How to Manifest.  This page holds a variety of ways to manifest including (1)  SIMPLE way to manifest that works.  (2) 3rd EYE manifesting meditation, (3)  mindful mantra meditation, (4)  creative visualization, (5) Affirmative Prayer, (6) Spiritual Ritual.

YOUR LIFE IS HOW YOU CREATE IT!   It is not how a psychic predicts it.  You do NOT have to be sick, lonely or poor.  PROOF:  This is proven in “The Intention Experiments,” by journalist Lynne McTaggart and Dr. Gary Schwartz, MD, Head of Veritas Institute, Univ. of AZ.  A summary of these experiments is HERE.  More detail is provided about “Power of Intention” HERE.  Further details are found in this 8 video course called “Living With Intention,” HERE.

SUMMARY:  The SIMPLEST and MOST POWERFUL way to manifest anything is with God.  All the other manifesting tools pale in comparison, although I have placed them here on this page for comparison.

Having manifesting for over 50 years, I have achieved and lost much.  Some achieved goals include straight “A’s” in school, healing of a critical lower back condition, millionaire status, retirement at 46, 1st marriage at 47 years old, met soul mate, healed this relationship, built a successful spiritual business, healed an auto immune disorder, and so on.

Many of these goals were lost after manifested.  This allowed spirit to reveal to me the one way to manifest is with connection to Spirit God.  Enjoy this page!

(1)  SIMPLEST and MOST POWERFUL way to manifest is with God.  Simply state in prayer, “I thank you dear God for providing me XXXX.”  XXXX stands for what you want.  This works really really well and should be used as your top choice when trying to manifest anything.

Spirit Medium Laura can help you define soul desires, as these goals are most powerful and will manifest easier.   A soul goal will have to do with your soul’s plan for this life time, release of karma, soul mate relationships and so on.

(2)  3rd EYE Manifesting.

Using this method I manifested healing broken heart, healing of soul mate relationship and a bustling business with constant clients.

Summary:  Using this method you will get clear on what you really want, summarize it into a two word intention, then send from your 3rd Eye into the universal mind for actualization.

Time:  Takes 10-15 minutes to set up.  After set up it will take 30 -60 seconds to send out your intention as you feel the need to do so.

  • Start with a meditation such as this free one on HERE.  Try to choose a meditation that will place you in the Theta brainwave state.
  • Next journal on what you don’t want for a specific area of your life like LOVE.
  • Next journal on the opposite of this.  This is what you really want.
  • Organize what you really want into simple description.
  • Create a two word Intention like “Send LOVE,” to summarize this simple description.
  • Define the letters in your action statement to express the specific features of what you want.   “Send LOVE” could mean send a Loyal Luscious Lover, Of Overflowing Opulence, Vibrating my Values (such as xxx), for Exciting Engagement of Marriage.     HERE is a list of Romantic Adjectives starting with each letter in alphabet.
  • Review the meaning of the intention.  Then send it from your 3rd eye (center of your forehead) off into the universe (visualize like outer space, a star nebula or the picture above).
  • Send it for a long meditation of say 10 to 30 minutes using a Theta meditation such as this one HERE.
  • REMEMBER:  As you send your two word intention do it with a feeling of relaxed detachment.  DO NOT FORCE THE INTENTION.  Simply let it flow out from your 3rd EYE for as long as you feel the desire to do so.
  • Results will usually be noticed within 24 hours.  Today when I used this I had a result within 2 hours!
  • DO NOT do anything to make this happen.  Allow yourself to take action, but not to make this happen.  Take action because you feel inspired to do it.  Action is an important component of all manifesting, but it should always be inspired action of what feels good in the moment to do.

(3) Mindful Mantra Meditation.

Using this method my business got so busy I could hardly keep up with it.  I saw a doubling of revenue within 3 months of beginning this method.  

Here is a video explaining how to do mindful meditation.  Although it says to not use a mantra, I do feel using a mantra enhances the meditation experience, as well as, allows you to co-create with universal intelligence, cosmic mind.

This is a good video about how to do mindful meditation.  Go HERE.


HOW TO MANIFEST USING MANTRA MEDITATION.  Here is a modified version of what is stated on this video to use for manifesting.  The steps spell L-O-V-E.  Do this at least once a day, morning preferable, for about 10-15 minutes, longer if possible.  You can add other sessions throughout the day, doing activities which place you in a meditative state, like walking, swimming or running, for example.

1.  LET GO of concern at not having what you want.  As soon as you let go of the need for something you obtain the ability to get that something.  It comes right to you!  So practice the habit to BE HAPPY no matter what your circumstances.

Then, LEARN what you really want.  Journal on what you want to help crystallize your ideas.  Create a written contract with the universe including the exact ESSENCE (not externals) of what you want with an explicit delivery date (ex. now), description, etc. and sign it.

Then summarize it into a simple acronym which will serve as a mantra, such as:  “RICH” or “LOVE.”   You can place the words “I AM” in front of your focus word so you might have, “I AM RICH” instead of simply RICH.

The word RICH can stand for Rich Relaxed Infinite Income Compatible Commitment Healthy Happy.  This acronym covers everything anyone could want in their life.

For someone who wants to be retired and married it could mean Relaxed Retired Infinite Income Compatible Commitment Healthy Happy.

The acronym LOVE could mean Let go of the past, Open to someone new, Vibrationally aligned with me to Engage LOVE.  Pretty good one for getting over the past and attracting new love.

So you now have a great acronym to be used as a powerful mantra during your meditation.  This is your MANIFESTING MEDITATION MANTRA.

(See OTHER MANTRAS below for different ways to do this.)

Link this word to your written contract with the universe.   At the end of the contract write, this contract is called upon using the keyword, “xxxx.”  Store your contract in a safe place on your information device (ex.,smart phone, computer) or wherever you decide.

2.  O – OPEN MEDITATION.  Find a comfortable place where you can be alone.  Find a timer.  Sit in a comfortable position, spine straight.  Open arms and legs (not crossed.)

LENGTH OF TIME.  Set your timer for 15 minutes minimum or to the number of minutes of your age in years.  Ex. If you are 45 years old, set it to 45 minutes.    I use this timer,, if I a sitting at my computer.  Otherwise, I use a timer on my phone.

NO TIME?  Be aware that we always find time to do what we want to do, so if you are having trouble finding the time to do this, there is some reason for this.  Maybe you do not want to change.  Maybe you do not believe it will work.  Maybe you get attention from others if you life is unhappy.  There are a myriad of reasons one does not do something.

FOCUS.  Focus on your breath for a few moments.  Then begin to repeat your manifesting mantra once with each natural inhale and one with each natural exhale.  As you continue this both breath and mantra with be finally replaced with stillness.  This is the ultimate destination.  Stay in this zone as long as you can, or until your timer goes off.

If you wander off focus, just go back to your mantra and breath.

COSMIC CHECKUP.  If you are feeling stuck it might be time for a cosmic checkup with Spirit Medium Laura.  She can check your energy system, see blocks and send intention to clear them, with your permission, of course.  Book here:

EXTRA MEDITATION.  You can do extra meditation each day while you do something mindful such as eating in silence, preparing food, walking, bathing, or doing anything that can place you in a silent still place.  Softly repeat your manifesting mantra tagged to your breath while doing this activity.

3.  V – VIBRATION ALIGNMENT WITH REPETITION.  Continue to softly repeat your mantra tagged to your breath with a neutral attitude.

On each natural inhale and exhale, gently repeat your manifesting mantra.  Soon you will melt into a mindful meditation.  The deeper your meditation, the more powerfully you project to cosmic consciousness your intention for fulfillment.

4.  E – EMBRACE your GOD FLOW of Guidance, Opportunities and Destiny.  After your meditation, you will be led to do something and/or the desired result will simply appear in your life.

RESULTS:  I have realized personal results in my life doing this.  After repeating the LOVE mantra for a few months, I attracted a man who said he loved me and wanted to marry me!  After repeating the RICH mantra a few months, my business began to boom.


(4) Creative Visualization.

Using this method, I retired young, got married and moved to a quiet Latin town near the water.  Everything on my script came true!

Plan to spend at least 15 minutes in quiet meditation.  Journal on what you feel you REALLY want in your life in the 3 basic areas:  love, money and health.

Write down a day in your life where all aspects of these elements are evidenced in the way you live through that day.  Make it like a daydream, movie script,

Example:  I get up from a deep sleep without an alarm, yawn and leisurely set out upon your day.  I have time to relax and meditate in the morning.  After a cup of coffee and breakfast of my liking (fill in the blanks), out on a terrace overlooking some mountains (or what you like), the phone rings and this is what is said or you speak to your loving partner and this is what is said, etc.

Make this script not longer than 10 minutes.

Record it using a recording device of your choice.  Play back for at least 10 minutes per day when you are in a quiet meditative state.

(5)  SUPER CHARGE with The VIRTUAL GARDEN.  You can super charge all of these methods by  virtual gardening using the a theta meditation for 15 minutes or so.

Visualize having a garden which has plants in it standing for each thing you want.  Ex. Rose bush for love.  Money tree for wealth.   Prune and nurture your plants on a daily basis, while specifically setting the intention to have that which you want and visualizing it happening in your garden.

BETTER YET:  Garden some real plants which symbolize what you want.  Very powerful.

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(5) Spiritual Ritual.  This is a form of manifesting in which you do a ceremony or take some action to amplify setting your intention.

Examples of this include religious ceremony and sacraments, native Rain Dances, placing food on an altar as an offering, lighting a candle and saying a prayer, etc.

I have used these in the past with excellent results and can help you do this in your own manifesting work should we agree it would be helpful.  This is just another form of manifesting when done in a spiritual way in the light.  Here is an article which goes into more detail.  Go HERE.

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