ABOUT SPIRIT MEDIUM LAURA:  When Spirit Medium Laura asked her guides what is her purpose they answered, “You have come to earth to help people heal, grow and manifest their dreams through channeled healing.”

She has written a book about this called “SOUL ABUNDANCE.”

It is no wonder then that Spirit Medium Laura was born into a psychic family, began seeing spirit as a child, had a near death experience at 4 years old, received messages during meditation as a teenager.

Laura never believing in astrology or numerology, was told by her mother (a numerologist and astrologer) her natal astrological chart reflects all planets in the 8th house, the house of the occult.  As well, her numerology life path number is 22, the master number.

Over 30 years ago Laura began spontaneously channeling St. Ignatius Loyola, even going to full trance without ever a class, discovering decades later this was the same Master Guide to famed healer John of God.

After many years of avoiding her soul’s plan for this life time in pursuit of material values, Laura believes her soul forced her from millionaire to medium.  Now Laura is a VoicesBeyondVeil.com research medium, is author of the Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Program and is host of her own radio show.  View videos of her live readings on this show on sidebar of this website or clicking HERE.

Laura is featured in the book, “Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America.”

CONTACT:  Laura@SpiritMediumLaura.com. (954) 465-7338.

CHARITY:  Portion of all proceeds go monthly to DEZZY’S SECOND CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE, INC.

PROFESSIONAL ADVISEMENT:  All services are in compliment to NOT replacement for licensed professional advice.

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  • Featured, “Top 100 Psychic in America.”
  • Author “Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification” 4 month program.
  • Spontaneously began Channeling of St. Ignatius Loyola over 30 years ago.  Discovered 30 years later this is same master guide to John of God, famed Brazilian healer.
  • Research medium.
  • 100s testimonials.
  • Live radio readings.
  • Certified Dr.Bill Sears L.E.A.N. Health Coach.
  • Manifested millionaire status using Creative Visualization.
  • Manifested Soul Mate using Spiritual Ceremony.
  • Retrieved Soul Mate using Soul Abundance, Spiritual Ceremony and Soul Talk.
  • College graduate, experienced dancer, actor, writer, 17 years in software marketing, former self made millionaire, ULC Minister, trained since childhood in various  metaphysical, psychic and healing modalities, but most of what Laura does today is highly advanced beyond anything the classes could ever teach and directly channeled from Master Realms in Spirit.

Soul Abundance can help you:

  • ABUNDANCE; MANIFESTING based on the MIRACLE of the SOUL.  Live creatively, intuitively and abundantly, manifest your dreams, find love, soulmate, prosperity, money, peaceful living, authentic self, intuitive flow, synchronicity, success, life purpose, right work, Dharma,   Psychic Coaching & Training.
  • GRIEF RELIEF with MEDIUMSHIP.  Exceptional, ethical and evidential mediumship PRIVATE SESSIONS and TRAINING.
  • RELATIONSHIP HEALING with TELEPATHY/REMOTE INFLUENCE for getting back your ex (if appropriate), influencing another, etc.   PRIVATE HEALING sessions and REMOTE INFLUENCE TRAINING.
  • AKASHIC CHANNELING.  Past life discovery, begin to channel, meet your spiritual guides, learn about life purpose, release karmic pattersn.  CHANNELING SPIRIT sessions and TRAINING.
  • BUILD DHARMA BUSINESS fulfilling your soul’s service this lifetime, your SPIRITUAL LIGHTWORKER BUSINESS COACHING and TRAINING.
  • CERTIFICATION.  Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification 4 month self paced video with coaching at discount rate on Abundance, channeling, clairvoyance, healing & mediumship.  TRAINING/COACHING BUNDLED PACKAGES.






RADIO Show (Mon 7pm, Wed 1pm ET)

Testimonial:  A. E., Psychic Mentoring, Guide Channeling, Healing,

Thank you so much for everything yesterday. You have pointed me on the right path to bettering myself and my life.

There are no words I can say to describe how grateful I am to have the healing and guidance you provided me with yesterday.”   100s more testimonials HERE.  Radio Readings in videos at right prove this gift.


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ATTRACT LOVE:  Attract your soul mate, improve an existing relationship.  Laura has used manifesting techniques to bring in love with great success.

HEAL RELATIONSHIPS, BRING BACK an EX.  Ethically influence another with spiritual soul level talk (Soul Talk).  Really great stuff!  Laura has used these spiritual communication tools in her own life with great success.

ABUNDANCE/MONEY:  Heal psycho/spiritual blocks to abundance.  Create wealth.   Find desired work.  Find your soul work which augments the abundance equation.    Laura has used manifesting tools since she was a child to create great financial success in her own life.

UNDERSTAND SELF & OTHERS.    Find your purpose, understand your karma, past lives, your soul group, current blocks and release them.  Laura has written the book SOUL ABUNDANCE, which identifies a process to understand yourself better so your purpose unfolds.  Understand others better to heal relationships.

GRIEF RELIEF.  Talk to your loved ones in spirit with an evidential session, providing chance for closure, to heal and release your grief.   Laura is a research medium for Afterlifedata.com.  She has been channeling spirit for over 30 years.

IDEAL WEIGHT & HEALTH.  Release psycho/Spiritual blocks to ideal body.  Manifest new ideal body.  Laura is a Certified LEAN Health Coach and has overcome several personal health problems such as frequent recurring virulent upper respiratory infections, hip/knee joint pain, yo yo body weight (now 115 pounds), menopause naturally, mood depression, etc.

SESSION DESCRIPTION.  During a 1 hour Spiritual Medium Laura (SPL) SOUL ABUNDANCE Session you will receive the following L.O.V.E. steps to help manifest your desired results.

Here are the L.O.V.E. steps.  SPL in trance will help you

1.       LEARN, LET GO to heal.  Psychically identify issues and release them with a spiritual guide channeled healing.

2.       OPEN your soul desires.  Soul desires manifest with ease.     Ego desires are toxic, leaving you in negative state.

3.       VIBRATION ALIGNMENT.  Align with soul desires using:

  • Spiritual Ceremony.  Using metaphysical metaphor we can set intention to universe with great power.
  • Other manifesting tools.  Guided visualization, 3rd EYE Manifesting, Prayer, etc.

4.       EMBRACE your GOD flow.  After your vibration is raised you will find an increase in Guidance (intuition), Opportunity (synchronicity) and your Divine Destiny will begin to unfold.

PSYCHIC SCHOOL.  SOUL ABUNDANCE E-LEARNING.  Laura is in process of creating e-learning for many of these subjects.  She already has the SOUL PSYCHIC HEALER MASTER CERTIFICATION online.  Stay tuned for SUPERNATURAL SOLUTIONS to EVERYDAY PROBLEMS e-learning offerings.  MORE INFORMATION HERE.

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