Laura’s Credentials

Laura’s Credentials
Media List Below

Laura’s Background HERE.


Writer, Public Speaker, Media Host & Guest (details below).
Inherited Psychic and Mediumistic talents
Natural Spirit Channel for over 30 years.
Practicing metaphysician over 50 years.
Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church
Spirit Circles (Seances) for the public.
Written and Teach Soul Psychic Healer Courses (4)
Creator of  the “Soul Abundance” Coaching process.
Graduate of Center for Spiritual Living (ex. Rev. Louise Hays) Metaphysical 2 Year Educational Program
Certified Dr. Bill Sear’s LEAN Health Coach
Certified NLP Primary State
Other: 17 Years Fortune 500 Sales
Actress in 20+ films and TV productions,
10 years trading private securities portfolio.
BA English Literature.


See Media page for complete list & LOGOS HERE.
XZONE Radio. 
Journey Into the Light. 
3/15 – 5/15.  Link to sample past show HERE.
Barry Epstein TV Show.  10/14
Supernatural Radio Recorded on 10/14/14 show HERE.
XZone Radio.  Recorded 9/25/14, air date 9/26/14 at 11pm ET, and airing regularly after that.  Link to the finished interview is HERE.
610 AM WIOD, 9/26/14.  9:12am Interviewed by Manny Munez on 610 AM WIOD about why Dolphins football team could be losing so much because the stadium is built on an Indian burial ground.  Is there a curse there?
USC TV & Radio Productions, Ascension Soul Wisdom, To be aired on 10/3/14 at 10pm.   Listen to that show HERE.
Dr. Mitch Show. 
8/15/13. Guest on the show.  Played 7-8pm ET.  Archive HERE.
Dr. Mitch Show.  8/18/13.  Local AM 850 WFTL, SUNDAY from 2pm-5pm EST.
Freddy Fixit Show On Wwnn 1470am and Amp2.TV on the internet, 2/25/12, 8pm – 9pm.
LAURA is host of The MIX
focused on LIVE Mediumship readings on Mondays at 7:00pm EST on  Details HERE..

Host, “” Radio show.  Did for 6 months late 2012.  
“Journey to Bliss,” with Ronit Gabay, 5/22/12.
“Spiritually Raw”, hosted by Jay & April Matta, 10/26/11. Link here.
Xzone Radio Show
, hosted by Rob McConnell, 8/24/11, 11pm EST, link here.

“Yours Truly With Nancy,” hosted by Nancy Tursi, 2/24/10, 8pm PST, CBS link here.
“Let Your Life Shine,” hosted by Amonda Rose Igoe, 2/11/09, 7pm. Blog Talk Radio link here.
“Dynamic Transformations,” Mark Patterson, 1/26/09, 9pm. Blog Talk Radio Link here.
“Angel Hour,” Dottie Reilly, 1470AM 8/23/08 7pm.
“Yours Truly with Nancy Tursi” 8/16/08, Contact Talk Radio link here.
“Gifted Healer,” DJ Frost, 8/10/08, Blog Talk Radio link here.
Barry Epstein
TV Show.  10/14
Psychic Seance Filmed for TV pilot by Trueba Media in Spring 2013.
Uncle America,” Reality TV Show, Norwegian TV, TV3 Play:, FeelGood Production Company, Psychic (me) find missing person. 10/20/11.
Experienced actress in over 20 TV commercials, some TV shows and films.


Featured in”100 Top Psychics & Astrologers in America,” by Paulette Cooper, 2014 Edition.
Boca Magazine Article.  HERE.
(6/14/13) BY SUN SENTINEL to predict whether Miami Heat would win the overall Crown  Championship this season.  Let’s see who wins.  HERE.
Article about Laura Mendelsohn, “Delray Beach,” magazine, April/May 2013.









Story published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotionals for Women,” by Karen Talcott and Susan Heim, published by Chicken Soup For The Soul: Publishing, LLC.
Natural Awakenings, 5/08, “Healing From Spiritual Sources.”
Published Hundreds of Articles on spiritual subjects in various online magazines.  Publish this blog, and Facebook Public Figure page daily articles.
Authored 2 Books (self published to  “Soul Abundance,”  “Channeling The Collective,”
3 e-books:  “Psychic Creativity,” “Psychic Mediumship” and “The Holistic Business Blueprint.”


Barry Epstein TV Show.  10/14
Psychic Seance Filmed for TV pilot by Trueba Media in Spring 2013.
Uncle America,” Reality TV Show, Norwegian TV, TV3 Play:, FeelGood Production Company, Psychic (me) find missing person. 10/20/11.
Experienced actress in over 20 TV commercials, some TV shows and films.

Public Speaking & Public Appearances:

Monthly Psychic Appearances for promotion of Savannah Court, West Palm Beach, FL.  Ongoing 2015.

Monthly Psychic Appearances at Mastino’s Delray Beach 2015.  Finished.

Wrote and facilitated Psychic School Classes: “Soul Abundance,” “Channeling Spirit,” Psychic Clairvoyance,” “Psychic Mediumship,” and “Holistic Business.”

Wrote and facilitated “Raise Your Vibration” 12 month seminar, and  Finished.

Wrote and facilitated “12 Energy Secrets” 12 month workshop, private home.  Finished.

Wrote and facilitated “The Spiritual Millionaire” workshop,  Finished.

Wrote and facilitated “The Profound Power of PLAY,” sermon for, 3/4/12

“Miracle Law of Attraction For Business,” with Fay Hassell, 2/1/09, Salon Belle Fleur, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

“Miracle Law of Attraction For Love”, JCC, Boynton Beach, FL, 1/21/09.

“Quantum Abundance is You,” Angel Healing Circle, 11/10/08.

“The Profound Power of Play,” Milos Restaurant, 7/08.

“Intuitive Magic: The Secret to Luck,” Hiring the Heavens meetup. 6/08

“The Miracle Is You,” Conscious Living Partnership Meetup. 8/08

Creator and host of the Mediumship Cafe, The Seance Cafe (Inner Wisdom Books and The Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida), The Miracle MasterMind and Spiritual Book discussion group in Borders Bookstore. (2007-2009).

Co-Host of “Dinner and a Seance,” regular lecture and spirit circle series (2009-ongoing)

Other: Experienced corporate presenter to audiences in excess of 1000 people.


Psychic Seances, Fairs, Classes at, 9/11 – 9/13.

Featured Psychic, Jamar Enlightenment Center, 10/11 – 10/13.

Psychic Fair regular participant for Metaphysical Chapel, Wilton Manors, FL. 2006.

Run private client practice offering Spiritual Psychic Coaching, psychic readings and Afterlife Connections

Teach Metaphysics, Channeling, Psychic Mediumship, Psychic Development, and Spiritual Business Development.  See public speaking for various seminars, seances and groups led.

Extensive Business Background: 17 years in software industry in marketing, sales, applications development and training.  Worked for largest software company in the world calling on global Chief Information Officers.  Retired early as self made millionaire.  Traded own securities portfolio for 10 years.  Create and run this successful Spirit Medium practice. 

Certifications and Trainings

Graduate of Center for Spiritual Living (Church of Religious Science) 2-Year Spiritual Training.
Mediumship Training: Sally Baldwin (Dying to Live Again Foundation), Maurice Israel (trained at Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship, Essex, England), Deirdre Abrami, (trained with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.), The Kenley Center (inspired by Casadaga Spiritualist Community, FL).
Certified NLP Primary State Practitioner
Quantum Touch(tm) Energy Healing


BA English Literature
Certified Small Business Coach 4/08
Professionally Trained in Internet Marketing, Small Business Development, Public Speaking, Acting, Singing, Dance, Sales, software and applications development.


Accomplishments With Guidance From Spirit:

Straight A’s in School
Financial Success
Helped in the healing of scoliosis and lower back pain


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