Disclosure, Terms & Conditions


Integrity Statement.  Spirit Medium Laura’s intention is to provide the highest level of ethical, evidential and exceptional intuitive psychic and mediumship services and products she can in complement to, but not replacement for licensed professional advice.

Relinquishment of Liability for All Advice.    By choosing to work with Spirit Medium Laura you have chosen to relinquish all claim of liability against her.

Relinquishment of Personal Liability for in Person Visits.  If you choose to visit Spirit Medium Laura at her location, you relinquish Spirit Medium Laura and the community in which her location exists of all liability from any damages or injuries you might incur associated with this visit or visits.

Affiliate Disclosure:  Spirit Medium Laura recommends her own and 3rd party products and services she has selected because they are in alignment with her spiritual viewpoints and ethical values and of the highest caliber she has found.  Some of the 3rd party vendors include, but are not limited to, Amazon.com, Clickbank and others.

Profit Disclosure.  Purchase of Affiliate products and services could result in Spirit Medium Laura making a potential profit and/or commission by your purchase of them.