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Thank you for your interest in booking a Private Session with Spirit Medium Laura!  

HOW TO BOOK.  Follow these 3 easy steps below.   (1) Pay, (2) Book, (3) Prepare.



All Sessions are bound by Terms & Conditions of this page.  Please read it thoroughly.  Thank you. 


APPRECIATE YOUR RESPECTFUL HELP WITH THIS AND UNDERSTANDING. In order to maximize peace and harmony in what I do I have decided to reinforce my existing policy which requires payment before going on calendar.
Appointments not confirmed with payment can cause unanticipated last minute cancellations and no shows, affecting service in these ways.
1.  Preparation for appointment in vane.  I start to prepare for an appointment the day before with careful diet, minimal to no alcohol, early bed time, rest, prayer, meditation, space clearing, leaving your name with security if in person.
2.  Turning others away from time on calendar held for an appointment not confirmed with payment.
3.  Time spent reshuffling the calendar to attempt to fill the cancelled appointment with others who were trying to get that time.
Therefore I cannot hold space on calendar without payment beforehand.  Thanks so much for your respectful help with this and understanding.

Step 1.  PAY.   PAYMENT REQUIRED before booking on calendar.  REFUNDS provided for any UNUSED time.  Different services can be combined into one session.  If you want to see possible times available for your appointment use link at Step 2 below to see calendar.  Thank you in advance.

Add Event Code, if applicable, your Skype ID or Phone number, when making payment.  Price $49 for 15 minutes, $98 for 30 min., $147 for 45 min., $196 for 60 min., etc.

Event Code (as applicable)

IN PERSON Session Waiver of LiabilityUpon booking an IN PERSON session, you automatically release and relinquish Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn (aka Spirit Medium Laura) and the community of location of any and all liability for any and all personal injury, loss or accident which might occur during your visit.  As well, you agree to enter the location as a guest of Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn (aka Spirit Medium Laura) and the community of location.

PRIVATE CIRCLESSpirit Medium Laura does provide private circles at your location.   FEE:  Minimum TWO HOUR FEE (listed above).   Includes 1 hour round trip travel time from area code 33446.     ATTENDEE LIMIT:  Limited by how long you want each attendee to get.  I have done as little as 5 minutes per attendee, but this is not recommended.  Giving the psychic 10 to 15 minutes break, you might be able to get as many people as 20-21 people through a 2 hour time slot.  Crazy, but I have done this.  FORMAT CHOICES:  Group circle, individual privates or combo.     BOOK:  Please phone Laura at 954 465 7338 to book your time.  Deposit of one hour payment required to schedule.  (Pay above.)  Remainder payable on day of event, cash or check.  TIMES:  Laura can be made available most evenings and weekends with enough notice.

LOCATION: In person appointments are conducted in the vicinity of zip code 33446, SE Florida, US.  Google Maps can provide estimated travel time.  Go HERE.

CONNECTING TO LAURA.  Skype or phone.  Laura will call you from her phone (954) 465-7338.

INTERNATIONAL SESSIONS.  Please decide how we will connect as I do not have international phone calling.
OPTION 1.  Skype.  Phone App or Computer.  Skype is free and can be installed at this link:   My Skype ID is “lauradance22”.
OPTION 3. You call me
from your phone.  My US phone # is 954 465 7338.

RECORDING OF SESSIONS:     All sessions are recorded.  File formats are compatible with most systems.

TIMEs for APPOINTMENTS:  (Appointment Availability currently 1-7 days out.)   Time zone:  Eastern US (New York).  Available times for appointment are shown on Booking Calendar HERE.   Please do not place yourself on Booking Calendar without making payment at step #1 above.  Thank you.

DON’T FIND WHAT YOU NEED?  Email me at or phone me at 954 465 7338 (US) to arrange for an appointment outside of regular schedule.  

2.  BOOKING CALENDAR.  Here you can check Laura’s schedule to see availability before making payment above.  Only place yourself on calendar AFTER Payment is made at Step 1 above.  THANK YOU.   Booking calendar HERE.

TIME ZONEs:  Your time zone will be automatically converted into my time zone (Eastern US).  Just follow steps.

Call me at 954 465 7338 or email me at if you do not find an appointment that works for you on schedule.   


PREPARATION.  Here is some preparation information so you can get most of your sessions.

  • Know that 3 elements make success – you, the psychic and spirit world; not just the psychic.  This is why it is so important to prepare for your sessions.
  • Be OPEN to what does come through.
    • Spirit may or may NOT deliver who you want, a specific sign you want, the evidence you want or can validate.  This does not mean the session was not valid.
    • Be OPEN to What Seems Wrong.  At times information is delivered from spirit that is exactly correct, but you just don’t “get” it, or cannot validate it right then.  Rather than think it is wrong, which is like slamming a door to spirit, be open to it’s possible validation later.  This will ensure the psychic connection remains open and the information flows.
    • The more open you are the MORE you get.   The more rigid you are the LESS you get.
  • Be relaxed and meditative.
  • Pray before your session beforehand asking.
    • Your loved ones to clearly come in during your session.
    • For spirit to provide accurate and successful guidance for you.
    • For successful healing if needed.
  • Listen to me doing live readings on this video so you have faith that I do the work and you have some understanding of what it is like.  If you come to me with a “show me” attitude you severely diminish what can be received during your session.  Review me doing readings at this link.

GUARANTEES:  I guarantee my readiness, skill level (proven by videos), testimonials and eagerness to please.  The rest is up to spirit and you.  So if you are not satisfied just ask for refund before your time has been used and that will gladly be provided.

Therefore, you are paying for my time, not my guarantee I can produce a session to your satisfaction.  No medium or psychic can do that.

PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS.  Here is a great article and video from Bob Olson of Best Psychics Directory and AfterLifeTV about how this works.  Read/watch HERE.


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