Laura’s Background

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Laura’s Story

My earliest memory is not of this dimension, but rather of life before coming to earth.  I remember speaking to my spiritual family of three souls.  It seemed we all had a spiritual mission to accomplish.  During this meeting I discovered the mission was not yet completed.

I volunteered to come back to complete it, much as I disdained the idea of diapers, elementary school, bullies and earth life.  The spirit world was loving, kind and so joyful.  Earth was dense, cruel and not at all kind.  I knew if I came back I was guaranteed to suffer.

For example, I remembered another life time where I was a male slave rowing a boat in ancient Egypt.  I remembered being beaten repeatedly as I rowed the boat in an emaciated feverish state. 

I died at the oars of this boat in a lineup of other slaves being beaten and driven like beasts of burden in this way.  I did not want to go back to earth.

I did volunteer to go, however, because it was something I had not finished for my soul group.  So off I went catapulted into this life time with the barest desire to be here.

Early Communications With Spirit.  Perhaps this is why, the first five years of my life, I was not quite here.  Every night as I would try to go off to sleep I would hear the noise of what seemed to be people talking at a party. 

This noise would get louder and louder until finally it was so loud, it felt like my head would explode.  [I have since learned this is what people hear when they have out of body experiences just before they leave their body.  It is a dimensional shift.]

At that moment everything would stop suddenly to dead silence.  Then strangers would appear before me trying to communicate.  There were a few people I did know.  They were my spiritual guides.

Near Death Experience – Saved From Drowning By Spirit.  At around 4 years old, during this out of body phase of my life, I was saved from drowning by spiritual intervention.  As I flopped into the upstate New York lake attempting to teach myself how to swim, I remember drifting passively to the bottom.

I sat at the bottom of the lake, calm as could be, as I began to breath in the water.  Just as I did this, the loud party noise began forming at my right, a white light followed it and then the booming voice from one of my spirit guides yelling, “Get out!”

I was catapulted out of the water choking and struggled as best I could to the shore line coughing in a panic.  When I ran to my mother to explain what happened the words of this 4 year old did not suffice.  I never was able to clearly communicate these experiences to her at that time.

I hated school as a child and did the barest minimum.  What I loved the most was the art time in the class.  There I would go into a trance like state, channeling art through me.   I won many awards for art.  I thought nothing of it as both my parents were professional artists and it was expected of me.

I did extremely well academically in high school.  I remember many times I would “know” the answers to test questions I had not studied.  I did not realize this was psychic, but loved the feeling.

As well, I found playing card games was impossible.  I would know the cards before they were turned up so no one would play with me!

Out of Body Experiences As a Teenager.  At this time, I discovered meditation, but as all metaphysical experiences at this time in my life, did not have a clue what was happening. 

I would turn on some spacey New Age music in the dark of my bedroom after doing my homework.  After a few moments I would feel like my mind was traveling outside of my body, then my guides would “download” information to me about the nature of the universe.

Doing well in math and science led me erroneously to think I would become a medical doctor.  However, when I got to college I realized the study of science was too tedious for me.  Now this affinity for medicine is practiced psychically, as it is very easy for me to see into the body and discover illness for clients.

Finally I found a suitable major, English Literature.  I loved the flow of creative ideas which would surface as archetypes and symbolism was uncovered in the writing.  It turns out this type of training is great for spirit communications.  Creative writing, as well, is a form of channeling.   Who would have thought I could get channeling training in College?  Lol!

After college I “retired” into being half a person.  I went to work in the software industry doing what everyone else did, trying to make much money.  I did not like my work, but did not expect I should.

It was all about paying the bills, looking good, fitting in and attempting to have a little fun every now and then.  Again, I did not have a clue what really was happening, what was the meaning of life, why I was on earth anyway and why I felt all the time that something, some very big thing, was absolutely missing.

I felt separate and different than others, but just did not know why or what to do about it.

Attracted To The Arts.  Later I had a lucky break.  I was laid off from yet another tedious job in the software industry.  This gave me the chance to change my life.  I took up acting, spending five years in classes and productions in New York City.

I was so joyful doing this.  When I was acting, I felt like I was channeling.   Actually I was.  It turned out now I realize how valuable that experience was for mediumship, public speaking and teaching spiritual subjects.

Cover of
Cover of The Game of Life and How to Play It

Discovered I Was a Natural Channel.  During this time I began to explore psychic and metaphysic concepts upon which I had been raised.  My mother was an artist, medium, astrologer, palmist, hand writing analyst, face reader, Rosicrucian, etc.  You name it.  She did it.  She even did readings for Janet Jackson twice.  No accident I had her as a parent.

For my thirtieth birthday, I was given by my mother’s friend the book, “The Game of Life and How to Play It,” by Florence Scovell Shin, an artist and metaphysician, published in 1925.   This book said to follow your intuition and you will be led to your abundance.

I was curious, so one bright fall morning I set out to follow my intuition totally.  A little miracle happened.  I met this man on a park bench in Central Park who introduced me to his psychic reader.

The psychic reader told me to ask my guides to come through.  I had been “speaking” to my guides in various ways all my life.  I just didn’t know I was.  As soon as I asked them to come through, a loud booming voice emanated from my vocal chords.

This was Michael, the guide that came in to open me.  I did not know this then, but Michael was there for two weeks to open my vocal mechanism so my master guide, St. Ignatius Loyola (I call Ola), would be able to channel through me.  Ola or St. Ignatius Loyola, still with me today, is the same Master Guide for John of God!

Today I am a highly skilled and developed medium able to channel any spirit or soul in the light I ask to come through.

Discovered I Was a Natural Trance Medium.  I was so fascinated by channeling.  I was told things that would happen.  I experienced full trance state channeling the powerful guide of the man who I met in Central Park.  Louis, his name, had regularly been going to a famous medium for regular sessions.  This medium (I do not remember his name) would bring in this powerful soul who was known in the Bible.

When Louis asked me if I would bring in this soul, I called it in.  It felt like a huge swish of energy sat upon me.  My vision field blackened and I felt my body conversing with Louis, but I could not hear what was said.  Finally their conversation ended and I came back into my body.  Phew!  That was interesting.

After this fun sabbatical I went  back to work for money.  As I asked spirit for guidance I was led to another life changing channeled book, “Creating Money,” by Sanaya Roman.  This book gave a metaphysic method to achieve wealth.  It worked.  However, I ignored the spiritual side to the advice in this book, which I later discovered was a mistake.

Cover of
Cover of Creating Money: Keys to Abundance

Spirit Led Me To Millionaire Status.  Following my intuition and a series of coincidences I ended up working for Microsoft Corporation in the late 1980s in New York.  I found several people were becoming millionaires there.  I did what I was told and finally left with a minor mountain of money.

Then I went about the science of trapping a husband.  That did not turn out so wonderful.  Both goals were eventually stripped from me against my best efforts.

Paranormal Experiences Around My Mother’s Passing.  When my mother was getting ready to pass, she was in hospice, I channeled her guide, Serapis.  I did not know it then, but found out later from her husband, this was her Master Guide.  This guide told me my mother was going to pass in a few days.  She did exactly 5 days later. 

During that transition I had several supernatural “experiences.”  My mother was also a medium, so it made sense to expect something would happen along the way.  One thing that was pronounced was the amount of souls in the room with her as she readied for transition.  I could hardly stay in the room, it was loaded with spirits waiting for my mother.

My mother noticed how I looked uncomfortable barely able to sit at the edge of her bed and said to me,”You feel them don’t you.” 

Then after Serapis Bey (I did not know this then, but my mother’s master guide was Serapis, an Ascended Master of Mystery Healing Schools of Egypt) told me my mother was going to pass, my mother came to visit me astrally two days later as I slept.  The was the last day of consciousness.  She came to me and told me she loved me, kissed me and disappeared. 

Three days my mother transitioned.  That night she came to me astrally again, flying next to my bed like a white ball of light.  She said to me, “Laura, it [spirit] is nothing like you think it is.”  I was in that half awake state as I got the message from her. 

Four months after her passing, again in that semi awake state on a lazy Sunday morning, I left my body.  There before me stood my mother, in complete form, looking healthy as she had before she became ill. 

Seven months after her passing,  I channeled her my first birthday without her.  She said she would get me a birthday card unexpectedly that day.  That day I announced to fellow students in my art class I missed my mother since this was my first birthday without her.  After the class, a student ran up to me with a trashed postcard in the parking lot.  She said, “Here is a birthday card from your mother for your birthday!”  I was floored.

These experiences surrounding my mother’s passing have been extraordinary.  I will always remember them as proof life continues.

Creating the LOVE Your Life Soul Abundance System.

All my metaphysic experiences. losses, triumphs and coincidences taught me the universe has an intelligent plan for each of us.  The road to discover your plan is by allowing your soul to lead you, not your ego.  Align with it and your miracles will begin.

The L.O.V.E. Your Life with SoulTalk system is a channeled method to do just that.  It is designed to help people align with their soul’s blissful plan for this lifetime.

When you allow your natural gifts to surface, your magnificent place in the outer world will automatically arrive.  The book, “Dying to be me,” by Anita Moorjani, explains this concept in a different way.

After the money had slipped away, the marriage ended, as did another failed relationship, I realized my ego’s life plan had failed.  I had no choice but to surrender to a higher power for guidance or become homeless as was my ego’s fearful vision for me.

As I surrendered I asked a higher power to guide me.  The answer I got was to do the spiritual psychic work which I had begun part time a few years earlier, yet did not see as practical.

With no other alternatives, I resigned to focus full-time on it.  As I did, my income went up 400% in 4 months.  I assumed that was a message from spirit to continue.  :)

Since then I thank God every day for my joyful work as a conduit between spirit and earth.  I have accepted my purpose and am led.

It is my biggest joy to be of service to you.  Please contact me if you feel I can.


Laura Mendelsohn, Psychic & Spirit Medium
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