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Mediumship, Psychic Sessions With Spirit Medium LauraCLAIRVOYANT SPIRIT MEDIUM LAURA FREE READINGS & FREE GIFTS.   Gifts described below.  Gain instant access by joining mailing list on right.

SAMPLE of SPIRITUAL CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUMSHIP!  Watch video below of “Meet the Medium,” Internet TV show to see Spiritual Medium Laura doing Live Real and Raw clairvoyant mediumship.

Testimonial for Clairvoyant Mediumship on “Meet the Medium” TV Show.   Roberta L Barragan (last person on video).

“Laura, your reading today for me was so spot on.  I have recently over the last 6 months had two other medium connections and have been wanting my Aunt to come through, but she didn’t.

The message was not only gratifying to know that she is with me and watching me but also gave me hope about my son.  I feel so blessed to be part of today’s test session. Thank you.

You have a truly amazing gift.

Love, light and blessings to you.”

Watch Spiritual Mediumship Samples on this “Meet the Medium,” Internet TV Show.  (Please forgive the raw nature of the video, as this was a preparation trailer!)


ABOUT Spiritual Medium Laura, “Top 100 Psychic” helps you heal, grow and manifest your dreams with SOUL ABUNDANCE mediumship, mending and manifesting.  She has been manifesting for over 50 years, channeling spirit for over 30 years, is a Research Medium, Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach, graduate of Center for Spiritual Living Educational Program, author of several books and The Soul Psychic Healer Mediumship Certification Program and much, much more detailed HERE.  More about Laura HERE.  Book session HERE.

SPIRITUAL CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUMSHIP.  A clairvoyant medium reading will channel information from your angelic spiritual guides for your highest good.  As well, a clairvoyant medium will be able to connect with the soul of deceased loved ones in spirit.

If you would like to know what is going on in your life from a higher soul perspective then an angelic spiritual guide reading is the best way to do this.  The messages will be healing in nature, and will provide information on how to solve a problem, rather than simply read your future.

My mother was a psychic medium, healer, Tarot card reader as well as a numerologist and an astrologer.  I did not appreciate most of these skills, except messages from my angelic guides.  They were so astoundingly accurate!  They were amazing.

I fell in love with this type of reading at that young age.

I just LOVE providing clairvoyant guidance from spirit to my clients in these Webinars as well as in private sessions.

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Spirit Medium Laura

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  • FREE Readings from Laura’s radio show and from 3rd parties will be added.
  • NUMEROLOGY.  FREE Personalized Numerology Report based on your name.
  • FREE Meditation (channeled through Laura) for Other Side Connection to your spirit guides and/or loved ones in spirit.


  • MANIFEST in 15 Minutes.  FREE Webinar explains the miracle of Theta brain wave state and how to get.  
  • MANIFESTING with DESTINY TUNING.  Destiny (soul plan) is everything!
  • MANIFESTING with Soul Abundance Introductory Video based on book by Spirit Medium Laura.  When you align with your destiny your miracles begin.
  • REMOTE INFLUENCE. GET BACK EX with Telepathy/ Remote Influence.  FREE class.
  • CHAKRA THERAPY.  FREE Webinar.  This is from a 3rd party, but is similar to what I do in privates sessions with clients.  Heal your chakras, heal your life!


  • WEIGHT LOSS, Healthy, Fast. Activate natural hormones to burn fat, increase metabolism and become more youthful!  FREE Webinar.
  • PREVENT HIP & KNEE REPLACEMENT?  This is a MIRACLE!  I thought I needed a hip replacement until I discovered this!   FREE Report.


  • ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR CERTIFICATION.  Prosperity from Passion.  Rated 9.5 out of 10.  FREE 10 Lessons.  Choose your niche, build your website (2 included FREE!), get found on Google, sell your services and products!
  • HOLISTIC BUSINESS BLUEPRINT by Spirit Medium Laura.  Create Your holistic business based on your soul.  FREE First Chapter of E-book.

MEDIUMSHIP INTRO TRAINING leading to Master Certification.

  • SOUL ABUNDANCE.  Clairsentience for Mediumship.  FREE Webinar Lesson.
  • CHANNELING SPIRIT.  Clairaudience for Mediumship.  FREE Webinar Lesson.
  • PSYCHIC HEALING.  Clairvoyance for Mediumship.  FREE Webinar Lesson.
  • SPIRIT MEDIUMSHIP.  Claircognizance for mediumship.  FREE Webinar Lesson.


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