HELP! Law of Attraction Not Working!

Law of Attraction Not Working. Maybe the law of attraction is not working because you are supposed to get a lesson. Get it and the law of attraction works.

HELP!  Law of Attraction Not Working.  Use The JOY Secret instead.  The end of this article presents “The JOY Secret” to attain desires in your life.

I have been working with the law of attraction for over 50 years!  YES!  I AM THAT OLD!

My mother first taught me a way to use it because I wanted to improve my grades in school.  I always had one of the highest math and reading scores in my class, but when the teacher spoke, my mind went elsewhere.

law of attraction not working
Law of Attraction Not Working for You?

So my mother taught me something she learned from the Rosicrucians (an organization of spiritual wisdom, way back then.

This are the steps she taught me.

  1. Set a goal for yourself, something you want to achieve.
  2. Set aside 15 to 20 minutes of uninterrupted time.
  3. Set a timer for this time.
  4. Stare at your image in the mirror until all you see are your pupils.
  5. Begin to visualize yourself having the goal you desire.
  6. Continue until your 15 minutes are up.
  7. Go about your life.
  8. The goal is activated and attained.

At my young age I had no preconceived ideas about whether or not my goals of high grades in school was possible or not.  I simply did the exercise every day.

Changes in my behavior occurred.  I began to study.  Hmmmmn.  What a concept.

I began to raise my hand in class, participating in the lessons.

I became kind of studious and nerdy, I guess.  I changed.

LAW OF ATTRACTION NOT WORKING.  The law of attraction began to work at this point.

As soon as I changed my focus, thinking and behavior, the universe reached in to support me.

For example, when I would take a test, at times I did not know the answer to a question.  However, the answer would pop out at me on the paper.  I became more psychic.

Yes, when you begin to do exercises like the one explained above you become more psychic!  Self hypnosis activates your psychic muscle.

By the end of that school year I was well on my way to becoming a super star in school.  I felt good, indomitable, accomplished.

At times the law of attraction does not work even with the best attempts.  What to do then?

I believe we have come to earth to evolve.  We have set lessons for our journey through life.

When the law of attraction is not working there is a lesson to be had.  Seek to get the lesson.

As soon as you GET, then ACCEPT the lesson, as soon as you evolve, the law of attraction will begin to work again.

A better way to say this is, it was never about the law of attraction working or not working.  It was always about you evolving, changing negative beliefs to positive ones, pursuing what you REALLY want, not what others say you should want.

Evolving spiritually is about being your authentic self (your soul).  Your authentic self, your soul, will want you to have and get things your ego self says you are not good enough or just cannot have.

Your authentic self, your soul, is miraculous.  Your ego is limited.

The JOY Secret

So you can throw completely out the window the law of Attraction and simply live according to the principle of evolution.  Evolution is attained by living in accordance with “The JOY Secret.”

J – Just

O – Open

Y – You

Open what you really want in life on a daily basis.  Do not ask for what you think you can have or what others tell you is possible or practical.


  1. JOURNAL.  Ask yourself on a daily basis what it is you want more in life than anything else.
    • Ex. Everyone told you to forget the love you have for your ex lover.  Yet, try as you might you cannot.  So finally one day after trying to fool yourself with practical goals related to love, you state out loud what you really want.
    • EX.:  I really want to have a healed, loving, harmonious version of my love relationship with XXX (or the highest equivalent of this situation).
    • Important to ask for highest equivalent in case the soul mate’s growth and free will cannot fulfill this request or there is a love situation better for you.
  2. AFFIRM.  Then create an affirmation for this desire.  ex.  XX (or highest equivalent) is in my life in a new, loving and healed way.
  3. MANTRA.  XX (or highest equivalent) loves me.  Say your mantra through the day when doing meditative and mindful activities.
  4. PRAYER.  It is helpful to pray when you feel a strong desire for that which you want.  Asking Higher Source from your emotional depth is miraculous.

Your soul will present then the lessons you need to attain your desires, evolving you naturally.

The things you want in life were planted by your soul so you could learn from them and evolve.

Funny.  When you get this you realize it never was about attaining the goal or getting the law of attraction to work in the first place.



Spirit Medium Laura



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