DETOX DIET – WHY.   More than IDEAL WEIGHT, DETOX DIET will make your life GREAT!  Avoid over 50 life threatening diseases (see chart below), improve immune system, think more clearly, improve resistance to disease, create HAPPY MOOD, BOUNDLESS ENERGY, PSYCHIC INCREASE, etc.

“As my body loses its superfluous weight, my being becomes more luminous and my spiritual being clearer and more resolute”Buddha

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Spirit Medium Laura

CREDENTIALS.  These recommendations are based on my Health Coach Certification with Dr. Bill Sears, study of Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Forks Over Knives plant based nutrition, Gerson Clinic concepts and my own journey to health.   It seems the theme between these “health gurus” is to base your diet on super foods such as Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Beans/Berries and Seeds/Nuts (Dr. Fuhrman’s GOMBS), whole plant based diet, minimizing animal products, processed and pesticide type diets.    This makes sense to me and seems to have generally improved my health.


GO Greens.  3/4 volume.  GOMBS:  Greens, onions (garlic), mushrooms, Beans, berries, Seeds, nuts.
SLOW Proteins.  1/4 volume.  (lean fresh water fish, organic free range fowl, grass fed meat, organic dairy, organic whole vegetable protein, etc.  You need roughly half your ideal weight in protein grams per day.  Ex. Ideal weight 120 lbs. needs 60 grams protein.  4 oz of chicken (roughly size of palm of small hand) is equal to 35 grams of protein.)  One to two tablespoons of healthy oil (ex. olive or coconut oil) a day.
NO Toxins (fats, bad oils, fried, sugars, simple carbs, artificial preservatives, processed, sweeteners, colors, chemicals, non organic, etc.).

INCREASE YOUR METABOLISM.   3 Foods That Slow Your Metabolism.  Fats (oily, fried and fatty), sugars (refined carbs) and chemicals (additives, preservatives, pesticides, flavor enhancers).  Acronym to remember:  FATS (Fatty Fried Additives Toxic Simple Sugars).  Article HERE.

Weight Watchers FAT FIBER program summarizes this approach.  It is an excellent program to follow.

PLAN SUMMARY:  Every day eat greens, onions, garlic, mushrooms, beans, berries, seeds and nuts in the form of
*one to three small servings of raw fruit,
*one to three small or large low fat raw vegetable salads,
*one to three small or large low fat cooked vegetable dish (greens, complex carbs, beans) and
*one to six small (2 oz.) lean protein servings.
*Exercise 45 to 60 minutes a day.  Aerobic, resistance and stretching.  Walking and weights with stretching excellent combination.
*Water:  48 ounces a day.  Filtered.  No alcohol or limited dry red wine (one to two 4 oz. glasses glasses a week).
*Green food supplements.  8 Garden of Life Raw Food Capsules a day is a good start.  Most diets need extra Omega 3 (DHA), B Vitamins, Minerals, Vitamin D.  You should go to a professional to have your blood taken to take the right supplements for your body.

DETOX DIET IDEAL WEIGHT FOOD PYRAMID.  This food pyramid from Dr. Andrew Weil summarizes this way of eating very well.  Go HERE.

DETOX DIET VIDEO.  Great video on diet detox approach to ideal weight.  The formula to ideal weight is nutrition (green juice), movement (exercise) and water.  Unclog your system.  Get water flowing through it.   Go HERE.

IDEAL WEIGHT TABLE.  You ideal weight is HERE.

FEEL GREAT!  Avoid over 50 life threatening diseases including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Chart describes HERE.


1. EAT 3/4 to 1/4 RATIO MEALS.  Consider this a life style not a diet. 

  • ¾ GREENS.  Organic non gmo greens both cooked and raw. ¾ of your volume of food should come from vegetables. You can eat unlimited amounts of organic greens.
  • ¼ PROTEIN/ COMPLEX CARBS.  Organic non gmo protein and complex carbohydrates: animal proteins (lean fresh water fish, free range fowl, grass fed meat, in that order of preference), vegetable proteins (organic beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, flax seed, quinoa, organic soy, hemp, etc.), and complex carbohydrates (organic brown rice, whole gluten free grains, potatoes, corn, etc.), fresh organic fruits.  For extra protein you can supplement with an organic vegetable protein shake daily with added fiber.

2.  PROTEIN INTAKE.  Your protein intake should be roughly .5 grams to every pound of your weight.  Ex.  If you weight 120 pounds you should get 60 grams of complete protein per day.  Complete protein is found in any combination of beans/legumes, grains and seeds/nuts.   Some vegetables have complete protein like soy, quinoa, hemp, etc.  12 Complete vegetable proteins HERE.  How to combine vegetables to get complete protein HERE.

3.  MINIMIZE, ELIMINATE or GARNISH FATS, OILS, PROCESSED, WHITE CARBS.   It is difficult to be perfect, so eat with an attitude of emphasize what is good, minimize what is bad.

  • Fried or greasy foods.
  • Artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, chemicals, non-organic processed foods with chemical additives, etc.
  • Oils, fats (especially saturated, cholesterol or hydrogenated), even healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil.  Trick, saute with water and oil to minimize oil.
  • iet foods and beverages of any sort.
  • Alcohol (other than red wine – 1 to 2 glasses of a day).
  • Simple sugars, (white) carbohydrates, starches, etc.
  • Dairy.

4.  GRAZE – EAT A LOT & OFTEN!  Eat small 3 to 4 ratio meals described above often through out the day the size of your fist.   Do not allow yourself to get hungry!

5.  EAT BREAKFAST!   Perhaps a vegetable protein smoothie with added fiber to feel full longer.  A high quality one is HERE.  Runs about $54/month having one per day.

6.  WEIGH YOURSELF DAILY.  Keeps you on course for your goals. This reminds you to compensate after a few days of mistakes.

7.  BEVERAGES.  DRINK 3 LITERS CLEAN WATER DAILY (1 oz. per pound of weight).  Minimize caffeine beverages, no sodas, red wine minimally (1 glass per day for women is max; 2 for men).  No other alcohols as they are inflammatory.

8.  EXERCISE.  At least 1 hour of movement per day; 30 minutes of movement which elevates your pulse rate.  Include stretching, resistance and aerobic.  Keep it varied. Choose something you like to do, so you do it.  Walking is always a great standby, you can even include walking through a store to shop as part of your daily movement.  Increasing pulse rate through movement opens up your internal pharmacy stimulating your immune system, optimizing cholesterol, blood pressure, and even insulin levels in the blood stream.

Bonus: Incorporate resistance exercise such as lunges with weights to build muscle. Muscle burns calories, regulates glucose levels, increases HGH which is antiaging.  Movement is probably one of the most important things you can do to improve your health!

9.  SLEEP.  It is important to get 7 – 9 hours good sleep per night.  Don’t eat or drink alcohol within 2 – 3 hours of retiring.  Darken room completely.  Minimize fluids before bedtime.  Have a bedtime cool down ritual such as reading, or taking a shower/bath.

10.  MEDITATION.   Once a day sit for 20 minutes. Focus on breath and manifesting mantra word for something desired in your life like “health” or “love.” On inhale and exhale say focus word once. At times, I like to focus on a walk while reciting a manifesting mantra as my meditation.  I also like to journal at times.

11.  STRESS LESS.  Any problems you have in life, do what you can do to solve them.  After that, hand them up to a higher power.

12.  JUICE SUPPLEMENTS.  I don’t believe you can get all your nutrition from foods.  Reason is soil quality, time to table, cooking, variety and quantity.  You can juice on your own but difficult to beat the convenience, quality and variety of greens a juice powder or powder in a capsule can provide.  So I do take a supplement.  I like Garden of Life RAW Organic Greens ($25/month) and/or Natrol Juice Festiv ($10/month).  I am in process of trying both.  Will update on outcome.  Amazon gives both great reviews.  I have decided against Juice Plus because has less variety of included foods, is exorbitantly expensive and inflexible in terms of purchase.   (I also take extra DHA for brain function, minerals, and a multi vitamin for added insurance.)

13.  BUDDY UP.  Get an IDEAL WEIGHT friend, someone with similar goals to you for mutual support!

14. LOVE YOUR LIFE.  Create a love filled life.

  • Do things you love. Discover hobbies and do them. Find work you love to do. Take a class. Go out and do something, learn something, live!
  • Love yourself with self-care and balance like exercise, grooming, relaxation, etc.
  • Construct loving relationships with self and others.
  • Be the source of your happiness!
  • Honor your gifts. Discover, honor and do them for fun and profit.

SUMMARY:  If you do this DETOX DIET as recommended here you should reach your ideal weight to live a better life.

DIET DETOX – SPIRIT MEDIUM LAURA’S STORY.  Suddenly at the ripe old age of 62 years old Spirit Medium Laura finds herself at her ideal weight.  She had no idea it was 113 pounds!  She was never able to get it below 123 pounds.  Whenever she did she would get sick, and very, very hungry.

So she accepted this was her ideal weight until a health issue emerged.  She could not function any longer.  She had no energy, was losing her memory and was foggy minded all the time.

Her work as a spiritual intuitive required she be sharp, energetic and clear headed.  This is not work for the weary, sluggish or foggy minded.

She was desperate.  If she could not improve her health she would not be able to support herself.  So she began a quest.  How could she have more energy, more vibrancy and more mental clarity on a regular basis?

She researched as much as she could on her own and began to implement solutions.  She studied Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition as in “Forks Over Knives,” and “The China Study,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “GOMBS” vegan system to optimal health.  Then she went on to get a Certified LEAN Health Coach Certification.  Finally a plan emerged.

What she discovered was a highly nutritious greens based diet and juicing would produce optimum health.   She began taking a juicing powder in capsule form to ensure she was getting all the greens she needed for optimal health. She also ate a highly nutritious greens plant based diet, low in toxic foods such as refined carbohydrates, refined fats, additives, preservatives or other chemicals.  She also added a protein shake to her diet to ensure she got enough protein.

She rejected juicing because she knew she could only juice a few vegetables at a time, while optimal health required a broad spectrum of phyto-nutrients.  As well, she knew she would not juice because it was was so messy and difficult to do.

SHOCKING RESULTS.  What happened was

  1. As her body grew stronger, it also grew leaner.  She dropped 10 pounds of weight leaving her at a strapping 113 pounds!
  2. She had energy.  Her ballet teacher had her in the front of the class, whereas before she could hardly stay awake during it and needed to nap after it.
  3. Her mental clarity improved.  There is great evidence of a shift in Spirit Medium Laura’s performance during her radio show.  During her dull period she could hardly function.  As her health improved so did her psychic perception.
  4. Her eyesight improved.  At 62 years old she does not need glasses, whereas, before this shift she was starting to consider getting them.
  5. Her facial skin improved.  The area under the eyes was beginning to get puffy and wrinkled all the time.  Now she has such tight skin there most perceive her age to be 10 years at least younger.  A recent picture of her at her 62 birthday party is at right.
  6. You get the picture. :)

What did this mean?  It meant that eating mostly vegetables did something to her body.   It DETOXED it.

Since then she learned if your body is clinging to fat, your body is TOXIC.  Aha!  No wonder Laura would get sick if she tried to go down in weight below 123 pounds!

Taken from, “If you’re carrying many extra pounds, you face a higher-than-average risk of a whopping 50 different health problems. These health conditions include the nation’s leading causes of death—heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers—as well as less common ailments such as gout and gallstones. Perhaps even more compelling is the strong link between excess weight and depression, because this common mood disorder can have a profound, negative impact on your daily life.”

This website has a chart which reveals the risk factors of excess weight.  Go HERE to view.

 You can do what Spirit Medium Laura did.  She

  1. Became a REAL food mostly vegetarian eater.  (She later added some lean fish and fowl due to feeling weak and getting sick.)  She had to learn how to cook vegetarian dishes such as beans from scratch.  She had to learn how to make food choices and stick with them.  She even got a Health Coach Certification to learn how to eat a new way.  Difficult and required deep commitment.
  2. Eliminated most fats except those found in nuts, seeds and in the food itself.  If she used Olive Oil it was minimally over salad or limited when sauteing vegetable dishes.
  3. Eliminated most simple carbohydrates such as sugar or white flour.  She used Stevia mostly, but a bit of Molasses or honey at times.  She does eat whole grain pasta, brown rice, quinoa, deeply nutritious organic whole grain bread.
  4. Learned to read labels choosing unprocessed REAL food over anything processed.  Shopping the perimeter of a grocery store seems to be a good rule of thumb to do this.
  5. Ate fish in moderation, particularly salmon.
  6. Drank plenty of filtered water.  No soda, limited caffeine.
  7. Used a breakfast protein smoothie shake based on high quality Soy protein.
  8. Exercised every day for at least an hour.  Spirit Medium Laura has a background in dance, so keeping her body in shape is important to her.  To stay healthy you need to engage your body in resistance, stretching and endurance movement.
  9. Took a green food concentrate in capsules from a reputable source.
  10. So as you can see this is a bit tricky and perhaps beyond the scope of most people.  This did not occur to Laura until her dear friend who was holding excess weight asked how she could improve her health.  She was pre-diabetic, had fibromyalgia, uterine cancer, thyroid disease, bad eyesight, depression, ulcerative colitis, ischemic heart disease, was on a lot of prescription medication and many more confirmed illnesses revealed during a medical intuitive session with Laura.

When she thought about how to help her friend she felt very discouraged.  How could her friend do all needed to regain her health?  Did she have the full motivation and discipline to do this?

Her friend wanting to improve her health asked if getting a juicer was a good idea.  Spirit Medium Laura thought to herself, “Gosh the amount, mess and cost of juicing organic vegetables to provide the right nutrition will be overwhelming.”

Then she thought of Juice Plus.  Why?  Because it took all the work out of it for you in the RIGHT way at a reasonable cost.

It’s EASY and COMPLETE.  Her friend could have the products delivered right to her door on auto ship, follow the system, detox her body, improve her immune system, and live a healthy, happy long life.

Her dear friend could EAT, PRAY, LOVE and LIVE!

Spirit Medium Laura had originally been introduced to Juice Plus when she did all that research to find a path to health.  When got her Health Coach Certification, Dr. Bill Sears, the author of this program, said the only product he recommended for supplementation is a high quality whole green food supplement.

This is not because he recommends supplements.  Theoretically we should get all our nutrients from REAL food.  However, it is nearly impossible to find and eat all the variety and quality needed of REAL food for optimal performance and health.  Sometimes the food is not fresh enough, we are rushed, lazy or just not dedicated enough.

This is why you and Spirit Medium Laura are on this this page at this location RIGHT NOW.  Because of Laura’s dear friend who she wanted to help.

When she thought of her, she thought of you.  Please take a moment to save your own life and watch the videos, review the other links below and tell Spirit Medium Laura what choice you make.


SPECIAL OFFER:    DETOX DIET in a private consult with Spirit Medium Laura.  Includes psychic and medical intuition, spiritual energy healing, Cert. LEAN Health Coaching.    Book HERE.


Spirit Medium Laura

The choice is yours, but you need to MAKE A CHOICE to get the benefits of DIET DETOX IDEAL WEIGHT.