Meditations for Manifesting

GUIDED MEDITATION VISUALIZATION:  Healing Meditation Formula:    Healing = Theta + Intention.

This page provides various healing meditations used by me to heal myself and others.  Many of them are channeled.  Most are FREE!

Also check LOVE-formula for the master healing meditation I use every day for manifesting and psychic work.  Link HERE.


The Garden, Channeled visualization to manifest and create desired conditions in your life.   Watch Spirit Medium Laura channeling “The Ones” deliver it here.

Gratitude/Forgiveness Healing Meditation.  When you do a silent meditation remember to thank the universe for everything in your life both good and bad.  As well, forgive individuals by name for which healing is needed.   Ask for forgiveness from others that you might have hurt.  Forgive yourself for anyone you might have hurt.  Give thanks for healing anything in your life which needs it.

Relationships Healing MeditationThere are certain meditations on this site that can be added after doing a Theta Meditation from this page.  One which is extremely powerful is the Christ Consciousness Meditation for healing relationshps with yourself and others.

The Miracle Meditation The Miracle Meditation is useful to release and let go of things that you are trying to control.  It helps you hand your issues and blocks up to a Higher Power.  Lastly,  The Violet Flame Meditation is good for anything that needs to be raised to a higher vibration and healed.

Feel God Healing Meditation.  Feel God Now Meditation to put you in touch with inner peace, wealth, creativity and joy, useful for those that are fearful of being alone or without a relationship.  Go here

Numbers from Healing Meditation. Number sequences.  As you meditate you might begin to see more number sequences.  Here is a good article on meaning of number sequences from Doreen Virtue.  Go HERE.

Quick Healing MeditationMeditation secrets explains ways to go to meditation quickly and the benefits thereof. 

Luck Healing Meditation Meditation to improve your luck is here

Personal Development Healing Meditation Meditations for Psychic Ability, Energy, Joy, Personal Power, Mental Clarity and Manifesting are here.

Manifesting:  Affirmations and Video Vision Board Healing Meditation.  Another way to use these meditations is to repeat affirmations for things you would like to bring into your life as you watch them.  Lastly, they are extremely powerful to do before you use your Vision Board Meditation.  Follow instructions on this page to create your own Video Vision Board for free!

BEYOND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION:  Co-Creating Reality With Superconscious Mind.  Extremely powerful technique to create anything in your life as you see and say it.  Go HERE.

Law of Attraction Meditation:  3rd EYEttraction.  Using your third eye send out to universe a command for what you want.  Go HERE

Remote Influence MeditationHERE

Hope you enjoy these!


Good Healing Meditations I Liked on

2/3/15.  Interesting Theta Meditation.  Go HERE.

7/2/14.  My current most favorite meditation.  Absolutely astounding theta meditation HERE.

12/16/13.  John Serrie, deeply moving, meditative space music.  HERE.  John Serrie Space Ambient HERE.   

4/17/13  Rapture.  1 hour.  Wonderful. 

4/12/13,  Meditation Music.  GREAT Stuff.  Long and lovely. 

04/01/13.  Open third eye in 15 minutes.

03/25/13  THREE HOURS of Relaxing music – Meditation and Sleep Music – Spa Music.. GO HERE.  Meditation Music for Increased Creativity {Alpha And Theta Waves} (55 minutes).  Excellent.  Go HERE

12/16/12  Canto Gregorian.  Beautiful, peaceful, great for inner prayer work and to feel God.  45 minutes

12/15/12    Intergalactic Path (ambient / psybient / psychill mix)   Superb.  1 hour 13 minutes.

12/14/12  Space Music go here.  8 minutes

12/10/12 Good Third Eye Meditation only 5 minutes long.  Opening The Third Eye – Chakra Resonance.

11/23/12  Fabulous deep meditation music to expand your consciousness. Quite uplifting and angelic.  9 minutes.   Gorgeous floaty meditation music by Kelly Howell.  29 minutes. 

9/27/12  Super Wealth Manifestor – Heal Money Issues.  Really like this one. 27 minutes.  Attract Money – Powerful Subliminals.  9.34 minutes.

9/27/12  Third Eye 852 hz (Pineal Gland Activator – Spiritual Wisdom) 8 minutes.

9/22/12  Core Energy Meditation. Unblock and Release Limiting Beliefs.

9/9/12  Pineal Gland Activation Meditation – Third Eye Shaktipa.  Really great.  Indian singing.

9/1/12  Loved this one.  3rd Eye Chakra Awakening Intuition with crystal bowls, 7.18 minutes.  Singing Crystal Bowls Ocean Meditation.  7.15 minutes.  Lovely.

6/29/12    Consciousness Connector – Theta Supercharger With 3rd Eye Booster WOW!  This one is great.  Third eye with theta waves.  Sounds like white noise or the ocean going from right to left to integrate brain hemispheres.  Then I felt this energy wave come over me.  This means my third eye has been activated.  What do you feel when you use it?

5/26/12  Attract Love Mind Movie.  Helps you visualize yourself in a love relationship so you can attract one.

4/18/12  Holy Harmony– holds the hidden/esoteric name of Jesus:Yod-He-Shin-Vav-He: Jeshua…That which was, that which Is, and that which shall be to comprehend the Love , Wisdom,Power and Beauty

4/16/12    288hz Third Eye Chakra stimulation– WOW!  This one really works.  15 minutes

3/17/12  Brow Chakra (third Eye) Ajna Meditation.  Got chills and felt energy coming in from right side when I listened to this.  Very moving.   THIRD EYE MEDITATION: HELPS OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE. Isochronic tone stimulation: Pineal Gland (30min).   Supreme Third Eye Activation

2/21/12  Deep Meditation Music by Kelly Howell.  This one is long and quite peaceful.

2/3/12  Ocean of Bliss – Deep Meditation – Relaxing Music – Soothing Experience of Peace-Yoga-Visualization – Wow this really is blissful!  Nirvana.  So blissful.  Soft, ambient music that makes you feel like you are floating.  Very long too.

2/1/12  Pineal Stimulation – Third Eye.  Wow!  This one really moved me.

1-20-12 Indigo Hemisynch. Loved this one. Really raised my vibration.  Singing Crystal Bowl Ocean Meditation.  Loved this one.

1-1/12  Deep Meditation Music + Theta Waves. Beautiful, deep and mesmerizIng.   Pineal Gland Activation Meditation – Crystal Bowl Attunement  Loved it.  Really feel it in crown an third eye area.

12-18-11  2012 Ascension: New Powers and Abilities.  Fun and powerful way to raise your consciousness and therefore your vibration.   Some of the items on this list I already do.  It is possible for humans to evolve.

12-11-11  Attract a Soul Mate Attracting your soul mate is not about loving someone else, it is about loving yourself. Only when you align with self love will you attract the sme in a partner. Watching this video on a daily basis will put you well on your way.

12-4-11  Japanese Garden Meditation – Loved it! A meditation video set to beautifully relaxing flute music with scenes of Japanese gardens, zen gardens, and waterfalls. The video also contains quotes from the award winning book, Wisdom of the Elders by Bohdi Sanders, which is available on  Big Om of Tibet – Monks chanting Om – Dalai Lama – Buddha.  Loved this one.  Really went into a trance.

11-27-11  Brain Massage Meditation – Loved it.  Brain synch.  Fantastic!!!  Awaken – Wow this one is sure to put you into a trance.  Enjoy!

11-20-11   Ascension-Raising Your Vibrational Frequency – Wow!  This one really hit a chord in me, bringing tears of joy and sadness to the service.  Highly Recommended to raise your vibration.    Raise Your Vibration..It’s What You Feel Another one to make you very happy!  Journey Into Frequency – Pineal Activation Meditation – Good, solid and mesmerizing.

11-13-11  Trypnaural Mind Ascension – Brainwave Entrainment Meditation. Open your bandwidth to receive spirit.  Fantastic!

11-6-11   Heart Chakra Release – Solfeggio frequency 639 hz (Sound Healing) – lovely. Visual Meditation: Yoga for the mind’s eye: Powerful Dancing Mandalas! – Gosh I really loved this one!  If you like Crystal Bowls and really want to feel yourself go to another level this is the one for you! Create Your Dream Life – Hypnosis to Create Success and Happiness – Wonderful deep trance and suggestions for your success!

11-1-11  Trypnaural Mind Ascension – Brainwave Entrainment Meditation – Absolutely entrancing.  Love this one.  Great for mood elevation. Relaxation Tibetan ~ Meditation Bells – Gosh this one is so beautiful. Ecstatic Meditation Music – Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good – Loved this one.  Really put me into a deep trance, great for spirit work.

10/30/11   Shimmering Gossamer (Theta binaural beats) Unisonic Ascension – Absolutely beautiful. Full Screen Mode Theta Wave Trance Video – Receding Buddha – Wow!  This one is really effective. Deep Theta Meditation – Great for remote influence, visualizing goals.  Simple, long, powerful, no words.     Visual Meditation: Yoga for the mind’s eye: Powerful Dancing Mandalas! – Absolutely wonderful!  Crystal bowls and dancing mandalas.

10/23/11  Very Deep & Powerful Binaural Beat Delta Meditation Music – Healing & Relaxation – Absolutely love this one for remote healing, visualizing and  focusing on miracles.

10/16/11  Circle of Love ( Hypnosis to attract and radiate love ) – Really Great!   Love signal; music & frequency 528 Hz – Absolutely wonderful!   Fill Your Life with Infinte Love – video contains subliminal track – So soothing and nourishing for the soul. Hypnotize Yourself For Success – Self Hypnosis – Really powerful.

Binaural Falling – Hypnotize Yourself Into A Subliminal Trance – Fast trance.

10/9/11  VIBRONIC SOUNDS PART 58 Supreme Third Eye Activation II – Omkar Mantra by shaktipatseer – Great to prepare for a seance. Metatron Merkaba Theta Meditation – Note:  The Merkaba is a star, or RA.   THETA 3rd Eye, Pineal Gland, Binaural, Holophonic, Rotating Merkaba Meditation.MP4 10 Min Trance – Relax – Hypnosis Soundscape Verson 2.0 – Very hypnotizing.  Great to go to trance level.

10/1/11     Depths of Mind – Deep Explorations into Altered Awareness – Delta/Theta Brainwave Meditation– Excellent. Pineal Gland Activation Meditation – Crystal Bowl Attunement – Loved this one. Deep Theta Meditation – Love this one.  A classic.  Hypnotic spiral visuals with mesmerizing audio. Love -The Secret to Attracting a Love Relationship – Soul Mate – Pretty good.

9/25/11   Awareness Attunement and Expansion – Entrancing – Loved this one. VIBRONIC SOUNDS PART 57 Supreme Third Eye Activation – Kriya Yoga Initiation by shaktipatseer – Wow!  I really felt trance state and energy with this one. Relax – Theta Brain Waves 6 Hz – Waterfall, butterflies and peace.  So beautiful!

9/18/11   The Regeneration Chamber – Holotope Meditation. Wow!  This one is great!   Background audio uses a Golden ratio principle which was coded into this meditative sound-scape with extremely precise frequencies.  (Bliss Coded Sound).  Jupiter: a Psychedelic Trance Meditation – Wonderful to go to trance state. VIBRONIC SOUNDS PART 58 Supreme Third Eye Activation II – Omkar Mantra by shaktipatseer – Really puts me into a trance state!  Love it.

9/11/11   Ashra New Age of Earth – absolutely beautiful music a moving mandalas.  Quite hypnotizing. Isochronic tone stimulation: Pineal Gland –  Fifteen minutes of highly effective hypnotic sounds and visuals.

9/5/11    St. Germain Violet Flame Mantra–  Great mantra for healing all karma to ready for heaven on earth of 5D Ascension.   Go here to learn what the violet flame is.   St. Germain Violet Flame Invocation – what it is and prayer to invoke.

9/5/11  Supreme Third Eye Activation II – Omkar Mantra.  Violet fractal patterns to Omkar chant.  Really great.  Trypnaural Mind Ascension – Brainwave Entrainment Meditation– Very beautiful. Mega Third Eye Activation – Pineal Gland Activation – Shaktipat Meditation– Very effective to put you in meditative state.  Binaural Beats – Third Eye (Best Video Headphone must). Quite hypnotic, but prefer violet colors.

8/28/11     Brainwave Entrainment For Creativity and Inspiration – Theta Isochronic Tones. Very hypnotic with fractals. Value Your Vibration ~ The Practical Application. – OMG this is my work, which validates all of it! Twin Flame Reunion – Find your Twin Flame or soul mate.  This work is identical to my work.  I highly endorse it.   Journey to the great “I AM” – TRUTH! GORGEOUS!  SO INSPIRING!  This meditation is in alignment with the work I do and the channeling I have received from the Alpha Omeage Light Beings.   11.11.11 Opening Of The Portal Of The Divine– I really loved this lecture, too. Shimmering Gossamer (Theta binaural beats) Unisonic Ascension – Native American flare, beautiful factal patterns and music.    Deep Immersion – PsimatiX Entrainment – Rhythmic, Binaural, Alpha Brainwave Expansion Relaxation – Pleasant, but not that captivating.

8/21/11   Ascension (Hemi-Sync® Meditation/Theta binaural beats). FABULOUS!  Loved it!  Stare into the Eye of God in this moving, effective theta meditation. Third eye opening with Gayatri Mantra – Beautiful, Indian chant with mesmerizing video.  Stare at center of video.  I felt a presence enter me as I watched it.    Hypnotize Yourself for Success.  Very beautiful.  Fractals, binaural, isochronic.   Another one, Isonchronic tone stimulation, Pineal Gland, very harsh sounds.  Turn down volume to listen.

8/14/11 Chakra Balancing.  Very intense.  Theta Trance.  Very upbeat!.   Theta Binaural Beats.  Lovely and deeply hypnotizing.  Fractal visual.

8/7/11  THETA 3rd Eye, Pineal Gland, Binaural, Holophonic, Rotating Merkaba Meditation.MP4.  Loved this one.  Very soothing as you watch a violet merkaba rotate to binaural theta tones.

8/8/11 – Theta Binaural Beats

Laura Mendelsohn words about sessions with J. H., Soul Purpose MAGIC, “So pleased. Working with a Soul Purpose MAGIC client. She just got through the Let Go In Surrender module. Reported this past week she felt free and happy in a way never felt before.   She allowed herself to have fun. Things were going her way. She planned a vacation with her son, went bicycle riding despite the extra weight she holds on her body. She felt equal to everyone!  Her vibration is rising.  Funny thing is I have been feeling the same way lately.  Synchronicity magic!”