Telepathy is a skill which can be developed.  With this skill you can send to and receive messages from another individual’s consciousness.

This is an invaluable manifesting skill, for it is through your telepathic faculty you send information to universal consciousness for fulfillment.  As well, when you learn how to do it at will you will enhance your psychic development tremendously.

Telepathy will happen the best in the theta brain wave state.  The more you learn how to invoke theta at will, the more powerful your paranormal psychic and miracle tools will become.  I like to call the theta brain wave state, the miracle mind.

You can enter theta brain wave state easier if you regularly meditate or if you know how to hypnotize yourself.  Some other techniques which help bring you to theta are focusing on a pleasant emotional memory, while relaxing or daydreaming.

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If you would like to be certain you are going to Theta use a Theta audio meditation designed to get you there without guesswork.  At this link you will find a Theta Meditation audio which I find useful.

Symptoms of Theta Include:

1.       Intense relaxation.

2.       Hyper focus.

3.       Emotional state.

4.       Feeling of floating.

5.       Feeling of expanding beyond the limit of your body.

6.       Vivid imagery

7.       Daydream.

8.       Enhanced intuition.

9.       Psychic Experiences such as out of body, telekinsesis, telepathy, remote viewing, remote influence, etc.

10.   Boosted immune function (resets brain’s potassium and sodium ratio).

An easy way to practice telepathy is to get relaxed through a meditation, ask to receive information from a specific partner, then entirely receive what is coming to you.

You may receive ideas, images or hear something depending on your extra sensory faculty.  Everyone is different.  Be open to what you get.

When you really get good at telepathy you can become an excellent psychic medium, for one of the primary ways you communicate with a soul on The Other Side is telepathically.

Mind reading is a powerful tool, which should be ethically used.  As always, with powerful mind tools, severe karmic consequences will be accrued if not used for higher purpose with love.

Note:  Laura Lightseer Mendelsohn can be contacted for more information on this subject, classes or a private session.  Email her at or phone her at (954) 465-7338.

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