gift and explore what I have been sent to do. I am very proud of my journey and will continue to learn more and more to offer the best of me.