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I receive so many positive comments from clients rather than waste the comment, I decided to quickly post them here with initials or names as I could.  Enjoy!

Chuck P., Messages from spirit about healing.    During mediumship Chuck’s mother in spirit said to Chuck, “Don’t listen to anyone at all about your health.  Everything is going to be better than you think.” 

Here is what was written to me from client’s wife afterwards.  “Greetings Laura, We are so excited about this unexpected amazing news about Tom’s cancer.  We would both like to thank you for your assistance with this battle. We believe that you played a big part in this battle.  It is interesting that you picked up from our loved ones that everything is going to be better than we think. They were absolutely correct!! This is simply amazing!!”   Complete story at this LINK.

TESTIMONIALPatricia Hughes David.   “To those of you who do not know Laura, I’m being very honest when I say she will turn your life around for the better.  Her GIFT is from GOD.  Laura brought me out of a deep, dark depression.  If it doesn’t come to you right away when she reads you, give it time.  Believe me eventually it will.  TRUST in her.  I sure do.  My talks with her have been so accurate. So if you need some guidance, you want to know how a passed loved one is doing, or if you need a healing, go to her Facebook or web page and book a reading.   Also, Monday 7:00pm she has a blog talk radio show.  Check this Lady out.  She is the REAL DEAL.”

Article, Boca Magazine, HERE.

Delray Beach Magazine, May- June 2013.  Read for Assistant Editor’s John Thomason’s wife on my radio show.  Resulted in this nice article about me.  To read the article go to Facebook HERE

Dennis Grega, Ph.D., Voices Across The Veil Mediumship, “Superb, Magnificent and and ‘Marvelous’ session!!!!  I sat enthralled watching and listening in the background. I loved seeing the smiles on both sitter’s faces. They will remember this forever as will I.  Thank you so very much!   Especially for taking so much extra time. How about another superlative to end this message – Absolutely Amazing!!  Love & Light to you,  dennis”

Later he wrote on Facebook:  “WOW! Thank you for such a wonderful Voices Across The Veil session. As an observer I sat enthralled listening to the detailed evidential information you relayed from those on the other side. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of it.

Dr. Dennis Grega’s comment on another Voices Across the Veil event,You are a most wonderful medium of the highest possible caliber!  You presented wonderfully evidential readings. Thank you again and again for doing this project.  Blessings, Dennis”

Another Voices Across The Veil session with Dennis Grega for a sitter.  “Hi Laura,  Superb Session.  There are no words adequate enough to describe the session and the information you received and delivered to xxxx.   I think it was much more than she expected. Laura, your gift of mediumship is beyond words. The detail and insight is breathtaking. I keep trying to think of superlatives that could be used to describe your sessions but they fall short. There were a number of possible factors and you touched on all of them, very precisely. Thank you so much for doing this session.  Warmest Regards,  Dennis”

Participant, Voices Across the Veil mediumship session, “Hi Dennis, Great session! Laura is super!

I cannot write much because I am still processing the information.

I just want to say Thank you and thanks to the Laura, and that I enjoyed this session SO MUCH!  I feel very unusual. Not because of the session, as I expected it, but because recently I had some circumstances that made me upset and nervous and after the session I feel peace and happiness.

Laura’s answer to my last question made a lot of sense to me. I am very grateful for her time and for this session.

Also I don’t want to say that it is unusual for me, because I already worked with Laura and know her abilities as a medium, but the way she described my friend and the way she even talked about her afterlife now, the words she used, the way she described things and the way she described even the spiritual life now, exactly shows the personality of my friend and who she was when she was on Earth.

It seemed that she (my friend in spirit) already knew what I wanted to know. Honestly I wanted to ask all this questions to Laura, and my friend through Laura gave me all the answers.  The way of thinking of my friend was is exactly the same way of thinking  when we were communicated when she was alive.

I think you will agree that not every person talk on this subject the way it was represented to us today.

Oh, one more thing,  today Laura told me exactly the same words from him as many years ago the first Medium told me. It was almost word by word ( I mean the meaning of the message) and it really surprised me. It is probably does not make any sense for you, but it has a meaning for me.

Warmest Regards,”

Nineveh Cannavino, Mediumship Session, “Dear Laura, I had the pleasure of having a ‘Channel Spirit’ medium session with you on Dec.10th,2015.  Quite honestly, I am going to start that I am a cynic and a skeptic by nature. Please forgive me. You did indeed channel the person my energy was focused on.

The validations were forthcoming throughout the reading. When I asked for a name, at first neither of us knew it come to the surface, then much to my amazement, he gave you his name! Wow. That was the first validation among many to follow, which I’m going to list.

But first let me say, God Bless You my dear for you yourself are a gift to be able to calm the hearts and minds of grieving people, if not, guiding directions to those in need.

For most of the reading, I was silent. However, you were spot-on! When I asked about a family member to him and what I should do, you told me, the spirit of this individual said, “let the chips fall where they may”- you didn’t realize I had said that in prayer to this Spirit, and Spirit repeated through you.Validation 2.

Validation 3, the spirit showed you a ring and you asked me, “does a ring mean anything to you?” Yes of course, a broken wedding proposal/engagement.

Validation 4, Spirit said to you and you repeated it, “You have to grab the opportunity when it’s there..etc” Consequently, when this Spirit was living, this phrase was told to me from them many times, exact phrase.

Validation 5, a contentious argument personal and between us, you described it exactly as told with much detail. My heart skipped a beat and All my doubts fell to the wayside. Both you and the channelled spirit had me in tears.

Validation 6, you discussed another conversation I had had with this Spirit when they were living, the discussion, the disagreement, the apology, is exactly as I remembered it and I knew…this person I loved greatly was speaking through you.

Laura, May your footsteps be blessed. You gave me such hope through this channeled spirit that I don’t know how else I can thank you but by writing this review -N.C.

Laura, You have my expressed permission to publish this and edit it for content or if you need to shorten it, okay?  Love, Nineveh (Nina)”

Ninevah (Nina) Cannivino, 2nd Mediumship Session, “Dear Laura, I had the pleasure of having a ‘Channel Spirit’ medium session with you on Jan.7th2016.  The second one in my lifetime.

As a note: The first Channel Spirit medium session, I had had, was unbelievably accurate with more than 6 validations from Spirit. Details of conversations, no one knew, except me and that channeled soul. I was in disbelief and then stunned at the realization: It is the Spirit my energy was focused on.

Among, the validations, you gave me their name (which the Spirit provided- not typical- but there it was).

I am writing to you today, to tell you my second session with you also proved exceptional, without a shadow of a doubt to me with more than just a handful of validations. It just took me all this time, to let them sink in and give me the courage to share them with you.

But first let me say, ‘You have an unbelievable gift, not only can you help individuals see past their grief with the understanding that their loved ones do indeed move on, but you also provide guiding directions from those loved ones who have crossed over, residing in a place, we can only imagine. Topics, they only know between you two, were provided as validations. You are blessed my dear, never forget it.

For most of the reading, I chimed in with lots of questions, flustering you (so sorry), but only because, I was excited with the accuracy. You made me so happy and elated, I was giggling at the fact that it was indeed this Spirit, simply forgetting my grief.

Validation 1.  The Spirit started to describe my personality and nature of my being and the major issues surrounding me (where I couldn’t just walk away). It was completely correct!

Validation 2, the spirit showed you white daisies, and I laughed at you both! Saying, “tell the Spirit forget the daisies! I want to see them instead in a dream, I don’t need a sign like that”.

Let me say this, first I am sorry for laughing at this comment from them, there was a mistranslation. Second, 7 weeks earlier, I was in Chicago, in from D.C. to have surgery. A thought occurred to me recently late at night out of nowhere in my mind regarding that.. 7 weeks ago event, and it was this…

These little white flowers in a flowerpot were placed in my room with a hand written note from the Front Desk manager and her name, as a Get Well sympathy. It was unusual for the Hyatt Staff to do this, it surprised me.

I called downstairs requesting this person to thank them. I was told, they no longer worked there and that it had been more than two weeks since they had. I was in disbelief, explaining, this white flower plant was placed in my room today while I was out having this Out-Patient procedure, and the note is from them.

I was put on hold. Someone else answered and gave me a similar response, saying no one placed flowers in my room and it wasn’t Hyatt policy. Okay I thought. I hung up, shrugged it off. The flowers were very nice.

Now-today-now, I realize, if Spirit can influence another human or possibly still, send you a flower or so. Well, there it was. It just took me 5 months to make the connection when the day came that I decided to I throw it out because the flower petals had fallen.

Out of nowhere, the thought hit me! (I pulled it out of the trash and saved the plant!!!) When you said, ‘they are showing me daisy, daisies, I think you remind them of a happy flower,’ at that moment, I did not make the connection in January during our session.

I could not correct you to say, ‘oh, those white little flowers 7 weeks ago, they were sent (albeit through others living) to me, they are from them. You are mistranslating slightly, Laura.’

I believe now with conviction, that’s what the Spirit was trying to say to you…Again, let me say this to you now Laura, wow, had to catch my breath here. You had it right my dear. Daisies, who would have thought?

Validation 3, Spirit said to you and you repeated it, ‘They are showing me a white bathtub, Do you take baths?’

Well yes I replied laughing. Why was I laughing? Because I take a bath every night. Not the soaking in the tub kind of bath. I ritually bathe in a tub rather than shower nightly as a cleansing relaxation technique before I go to bed. I have done this for years.

This Spirit, was giving you a validation somewhat unique to me. I do this every night. Every night. Always in my white tub. Laura, you did not know this about me, but they did.

To further prove it to me, you added from this Spirit, ‘they are showing me wine, wine glasses, looks like white wine.’ I laughed. Let me explain why…I ritually drink red wine actually after my bath and while I am in bed reading, I do this almost every night.

Validation 4.  Always red wine of some sort. One particular night, literally a few days before our session, I pulled out white wine rather than red. Rather than bathe, I did soak in the tub. I did not pull out one glass, but two glasses.

I then poured one glass for this Spirit and one for me and then I toasted to this person who had passed on and reflected on them for a while. I also laughed at some memories we had had together. Imagine my smiles when you said what they had showed you about the wine.

Validation 5, I had said to the Spirit of this person, ‘I wish you could be here now with me in this moment.’ In the reading, Laura, you said, ‘they are showing me, them getting into that tub with you and saying, ‘I wish I could take those baths with you!’  We both laughed!!

You laughed at the awkwardness, and I laughed (at my embarrassment). But I didn’t mention to you, that three days earlier, I had said that to them out loud while soaking in my tub!!! How’s that for accuracy?! They had repeated my words and sentiments. Aside from that, it was hilarious!

Validation 6, I had asked a question, about why I no longer saw them in dreams. I made a joke, and said, ‘it must be fun where you are,  as to not come and see me anymore in a dream. Are you having fun or what, over there?’

Laura, you laughed and said, ‘they are laughing and added, you make me laugh, you always made me crack-up like that’ …and more conversation from them continued as you channeled their stream of consciousness.

You didn’t realize, the one thing we were together was extremely playful. Like, children goofing off and teasing each other lovingly. It was our nature together. When you said those things and told me how they were making you feel. I knew it was them…this person I loved greatly was speaking through you.

Validation 7, I will generalize here because, there were lots of points in the conversation where you had said phrases and types of communication methods unique to the way I think, e.g. Spirit would say, ‘you’re biting your tongue, in times of conflict with this individual (who I’ll not name), this is the right thing to do, and so forth.’

Laura, I do this a lot (I’m sure most people do) but, for me in particular to one person, I do this a lot to keep peace in my household. It’s interesting, you used this expression that this Spirit gave you to validate me in times of frustration and disagreement. Maybe it is common but I think it was indeed pertinent here and not everybody does this type of self-control in mediating an argument.

Laura, There was so much more accuracy, how could I possibly list it all. Again, I will say to you….May your footsteps be blessed. You gave me such hope through this channeled spirit that I don’t know how else I can thank you but by writing this review for you and saying ‘Thank You.’

I can attest to anyone, your gifts are beautiful.

Love is eternal, if anything else fails you, know, this message is clear. -N.C.

Laura, You have my expressed permission to publish this and edit it for content or if you need to shorten it, okay?  Love, Nineveh (Nina)”

CB, Mediumship, “Laura:  I wanted to write some feedback on our interactions and provide others the confidence that they have found the right person in you.  Please publish this if you wish.

First of all I want to sincerely thank you for helping me to come to an incredibly peaceful place in my mind and spirit.  I’ve had two sessions with you and the connection between you and my beloved was so clear that  you were able to validate the most critical aspects of what I needed to be told.  You brought out information that settles my spirit and let’s me know that you were in fact connecting by referencing things known only by me and my beloved. It also calmed my concerns that my interactions with him are real and NOT my imagination. You uncovered the evidence that my efforts, love, and intentions are moving in the right direction.

Unbeknownst to you, I had left an anonymous note saying “I’ll love you till the bluebells forget to bloom, until the twelfth of never, I’ll be loving you.”, along with a picture of bluebells on my beloveds gravesite and you let me know that he handed you a bunch of bluebells for me.  Mind blown.  You also validated the intense feelings that he and I experienced together for a very long time – even though we are separated by his departure from our world.  I have new hope and excitement for the future.

I cannot thank you enough and wanted to let folks know that if they are looking for someone with mature clarity and remarkable clairvoyance, they have found it in you.  You are a treasured advisor.Much love and blessings to you always,

CB, South Florida”

Sitter Feedback from Voices Across the Veil mediumship research session.  “The reason I am writing to you is to say that Laura is a great medium with a great personality and incredible skills.”  “I would like to repeat the session with the same medium [Laura], as she has beautiful energy and I feel very comfortable and calm with her.”   Later she wrote again, “I want to have a session with Laura because she has such a great personality,and as I said earlier, I feel very comfortable with her, which gives me an opportunity to be fully relaxed. She has a beautiful energy field.”   Read entire feedback HERE.  

Heather Pallotta, Mediumship of Unborn Child.  “Laura’s reading for me was very helpful and took a large weight off my shoulders. I hope I am an exception that she had to connect with my unborn child who will probably not survive to birth but the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to this little one was such a relief and a joy to me. At a certain point medical advise and tests have proven to be too stressful to count on alone and I feel having a spiritual insight wonderful. Thank you Laura!”

Edna Lee, Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Training.  “Laura, Laura, Laura,  Greetings.  I was going to wait until tomorrow to write to you because it’s after 3:00 p.m. central time and my body usually shuts down after that time because I am a morning person and do my best work between 7am-3p.m. But I couldn’t contain my enthusiastic self.

I just completed Lesson 3 of the Soul Abundance Module. I actually wanted to write to you about a month ago when I purchased the [your] book ‘Manifesting Magic,’ drove to Colorado, and STUDIED it while I was there for a week. I learned so much about you and myself during that time.

This is an interesting ‘season’ for me as for the last 3 years I have been without income and employment. I’m now at the point where I’m ok with that and have been for the last 6 months or so. I’ve evolved to this point after engaging in mindfulness meditation for the last two years and I was drawn to you in April of this year.

Your story is so amazing and real. Your material for this certification is ‘from another dimension.’ Believe me I have been searching and have taken other online courses and once I completed them, I still felt like something was missing or I had been shortchanged.

I just reviewed material from the remaining 3 modules and my soul has been emancipated. I KNOW I’m on my true path because so many concepts you presented, I have never heard of before and I have been studying Metaphysical principles for at least 15 years, which is usually enough time to get a feel for all the “significant” players.

Words like ‘work bankruptcy’ and concepts like ‘your problem is your power’ is astonishingly awesome.

I’m in a good space now which is why I am probably ‘drinking in’ your material. It’s SOOOOOO meaningful to me and for me and appears to be the guide I need at THIS time in my journey.

Thank you so much for sharing it. I truly love the format of having the PDF and the audio presentation. I could go on and on and on but won’t because I cannot really express all that I feel. There is no name for this emotion that has me feeling like I can fly.

I’m so excited finally to experience my “psychic note” vibration. And Laura, simply put, I love you.   Thank you for daring to continue your journey so that others like me can be a benefactor.  Two Palms,  Edna

Kristen DiMecili,  Radio Show Message.  “I simply had to reach out and thank you deeply for the advice I was given by my guides through you on my meditation practice. I feel validated and excited in my journey toward a kundalini experience!”

Lisa Jade Vine, Mediumship.   “Laura, you’re an angel, I’m telling you, believe me. You helped my sister & I through the sudden death of my father. You cried for him & my family. Wow. I always wish you the best of everything & every happiness. You can bet I will see you again. I may need a tweak!

Marilyn Noyes, Mediumship Session.  At right is a photo of a beautiful thank you letter from her, a grieving mother.  Here is an excerpt from the letter.

“You hit on so many points and I want you to know how much better I feel since our meeting.  I have been in the depths of depression for 3 years since my son left this earth and have cried every day since.  Now that I know that this hurts my son I have stopped and consciously developed a different attitude.”

Daniel Obikwelu, Soul Abundance Psychic Coaching, “Insights received!  The session was an eye-opener. It was also amazing to know just how much help, love and support are available from the unseen realm. With Laura’s help, I received very strategic insights on the way ahead for my business/career, plus other things. Let’s just say I’m now definitely clear on what to do next. I highly recommend Laura’s service!”

Wronda Olson,  Mediumship of Daughter on Radio show.  Honey I can’t thank you enough for taking my call. Yes Stacey a mother to her son like no other. Her son was her life and you validated everything. God bless you

Howard Gotkin, attendee, attendee, Outside the Box Paranormal Group Mediumship Discussion and Demonstration, “Can Mediums Really Connect With Spirits From the Otherside?” “I am no longer a skeptic.”

Shirline Murdock, attendee, Outside the Box Paranormal Group Mediumship Discussion and Demonstration, “Can Mediums Really Connect With Spirits From the Otherside?”  “Same here! I loved every minute!”

Michael Lenihan, attendee, Outside the Box Paranormal Group Mediumship Discussion and Demonstration, “Can Mediums Really Connect With Spirits From the Otherside?”  “Really enjoyed the meetup. Laura did an excellent job of answering a lot of our questions.”

Kim Cotet, Mini reading at Outside the Box Paranormal Group Event, “Laura, Thanks very much!!  I hope Michael invites you back again to teach/share more with us!

I/we all had fun & learned a lot from you. The exercise you had us do was fun & got us to exercise our psychic muscles more. Wow!

With your abilities you helped provide more connection, confirmation, comfort, info, under-standing, etc. to that woman in our group that day whose Father recently passed. It must be very fulfilling knowing you’ve helped another person with closure, & on so many other levels heal some more.

You’ve been doing this work for many years & I can see in the short time we had with you & know you’ve helped many, many people in many ways. God bless you & the work you do!

Also a huge THANKS for your mini-reading afterwards. Amazing! You helped confirm for me I’m more on the right path with my healing energy work, etc. for myself & others! You described in vivid detail some unusual things I’ve been doing & even more of what you said keeps falling into place! I gotta come see you for a reading! God bless you for all the good work you do!!!

Namaste & Blessings,  “Tall” Kim Cotet”

Tara Rowe, Comments about Mediumship I did on radio/TV show 11/16/16.  Unbelievable evidence from spirit emerges.  “That is very cool that you were able to help the lady identify her Uncle. Sometimes people don’t know their relatives that have passed before their time.

I try to catch you every chance I get! One of these times I will try and get thru to you.

I love to see true Mediums at work, because you know they are the real deal when they tell you something that only you know and never told anyone!

What people don’t understand sometimes is the other side has their protocols and just because we come to you and expect to hear from the person we want, the other side has a total surprise and message for that person.”

Lisa Carr, Mediumship Circle,.  “Thank you so very much.   I’m planning to come back again in the future, on my own, to spend more time with you for a one on one reading.  For some reason I cannot get to your ‘feedback’ site from my browser so please feel free to use any or all of this email in that respect.   Everyone was pleased and I know some of us will be scheduling more one on one time with you – it was so emotional and so worth it, and I for one want to hear MORE from the other side.   Thank you again. ”

Amy Glover, Reading during radio show 12/21/16.  “Laura you helped me so much with my reading this morning you’ll never know how much. Thank you again.”

Patricia Hughes David, Comments on reading for Monica Cox Stone on 12/26/16 Radio Show.  She’s great Monica Cox Stone.  I have known her and had readings from her for years.  My husband passed of a heart attack in June.  Laura has brought him through.  No doubt what so ever.  Call her.  She has a great show Monday evening at 7:00    Best of luck.  I also have a group you can join.  Just type in her name.  Such a GOD GIVEN TALENT


T. R., Reading.  “You were amazing…so helped me on many levels.   I will be reaching out to you again Spiritual Medium Laura, you are way more healing than talk therapy!   I also want to coordinate working with you bring you into the fold of events for XXX.  Sending Spiritual Love & Light, “

Sarah S., Relationship Healing and Reading, “Hello Laura,Thank you very much for the recording. You were so accurate about everything, I am amazed.  I continue to pray about xxxx and will be in touch soon.  Sarah x”

Anna S., Soul Psychic Healing.  Spirit comes in during a Soul Psychic Healing session to reveal and permanently release emotional blocks preventing a client from reaching important life goals.  It is quite cathartic.  “Good morning Laura,  It is always a big pleasure to have session with you. I felt so relieved. Thank you so much.”

Sandra S., Speaker & Messages for her class.  “Laura thank you so much for your time today.  The students were very impressed and so was I.   I am sure we will come to see you for a private reading.”

Jay Y., Remote Influence Healing.  “Hello Laura,  You are very spot on about him.  I have heard before that his biological mother passed away when he was little and his father also remarried and with woman who were very fond of his wealth and heard she was very cold to children other then her own (had 1 son with grandfather, the youngest of siblings) but pretended to care when grandfather was around.  Through your help, now I realize this is bit more complex issue then I initial thought.  Thank you so much.  I would definitely come back for more time with you very soon.  Warm regards, Jay”

Alayna E., Psychic Mentoring, Guide Channeling, Healing, “Thank you so much for everything yesterday. It was such a pleasure to meet you. You have given me the clairvoyance I needed & you have also pointed me on the right path to bettering myself and my life. There are no words I can say to describe how grateful I am to have the healing and guidance you provided me with yesterday. I know I still have some work to do but I am beyond thankful that I have you as another catapult in my life to get me there. I would love to come and see you again in December, so I will definitely be in touch. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving & take care until we speak again.”

Alayna E., Psychic Mentoring, Guide Channeling, Healing,, “Thank you so much Laura!  I appreciate you going above & beyond my reading, and outlining all of this for me. I look forward to starting my new journey. I had a chance to look over the course you sent me, and it looks like something I would be interested in. I will definitely be in touch with you soon. I hope you have an amazing & blessed week.”

Tina G.  Soul Reading, “Dear Laura,  I want to thank you again for this wonderful in depth soul reading.  I am still impressed and looking up everything you send me.  Meanwhile I did buy also the books you did mention on your site and can discover even more.  The Love formula is a great, easy take away.  I am so grateful and blessed.  Thank you.  With Love.  All my best”

Stephanie H., Medical Mediumship, “THANK YOU for all of this information, it is so incredibly helpful – I am so grateful for your assistance!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!”

Gail S., Mediumship, “Dear Laura. I have to tell you. After our call, I remembered my nephew xxxx’s wedding anniversary was October 24th.  That is what xxxx was referring to. I can’t believe I forgot that anniversary. Just called him on the 24th too.   Thank you so much for the session.   You hit so many things only xxxx would know.  It is so healing to know he is happy where he is and that he is still with me and I am not alone.  Lots of love, Gail ”

Daniela P., Soul Abundance Session.  “Laura,  It was such a joy to connect with you today.  The guidance I received from you (and Spirit) was way beyond my expectation.  I got so much clarity and understanding of what was blocking me in regards to my business and also what I need to change in order to move in the direction I desire.  I can hardly wait to start our work together.  Many blessings,  Daniela”

Kathleen P.,  Soul Abundance Reading and Healing.  “Thank you again so much Laura! It was so wonderful to meet you and get such a healing and life affirming reading!  I am very inspired thanks to you!!  And feeling so much better but definitely I am resting  a lot.  Love and blessings, Kathleen”

Laura S., Mediumship of mother, medical mediumship of husband.  “Thank you so much for sending me the recording of my reading.   After I listened to it the second time I really absorbed everything.  It was 100% accurate.  It helped me a tremendous lot and I will be doing business with you in the future.  I hope you have a blessed day.  Thank you again.”

S. S., Mediumship, Life Reading and Clairvoyant Healing.  “You are amazing. Thank you so much. I will definitely be back!”

B. M., Mediumship of deceased mother.  “I feel much better after leaving your session. I didn’t give you much to go off of, but I had a long chat with mom before I came. I knew what I wanted to know about.  Thank you. ”

Edna Lee.  Soul Psychic Healer Masster Certification Student.  “Thank you Laura. I am so excited to transcend to my highest self and become a part of your team. You are a gift to me and I plan to appreciate you and your resources as much and as often as I can.  Be well,  Edna”

Karina D., Soul Psychic Session, “Good morning!  Again thank you so much for your help yesterday. I got a lot of clarification from our conversation.  Of course now I’m questioning if that amazing message you gave me was for me.  Thank you!!!  you are a great person! And so patient! God bless you! Thank you Karina”

Nina K. and Lila S., Mediumship for Lila.  “Thank you so much,  Laura!  Mila is very pleased and touched with all you’ve done for her! ”

Marie F., Article on SURRENDER, “I love the article on surrender to gain peace!  The Universe/ Source knew that I needed help with surrendering one aspect of my life and this came through from Source / via you, today.  THANK YOU, DEAR GOD !

And Thank you, dear Laura for being mindful of how important surrender is to all of us, here, on our journey back to heaven, our original home.  blessings and peace.  Marie.  xo”

Marcela L., Mediumship and Medical Reading, “Thank you for helping us out and giving us guidance it’s truly appreciated!”

Marcy R., Radio Show Listener, “Hi Laura, I heard your web program just now.  You are wonderful and blessed. I went to your webpage and see that 15 min is 44$ but forgot the code word that you gave at the end of the show for a 25% discount.  Would you mind re-sending please?  Thank you!  Marcy”

Kathy H., Mediumship and Psychic Session, “Dear Laura:  Thank you so very much for a wonderful session, I will be very busy looking into all these possibilities.  Thank you for taking the time to put them together. You are such gift!   Best blessings and love, Kathy”

Sonia, Soul Psychic Life Reading, “Thank you for the wonderful detailed reading and all of your guidance.”

Patti Reed, Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Training, “Laura; I took my time finishing your Soul Psychic Healer course and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It contained material that I hadn’t found elsewhere and I loved the exercises. I found the missing person exercise especially helpful in boosting my confidence. Thanks for a great experience.”

Karen Whaley,  Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Training Graduate, “Hello Laura,
I FINALLY completed your training & boy was I ever thrilled!!! Not only with the amount of information; but also with the new & different information you provided! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your training has helped me to become a much more confident Medium & also given me numerous additional means to enhance my income. I am so grateful to have found you & your incredible training!  Sincerely,  Karen”

Karen A. Cruz, Mediumship on radio show, “Wow, this,was awesome! I was so amazed that you gave me messages from my friend who recently passed! And then when my father came in, that was the cherry on top! Thank you so much Laura, you are wonderful!”

J. G., Life Reading, “this was amazing and the resources are much needed. God bless!”

Dennis G., Mediumship Research Session, “Hi Laura, That was absolutely, overwhelmingly,spectacular! Thank you so much for taking the extra time. The information on her mother and father were right on and I knew she was waiting for her daughter to come through. You zeroed in on her to such an extent that I am sure she received much solace from this information.  Again Laura, thank you. It was well worth the wait. :)  Blessings to you!!”

Lina S., Mediumship and Life Reading, “Good morning Laura,  Thank you so much for your help.  I am so glad that I have found you on YouTube.  You are honest, kind and so very helpful.  Just want to say that I am very great full for your help.  You are the best!  Thank you again for everything and have a great day!”

Fran, Student 3rd EYE Manifesting, “Thank you, Laura. As usual you came into my life again with the perfect message for my growth. Thanks also for my healing. The group was also fantastic. Many blessings ;)”

Gail Kenwood, Student 3rd EYE Manifesting, “Thank you Laura for your wisdom and insight. I’m looking forward to the next time you have an event.”

Kathy Hurt, Student 3rd EYE Manifesting, “I loved the diverse group of women, and Laura is amazing!!”

Joanne Julia, Student 3rd EYE Manifesting, 5 Stars out of 5 Stars.  “Class was fabulous.  Great healing and very simple, easy to repeat exercises.  You are probably the kindest, most loving teachers I have every had.  Thank you for your generosity.”

Saskia Stamm, Student 3rd EYE Manifesting, 5 Stars out of 5.  “Well organized.  Love the flexibility, the types of exercises, with the circle of messages.  It was truly beautiful.”

Cindi Q., Student 3rd EYE Manifesting, 5 out of 5 stars.  “Awesome lessons as always.”

Zulaika, Student 3rd EYE Manifesting, 5 out of 5 stars.  “It was great.  Thank very much for everything.”

C. S. & K G., Psychic Readings and mediumship, “Thank you so much Laura!  You were great and helped us out a lot!  We will definitely be coming back soon!!!!!! Thank you again!!!! – K. and C.”

Edith V., Radio Reading, “Good afternoon Laura,  I am Edith. I just want to thank you so very much for the reading last night. I felt like I was at end of myself with all I have been thru.  I wanted to know when I would be approved for the disability. You said 4 months. I am the the 4 month mark from the date of the application to now.   Laura, I received the call from social security this morning-today Tuesday 3/22/16, informing me of the approval!  I thank you so very much.  I would like to encourage anyone to call Laura she is truly connected to Spirit!  Thanks once again,  Edith V.”

Gail, Mediumship & Messages with Spirit Medium Laura Radio Show Listener, “Hello Laura I just found your show on blog talk radio and listening to today’s program 3/30/16. It’s very interesting, love your readings for Aisha & Patty. Hope to listen to a show live and hopefully able to connect with a loved one in spirit. I’d love to hear from my Mom. Thank you for what you do. Sending love and blessings your way. ~Gail”

Jennifer A., Spiritual Psychic Reading, Mediumship & Clearing, “I highly recommend Laura. The reading was insightful and accurate. I personally was at a crossroads and needed some guidance. Thank you again Laura.  Jennifer A. “

Julie H., Psychic Reading, “Laura! My appointment was tonight and you were 100% right about everything you said!  You’re an angel, and I’m so grateful for your gift and for finding you.  Many, many blessings.  Julie”

Judith Hubert, Psychic Session, “The spiritual guidance Laura delivers is insightful and accurate. She has provided guidance on matters of career, relationships, family, health and business. Every reading I’ve received over the years has helped me gain insight my to make intelligent decisions for the best outcomes. Best regards,  Judith Huber, www.judithhuberdesign.com”

Cheryl J., Psychic Session, “Hello Laura, now I know why you saw a ‘no chance with xxxx’ he showed up last night and this morning everything was over just like you said!  Thank you for your help.”

Stephanie H., Medical Intuition & Healing, “Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!  I am so incredibly grateful!”

Judy M., Manifesting, Psychic Insight, Healing, “Hi Laura,  I have some  news to share with you. The manifestation work we did last weekend coupled with your guidance from the other night came to fruition. Something nice happened. Look forward to doing more work with you.”

Ola T., Psychic Prediction, “Hi Laura! It’s Ola. I have another confirmation. I called into the radio show 3 weeks ago. I just moved to the bay area and wanted to know if I would find a temp job.  You said I would find something in entertainment. You were dead on as usual!  I received a short-term temp offer from Disney Digital.  I had no idea we had entertainment companies in the bay area. Very cool. Thanks again for your help =)”

Cynthia M., Referrals to Psychic Services, “Hi Laura,  I recommended you to my friend Lxxxx I met with her yesterday and she told me that while I was in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago that she came to you for a reading!  I’m so happy about that and I’m meeting with her today and hope to hear all about it!   I don’t know if Mxxxx and her sister Jxxxx still come too (my guess is they do) and my South African friend Sxxxx has had several readings from you. I need to visit you again soon as it has been a while. Thank you for sharing your gift and giving light to the lives of my friends and to mine.  Have a beautiful day and I hope to see you again soon. Warmly,”

Marlene B., Psychic Session, ” I just wanted to say thank you very much. Your truly an inspiration.   I will be talking to you soon. Have a Blessed day.”

Kim D., Psychic Life Reading, “Hi Laura, Thank so much. You are amazing. I’m so grateful.  Kindest Regards, Kim”

Anastasia A., Mediumship for radio show, Just wanted to clarify on today’s show. My uncle George called in because I made him lol.  I paid for his donation.  I think he misunderstood due to language barrier of what was going on.  He has been going through a lot of physical pain due to 3 botched back surgery and I thought it would make him happy to hear from his mom which he lost when he was just 6 years old (hence he doesn’t remember too much about her) but you were right with the description. The one photo we have of our grandma fits her. The lady with the glasses was his sister.  He lost 2 brothers and a sister as well. He’s actually one of the best guys in this world. I wanted to apologize if he sounded rude.  He just really didn’t understand what was going on. A million thanks anyways.  Wishing you a very happy New year.  Athanasia A. (Greek girl from ny) :) ”

Gary M., Mediumship, “Laura, Thanks again for today.  I enjoyed it very much and got a lot out of it!  I would like to do that again when you have an opening. I had a few more questions for the other side and was sort of just observing today. Should I book online or call?”

Becca V., Spiritual Psychic Channeling and Psychic Counseling, “That was an AWESOME  session! Xoxo”

Chuck P., Reading,”Laura,  I want to thank you for our reading today.  I am looking forward to our next reading!!!  Again, thanks so much….Chuck”

Joanne D., Mediumship, “Dear Laura~  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the great reading.  I left you great feedback and have also given you two referrals.  Peace and blessings~~ JoAnne

Joanne D., Mediumship, “After speaking with you this morning, the strangest thing happened to me. I felt like there was a tremendous weight lifted off me and I don’t feel as sad and hopeless anymore. Maybe you are more gifted than you think ;-)  {{{HUGS}}}”

T. M., Soul Psychic Session.  “The first session with you helped me so much, I even started therapy.”

Karen S., Mediumship Radio Show, “Your message today was so profound.  I just wanted to apologize as i realized after i called you. And it was in october.   You have deeply touched my heart at two really low points in the last six months and i get easily confused when my heart feels so deep.   Thank you again for your beautiful gift and you. This last two months have been a tornado of emotions and i realized after i was led back to you.  Thank you again for your gift of Michael’s message.  So blown away.  Beautiful insight and understanding now of his choices and life.  Xoxo god bless beautiful soul sister.”

Lisa M., Mediumship, “Laura. It was so good to see you yesterday. I am so honored to have been able to meet with you and to experience your gifts.  I would like to come back for a health/weight reading and a reading to help me find my purpose, what I meant to do.  Have a wonderful holiday.  Blessings,  Lisa.”

Megan M., Mediumship and life reading, “Thanks Laura.  Your reading was amazing. By what my mother told me, I can tell that she hears my prayers and that is very comforting. Of course now I have more questions….may have to another shorter session:-)  I have recommended you to my sister. She is very excited!  Thanks again!”

Rachel G., Clairvoyant Healing and Life Reading, “Laura,  Thank you so much for this reading, it has really set my mind at rest.  You are amazing, really.  Many thanks and let me take this time to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.  Much love,  Rachel”

Rebecca Gilland, about the Radio Show, “Laura love your shows, I was super excited to get to talk to u today but the show ran out of time sending u lots of love and blessings, happy new year.”

N. C., Mediumship, “Dear Laura,  Our session was wonderful.”

Rebecca Gilland, Comment about radio show on Google Plus, “Hello laura love your shows”

Crystal Coakley, posted on Google Plus after mediumship session,  “Thank you! You are the best. So accurate it’s amazing. ”

Laurie, Mediumship on radio show 11/9/15, “Hi Laura, I just listened to Monday’s talk show.  I was a little nervous on the show, and I confused you a bit.  So, as I was listening to it again I realized you nailed it!   First with my friend Lynda who had breast cancer plus the older woman which was Jon’s mother.  As always I am impressed with you as a physic and mediumship.  Thank you !!!!!!!”

Tianna Smith, Private Session, “You don’t know the level of help that gave me…I WILL BE BOOKING AGAIN…I reviewed you on iTunes as well .”

Gabriela Fernandez, Medical Intuitive & Healing Session, “HELLO LAURA,






Kristin, Mediumship, heard of me from Sacred Stories Telesummit.  “I was especially moved by Laura Mendelsohn. After hearing her on your show [SacredStories.com] I contacted her directly for a reading. It was very helpful. So thanks again. My question for you now is do you know anyone as amazing as Laura in Southern California? I would love to actually meet a medium and have a reading in person.”

Donna, Mediumship on Radio show, “HI Laura,  Thank you for taking my call today and using your gift for an “Other side” connection. You described my father precisely and sadly, yes, he did have lots for which to apologize…I fear I inherited many of the undesireable personality characteristics which I find almost impossible to lose.

I was very close to my maternal grandparents as they were my “safe haven” from my parents who argued and fought on a daily basis throughout their lives.

I think you probably did connect with my “bubby” (maternal grandmother) because I loved doing household chores with her when I was a child and it struck a chord when you said she is around me now when I am straightening up the house, folding clothes, etc… I hope I get to see them on the other side.  Warm regards,  Donna”

Princess Tam, MIND BODY SOUL Healing & Clairvoyant Session.  “Hello, I just had my first reading this morning with Ms. Laura. Wow, she made me feel so at ease the whole time because I was a bit apprehensive to do this. I am feeling so restricted at this point in my life that I needed to know what I should do and I believe I was led right to her for some answers and some healing. She knew right off what some of my problems were without me even uttering a word. I was elated. But more than all that was the unequivocally compassionate manner in which she came across in her presentation of information and advice that blew me away. I am tearing up just writing this because I have not had a lot of solid encouragement in my life and she was super inspiring. So I can’t say enough great things about her but that if you are having any issues in your life please talk to her and clarity may grace you to a new wonderful happy life ahead. I would definitely talk to her again as she made me feel more like a friend than just a client.  I wish Ms. Laura nothing but abundance, success and love in her journey to heal.   With Gratitude Always & God Bless Always, Princess, ; SEA Your Beauty”

Lisa Keel, Medical Intuition, “You are so good! I tested myself and I do have a uti (urinary tract infection)!!!  Thank you again for all your help! ”

Chira M., Healing, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You and Spirit really helped me out tremendously tonight.  :-) ”

Darcy R., Mediumship of her beautiful deceased dog, “Hi laura its Darcy again,  I want to say thank again, now that I re-listened to the recording,you were so on target with everything! Thanks again for putting heart at ease!  xoxo”

Diana McClintic, Blog Talk Radio Show reading, Diana McClintic, Blog Talk Radio Show reading, Her 2nd other side reading is 49 minutes into show HERE.  “I want to recommend that everyone try a reading with Laura. I stumbled upon Laura by my guidance system I am sure. I had not seen or heard of her show and had been calling to listen to BTR shows for 4 years off and on. Laura picked up on something that I recently had down because 1. I had done the work of cleaning the fluoride off my third eye 2. I did more work for a few weeks I did a meditation where I removed the veil and saw a door and put the key in and opened it. I was thrilled there was confirmation of my work down as Laura told me I had a jewel in my third eye and she had not seen this before. She also described the guides working with me now as the description was like Jesus or Kathumi. No one had ever told me this before but I had told my son several times throughout my life I see and work like Jesus. Anyway the entire reading was great. I returned one more time and Laura gave me information she could not have known about me as a message from my other side sister. In only 2 short readings I have changed so much in how grateful I am for the message and how much I honor this woman and her capabilities and am so happy for her. I believe Laura is also honest and does not filter what she sees or hears and tells you all. It is likely that people should go to Laura for her classes and for paid readings because she does not push that on you by telling you a portion of what she saw. I feel that Laura is a high dimensional reader with true heart love and devotion. You can see my readings from Laura on my facebook page.”

C. M., Clairvoyant Healer Session, “Thank you very much Laura for your gift and allowing spirit to speak through you to me.  I feel at peace and very blessed now.  You are the best in your field and I look forward to all of the knowledge I am and can to continue to receive from you and spirit.  I am humbled and forever grateful for having crossed paths with a highly gifted, inspirational and motivational woman of the light.  My sincerest regards,  gratitude, light and love,”

Suzanna M., MIND BODY SOUL Healing Session, “Dear Laura!  I wanted to write to you since yesterday and thank for all the accurate info. You were wonderful. You are a great compassionate person, and went over the time. I really appreciate it. There are not many people like you. Thanks again,  Suzanna”

Susan S., Mind Body Soul Medical Intuition and Healing.  “Thank you so much for welcoming me to Florida and giving me a beautiful heartfelt session.  I literally felt a sudden release of emotion (brought tears to my eyes) when you began releasing the soul contract issues of fear of success & failure relating to me being in the limelight, etc. as a healer/psychic medium.  You hit the nail on the head for sure.  I definitely feel lighter and ready to embrace my life purpose without those fears hanging over me anymore. “

Comments from 9/13 “Soul Abundance” live class:
Kathy:  “Thank you so much for today.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and meeting such nice people.  I look forward to the next one in October.  Thank you for all that you shared and all that you do!!”
Monique, ” Thank you! Today was really perfect for me. Look forward to the next class.”
Vanessa, “The class was fun and informative.  You are so smart!”

Mary, 11/11/15 Radio Show Mediumship, Nina S., HEALING to HAPPINESS session, “Hi Laura, I hope you are doing well.  I had “healing for happiness” session with you a week ago.  I’m so grateful I got the information about your ability to do things (which is a very unique ability) from a referral.  I do not feel tired as I used to feel before. It seems to me that I’m getting better in voice lessons I’m taking.  I’ve never realized what a great impact my relationship situation had on me.  Thank you for all the information you gave me.  Thank you for been so gentle in a way of communicating with people.  My very warm regards, Nina.”

Marchelle M., IDEAL WEIGHT IDEAL HEALTH Medical Intuition/Healing Session.  “Laura, thank you so much for your generous gift yesterday.  I feel incredible today and so appreciate your messages and healing work.  As I said, you have given me great guidance in the past and I love learning from you.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!  Blessings!”

Nina, Psychic Session, “Dear Laura!   It was very unusual and interesting experience for me to talk with those in spirit. Theoretical and hypothetical knowledge is more clear for me now.  I appreciate your kind and friendly attitude and your compassion as well. I am so glad some people like you have this such a precious gift.  I’d like to have one more session with you.”

Dori Koenig, Trance Circle, 7-12-15.  “Saw Laura at a group psychic seance a few days ago. I took my bf [boyfriend] and his Mom. Laura was amazing….. Bobbys Dad who passed a yr ago came through with messages for him and his mom. My dad who passed in 1966 told me I had 3 good sons, and he liked my bf … LOL was nice to hear since Dad was head of his dept at Miami Dade County Sheriffs Dept,,, and bobby has a colorful past…. THANKS Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn.”

S. S., Response to inquiry for help.  “Hi Laura, Thank you so much for responding to me so quickly, and for your phone call this morning. You have no idea how much this means to me. Your authenticity is so refreshing, and I so very much appreciate you sharing your story with me. It gives me hope and makes me feel less alone. I am going to schedule an appointment with you now through your website.

I truly feel that you can help me, and I am willing to do all the work I can to get to a better place. I believe in you 100%, and would be honored to gain perspective and guidance from you, as I believe that we connected for a reason. I apologize if I missed your call this morning, and don’t want to disturb you on your weekend, so I am going to respectfully wait to speak with you until my appointment.

You gave me so much hope, and I can’t tell you how much it helps me to know that I am not alone in all of this, and that there are such compassionate, kind and beautiful people in this world such as yourself. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for caring, and for being so responsive. I cannot wait to speak with you soon, and wish you a wonderful weekend :) You have already made a positive impact on my life.  Much love,”

J.L., Private Healing & Psychic Session.  “HI Laura, I just wanted to thank you. Today you made a shift in me, hope is on it’s way and that was you.  I decided after our conversation that I will be OK and will do what you’ve suggested, and begin to take care of myself. I know I need to let go the past and that will be difficult but I now think I can do it. You also mentioned that I was a healer and indeed I am but have stopped because I didn’t have the energy to heal another when I was feeling this way. I will work on myself as helping others is what I’m here to do. So I want to thank you as you’ve probably saved my life, and when we have a profound impact on someone’s life it’s important to tell them. I will contact you again as needed because I know I will need help getting through this.  I’m sure My son will be eternally grateful to you because he knew the direction I was headed.”

Liza Sarinsky, Mediumship, “I’ve had two readings with Laura and I was amazed and enlightened! What a terrific medium she is! Thank you Laura with all my heart!”

Donna, Radio Messages, “As I stated during your last talk show, I so appreciate you working with me… especially, my physical issues. After so many years of hearing doctor after doctor say they can’t find anything wrong or just treat my symptoms and NOT the root cause of my medical issues it is literally a blessing to talk to someone who understands and helps! I feel like I am getting better as a result of your healings and words could never fully express my gratitude and thankfulness for the miracles you’ve performed.  Sincerely,  Donna”.

Mary, Mediumship of mother on 11/11/15 Radio Show, “very nice, I was really surprised that my mother [from spirit] saw my new hair color.”

Celeste Writer, Radio Reading, “Thanks for reading for me Laura. I am here for farming opportunities, and currently staying with a cool lady at this time. I am also seeking other farming opportunities at this time. Amazing how you knew I was farming and staying with a lady…lol.  Thanks!”

Melissa M., Psychic Sessions, “Hi – that link didn’t go to a comment page, but you know my opinion is excellent!  Blessings to you and your guidance! I always feel your caring nature, yet you are professional and direct about the situation of the client. It is always a pleasure to work with your energies and I will continue to recommend you to family, friends and people I meet. Thank you!  xoxoxo”

Randi R.  Healing. “Hi Laura,  I want to thank you for your healing from yesterday’s BTR show.  I was feeling really sad about a friendship that seems to be drifting apart since I moved from NY to CO.  Last week, I did a meditation and felt a need to write my friend a letter and burn it.   I didn’t think hear from her.  When I called you yesterday, you also recommended to send her my thoughts through meditation.  Well, today I got a text from her saying she is planning to call me later.  Coincidence?  Thanks again.  Randi”

Cathy R., Private Spirit Session, “Thank you Laura, I very much enjoyed the reading last night.  I’m so excited about moving forward.  I listened to the reading this morning and just love how it validates my own inner knowing!!!  Thank you again, I will be in touch to do a full reading.  I feel such a peacefulness this morning and a really cool connection today that I attribute to everything you shared last night!!!  Thank you again and I look forward to connecting more with you!!!  So glad we met!!!  Have an awesome day ~ hugs to you ~ :)”

Carmen A Scheid, The Mix Radio Show Listener,I always love your shows and the beautiful messages you give. I especially love the beginning when you channel and share wisdom, I just love it.”

Eileen G., Radio Show readings, “My daughters and I all listened to your reading for Laura all sitting on a big bed in our vacation home in Maine!  We loved your show and your info about her husband Matt was right on the money!  He has a. Second interview on Thursday for a job he will enjoy! Fingers crossed!  Thank you! Eileen G.”

Trea S., Private Session, “Thank you SO much! This reading was extremely helpful :)”

Joanne, Radio Show, “As always, Laura is great…even with a few technical issues. Thanks!!!”

Eva M., Trance Circle, 6/14/15, “I thoroughly enjoyed the session! It was great and I think you are just wonderful! It was nice meeting the other people there as well.   I will be seeing you in the future for a private session!  Can’t wait! Ha ha   Hugs and blessings!   Eva”

Cindi Quaglini, Trance Circle, 6/14/15, “Thank you so much Laura.  Wonderful [other side] connection with my dad.  Gave me just the message I needed!”

Ashley M. Mediumship & Psychic Reading, “Thank you Laura! Glad you were able to connect with my aunt [in spirit]! And look forward to seeing how this job situation turns out.”

E. Alarcon, Psychic Strategy, “Laura is an amazing psychic and medium. She’s great with newbies in the spiritual area looking for answers and guidance, as well as for those with psychic abilities looking for validation and/or clarity. I feel the info that has come through in our couple of sessions was right on, so I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a straight forward and gifted conduit of spirit. Thanks Laura!”

Eileen Jason, Mediumship, “I had a great reading with Laura! She was able to connect with specific people in my life and answer questions about particular events happening in my life at the moment. Laura went above and beyond and even extended the time we spoke. The only bad thing I can say about the reading is that it was not long enough :-). There were many more people on the other side that were there waiting to come through but we ultimately ran out of time. I will definitely be scheduling at least one more, longer session with Laura to receive messages from others. Laura is very gifted and compassionate!”

Sandy D., Soul Psychic Session, “Laura knew nothing about me, and the messages she delivered were very accurate and what I needed to hear.  I have recommended Laura several times and will continue to do so.  Plus, I will continue to consult with her.  Laura is genuine and caring. Thank You Laura for sharing your gift!  :)”

image1.JPGName withheld.  Asked to remain confidential. Mediumship Session, “The knock your socks off moment for me was the parakeet!!! Even my mom didn’t know about that; just my aunt. Here’s the picture of my grandmother [pictured at right]. Could resemble Hedy [Hedy Lamar]. Blown away by how clear xxxx was. Have recommended you to my friend xxxx. Lovely woman I work with who lost someone very dear to her years ago and would like to reconnect. May reach out to you later re some health issues in the family. Hope your Monday and your radio session goes great. ”

Mary S. Mediumship at Trance Circle, “Thank you very much for the messages.  You are a gifted psychic medium and I appreciate that you are willing to share your gift with me and the whole group.  The messages were indeed a gift, a validation that I longed for and for which I’m truly grateful.  Lastly thank you for opening your home to us and the many treats you provided.  May you find continued peace, love and prosperity”

L. J., Mind Control, “Dear Laura – I love working with you. You have brought
a new found inner confidence to a situation that we have been frustrated with for the
past year. You truly are ”the real deal”, and honest, sincere, and reliable.   I will be ordering a few more sessions next week from you. In the meantime, I will do some sessions every day over the weekend on my own.”

Laine, Mediumship at Trance Circle, “Thank you Laura!   You’re very gifted!!  Except for the ‘Jones’ thing you were right on the money for me, especially my ‘stoic’ grandmother and the other highly educated in her day, with the ‘worn out vocal cords’ because she talked so much!! Funny!!  Will look into the ‘Ja’ could be my ‘French Canadian’ side will let you know… Namaste sending light and love,”

Debbie S., Radio show reading, “Thank you for your answer  on BTR today I have  been so worried about what im going to do after my back surgery the type of nursing im  not good at typing . So looking into insurance aspect of it gave me some where to start as my work restriction will not allow me to return to my long term critical care patient. My old job does sound like they want to work with me  unless I am 100 % well that’s not going to be the case.I sure hope the insurance company just jumps right at me. Thank you, Debbie”

Alan B., Mediumship, “It was great meeting you last week.  I’m still reeling from when you said that my maternal grandmother, who died in 1963, said she is sorry she wasn’t really herself for the last five years of her life, as she was so sick.  I checked with my Mom, and yes, she was diagnosed with cancer FIVE YEARS before she passed away. Oh….You also kept asking if anyone in my ancestry or family was a butcher.  Well, guess what my aforementioned maternal grandmother’s father did?  WOW!”

Carmen A Scheid,  Mediumship Readings on radio show 3/23/15.  Watch show HERE.  “You are amazing, I love how you really go in depth, not just answer the question and move on. You really try to help. You are amazing and I’m saving to buy your course.”  Then she did call in on 4/8/15.  She, Carmen A Scheid‎, posted this to Psychic Medium Laura Mendelsohn’s Facebook’s page, 4/8/15, 2:14pm ET.  “Laura, wow. You brought joy to my heart, as simple as the message was it meant the world to me. No one has ever wanted to tell me information about my ancestry on my father’s side. But I’m glad you channeled my mother’s side I called her and she verified that her grandmother who raised her told her they were french, (Her mom abandoned her as an infant, and left her for her paternal-grandmother to raise) But she did say her paternal grand-mother always told her they were from France, and she died when my mother was not even 7, so no one ever confirmed that with her. She grew up then in the streets. This meant a lot to my mom when I told her and so, you really touched my heart, I did get emotional and I have wonderful news for my daughter, for I always told her, “I swear you were French in a past life.” Now, I know. Thank you. Carmen”  This radio show is HERE.

Eileen J., Mediumship, “Thank you, Laura! You were awesome!”

Alicia DiPietro, Mediumship Readings on radio show 3/23/15.  Watch show HERE.  “I know you were tired, but wow — all of the other side connections were exceptional!!!! You certainly didn’t let sleepiness get in the way of perfection.”

Jason B., Mediumship, Akashic, Past Lives, Relationship Session, “I’m so lucky to have met you!  Thank you!”

Aurora Leon, Co-Creation/Attraction Psychic Coaching, “The interview went well. The District Manager is very kind and compassionate, she saw something in me , believed in me, and offered me the job right away. The job will require me to be everything I love to be, kind, understanding, sweet and loving…I will be able to expose my true essence at all times and be rewarded handsomely.

I am excited! I have to study hard and take/pass a State exam but I feel very good about it. She wants me to be ready to start the training on January 5th. The offices are being moved to Pompano- so I will be looking for a place to move to, around there- ring a bell?

I love you Laura, you have been there for me since my journey in this new life- I am meant to forge for myself began, and I am very grateful to you for your kindness and friendship! The Lord blessed me by putting you in my life as my spiritual adviser, and my friend, when I needed you the most, when I felt so alone, afraid and confused. You have been my beam of light!

With your gifts and through your efforts, the messages that I have been allowed to receive have helped me to understand myself, to heal, and to slowly realize the Godliness in me and the strength that lies within me. We all come to this earth for a purpose, of that I am convinced, but what we are mostly meant to accomplish is to love and be loved…

To go through life with an open heart, always ready to give love and receive love, to KNOW that we are connected to everything and everyone, and to treat everyone we meet with love, kindness and respect…THAT is our main purpose…and THIS is the lesson that has become so clear to me through my sessions with you…saying thank you is not enough…saying I love you, I hope says it all!! xoxo….Aurora.  P>S>>> Please feel free to publish this on your site:-)


Melissa Anne Kallert-Grasso, Radio Show Mediumship, “Thank you!!! Everything you told me was very accurate you hit the nail on the head god bless thank you just knowing my mom is at peace gives me a sense of reliefThis gave me closure Laura every time it snows I would pull up at my mom house and shovel for her no matter were I lived or the conditions and that was me sitting in the car …it was raining possibly snowing and she would yell at me Bc I had my two girls with me and didn’t matter the conditions I was their …so all the snow we are getting bothers me Bc I wanna go to moms and shovel and it just hurts not Having her here but every thing you said was right on Mary… My aunt bday was yesterday and it slipped my mind until u said m Mary her name is Maryann you gave me great comfort and I can’t wait to speak to you again I want to know that my grandpa my moms dad is with her along with my stepson who passed two days before my moms two yr anniversary of passing you are really really wonderful and with all of my heart THANK YOU!!!

Gerrie L Rockhold-Lemien, Radio Show Mediumship, “Thank you Laura! I had no idea what to expect!! It was awesome!!  Something made me call. I just felt pulled to call you. It Was totally on the mark!! I explained it to my sister says thank you also!!

Nancy M Johnson, Listener to Radio Show.  “I really enjoyed watching you give messages this evening, you have such a warm spirit! Thank you for sharing your gift!”

Gail Sommers, Soul Psychic Healer Classes, “Hi Laura: I just wanted to let you know I referred a woman by the name of xxxx to you told her how wonderful your classes were. Love, Gail.”

Gail Sommers, Psychic Mediumship, 3rd session over time bringing in her husband from spirit.  All sorts of evidence including some dental work she had done the day before came in for her.  “Dear Laura.  Thank you so much for this session!!   It was amazing !  So much evidence was produced.  I can’t believe it.   It is so healing because I know he is with me! I thank God you were guided into my life!  I don’t think I could have gotten this far without you and our sessions!”

Barbara Godfrey, Psychic Strategy & Mediumship,  “Laura is right on with her readings.”

Lee Ann Cuomo LaRock, Mediumship on radio show, “Laura, you did a brief phone reading for me this evening on your show. It was my mom’s birthday today, yet I got the birthday gift. You were SPOT ON! Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with me.I love my mother dearly and you blessed us with a chance to be together. I am eternally grateful. Thank you again. xoxo”   Recording of her show is linked below.  She was the one with the high energy boxy figured buxom mother, who was kissing her everywhere about 3/4 of way through the show.  Watch video HERE: http://youtu.be/KGu_3fvnv_IListen to radio show HERE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/the-mix-mediumship-only…

Susan B., http://earthy-woman.com.  Channeled Message on Radio Show and student of Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Course, “Hi Laura.  Thank you very much  for bringing in the message for me. It was amazing .I really appreciate it. I listened to it again .I have a strong pull to increase my channeling ability and mediumship .I really feel it helps people a lot in healing themselves.  I am listening to your classes and really enjoying them.  Full of information .  And easy to follow Thank you .  At some time I would like to work with you privately.  Thank you again.  Talk soon.  With love.”

Randi G., Mediumship at Trance Circle, “Thank you so much for caring enough to channel my Dad. I only had him for 11 1/2 short years, and he passed at 44 years.  I think of him often. He loved and cared about me so much, and he was so special to me. From the bottom of my heart thank you! I appreciate all your hard work today. Warmly, Randi”

Becca Vaughn, Co-Creation Psychic Session, “Quick update, XXX Things have definitely shifted. Prior our reading they had chalked it up to an “accident” but the first breakthrough happened while we were on the phone and the whole case went from 0 to 150 mph. We should know by 5. Sooooo we shall see – thanks for your help. xoxo.”

Gail Sommers, Mediumship, “Dear Laura:  I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading with Bernie.  It was wonderful.  I felt I was with him.  I knew it was him because of what was said and how it was said.  It truly helps me to heal and gives me courage to go on and try to be my higher self.  What you do makes a difference!!  Don’t ever forget that.    Love, Gail” 

Saskia, Stamm, Soul Psychic Session.  We connected with her guides, St. Francis of Assisi, who is also Kutmari.  Today she was setting an appointment and voila, look what came up for her, “I am setting up my weekly goals and as I went back to enter a date,  my eyes went to the Quote, ‘Start by doing what’s necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible,’ Francis of Assisi.  Wow, thank you for connecting with my guide yesterday, I probably read that quote at least 5x but it just now struck, Lord Kuthumi I guess is leaving me signs.  Best Wishes, Saskia D. Stamm”

Gail Sommers, Mediumship, “I wanted to tell you….in the reading you mentioned Bernie was happy I had a friend who gets me going and doing certain things.  You and he mentioned having coffee with her…at that time I said no I haven’t had coffee with her but we do other things.  Well, the next day was Christmas eve and then Christmas day.  She asked me to come over Christmas morning for coffee before they left for a little trip.  It struck me.  Wow,  Bernie had mentioned she has me over for coffee and we have never done that before.  It was amazing.  I knew he was telling me something.  So, as you say, give exactly what you get because if it doesn’t make sense exactly at that time, it might in the future.  This is a perfect example.    I just wanted to tell you this and not take up class time.    Happy New Year,   Love, Gail”

After another mediumship session, “Dear Laura:  I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful reading!  You truly have a gift in reaching loved ones.  I knew it was him here with me because no one else would have known what was revealed. It meant so much to me!  Thank you for your healing ways and love, Gail”

Gail Sommers, Psychic Development classes, “Dear Laura. thank you for all of your hard work.  I really appreciate your time, effort and brilliant mentoring!!!!   Love Gail”

Peggy C., Medical Intuition and Mediumship, “Laura, you’re an Angel, you do the best readings, you’ve given me a wealth of information, helped me in so many areas in my life, keep up the good work, blessing to you in all that you do, love Peggy.”  I told her during a medical intuition session that her liver felt healed of cancer.  She just emailed me today to say, “Hi Laura, I want to update you on my liver report from my Dr . Just as your reading said ,the tumor is much smaller, my blood tumor marker is down from 72 to 10, normal is und 5, and so I am very excited, thank you once again for always being so accurate with your readings. You are the best.”

Chira M., Psychic Strategy and Soul Healing, “I’m having trouble coming up with words to describe how grateful I am to you for today’s session.  It was the best reading and healing I could’ve imagined!  I really appreciate the recording also.  I must say I am glad you stopped me from my xxxx “tangent”.  I wouldn’t have been able to receive what I did if you hadn’t.  I do have some more very important questions regarding home, family and finances I’d like to ask you about.  May I book another 1/2 hour session to cover them when you are rested please? ”

More… “Hooray!  I believe our crossing of paths was meant to be.  As soon as I found your page, read some of the multitudes of amazing information and saw your picture, I smiled and knew I had struck a goldmine.  It’s a pleasure working with you also and I look forward to some more revelations and “Aha” moments. ”

Jim Trioli, Mediumship, “Hi Laura. It has been a long time since I saw you. I still remember the session you did with me to contact my late wife. It was a great help to me in my grieving process to know that she was still around and watching.

Gail Sommers, Mediumship, “Dear Laura. Thank you so much for our session!  I know my husband was here with me.  There were so many validating statements.  It is so healing to hear from him.   I am so grateful!  Love Gail”

Sandi D., Mediumship & Mentoring.  “THANK YOU for a fabulous session! I feel so much better since talking with you! You are a blessing! Wishing you a wonderful rest of today! Take Care!”

Carla P., Soul Psychic Reading, “Laura, you probably don’t remember my reading…since you do so many, but you told me to use my third eye, to get xxx to contact me, etc. Just thought I’d let you know, it worked very well!”

Becca Vaughn, Mediumship, “Hello!  In our last reading with my dad (in spirit) he mentioned that he wanted me to get yellow daffodil’s as the flowers on the tattoo. The tattoo artist sent me a text the day after the tattoo, that daffodil’s are my birth flower. I had no clue!!  Anyhow just a random moment that was very cool!”

Afterlifedata.com, “We looked at your youtube video and think you are marvelous! The evidential information that you are able to communicate was very impressive. It was very moving!!”

Tracy Stein, Mediumship, ” You are not going to believe this.  Remember that whole thing yesterday about seeing a sign from my mom? You said that she said that if I saw a boat with free flowing Sails, it’s a sign from her that she’s there, I’m on the right track and moving forward. I’m resting on my living room couch right now. I look up and here’s what I saw. See 2 pictures below. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a sail boat over here.”

Lisa Passi, Private Soul Psychic Consult, “I had a one hour psychic consultation with Laura and she was terrific.  Before we discussed anything, she connected with me and gave me insights that were incredibly aligned with the changes I am going through.  As I shared questions with Laura, she gave me specific responses that are useful and empowering.  I am so glad I went to Laura, as her session has left me feeling at peace with the direction my life is taking and has given me confidence that the changes are happening for the best.  I feel tremendous positive energy in my renewed confidence.

Yolanda Bianca, Soul Psychic Session, “You are spot on!    I see a much brighter future ahead of me :)  You are awesome!  In love and light, happy holidays!!”

Catherine D., Mediumship & Psychic Session, “ Dearest Laura,  Thank you for the session which was incredible and which I enjoyed so much!  I would like to book another session and one for my husband (two separate ones).    Thank you again.  I got so much out of it! Kind regards,”

Arlisa Whitby, Psychic Strategy, “Thanks Laura.  My plane has finally landed.  Excited about my future.  During our last session you said in so many ways that my blessings are on it’s way and it’s like a plane in transition.  I didn’t need to do anything but wait.  Well I started a new job this week.  SO EXCITED!  And I’m dating a I’m dating a nice guy.  Thanks for helping me.”

Gail Sommers, Article on Ascension,”hi Laura its Gail.  Your article on energy shift feeling alone was perfect for me.  It put into words exactly how I am feeling right now.  I hope it is true because I am feeling very disconnected from my  friends except for our Monday night group.  This has been concerning me but your article explained it for me.  Law of attraction….I was made to see it as I needed it.  Thank you so much!  Love Gail”Ingrid Peters, Radio Show HERE, “Good morning Laura….I was in the queue listening to the show last night.  Great show! Great readings and energy in the circle!  It was nice to actually listen to the callers clearly.  Where as on skyp, it is very difficult to hear the listener’s.  Have a great day.  :)”Danielle Tasso, Radio Show HERE, “hi Laura, is there a recording from tonight’s show? just wanted to know if it was recorded, I know you usually record them all, just let me know when you can, thanks :o) great show btw, thanks ;o) ”

Kimberly Campbell, Mediumship on Radio, “Hi Ms Laura, Thank you for taking my call tonight. Even though it was short it meant a lot. I found where to donate after my call. How much for a 30 minute session with you and what does that entail?  Thank you, Kimberly”

Carla F., Psychic Session & Relationship Healing, “thank you Laura….  I just adore you!  I feel the goodness in you.

Claudia, Caller to BlogTalkRadio.com/Spirit-Medium-Laura show 11/3/14 at 3pm ET, “It was wonderful hearing what you had to say this afternoon. Yes, we only had seven minutes but I received quite a bit of information. Is it possible to get a little more time? I am available at xxxxxxxxx. Please let me know. Thank you again. “

A. P., Comment about BlogTalkRadio.com/Spirit-Medium-Laura show 11/3/14 at 3pm ET, “I hope you will not protest my small donation in exchange for nothing. I am simply a fan who enjoys your program–the entertainment, insight, kindness, etc etc that you bring forth is invaluable to me. Please don’t be upset. You deserve so much more!  When you were away this past week, it became quite evident that there was a little less happiness in my own life. Sure, I listened to your archives, but there’s something about listening live that boosts the old serotonin levels for me. It was also such a treat to get to learn more about you on your recent appearance on SuperNatural Radio. So, my piddly donation was just a way to thank you for your free service. Thank you and welcome back! xoxo”


Sherrie Wirth, Soul Psychic Healer online class, “Thank you for such a wonderful class tonight!!!”

Erin McGill,  Spirit Medium Laura Radio Show.  “I didn’t have to work tonight and found your show. First time listener and in the room …. loved your insights! I must tell you though Laura, you reallllly made me happy that I saw yellow!”  We did a psychic exercise on show and Erin “saw” correctly! 

Owner, http://alternaterealitiesdesigns.com/, Spiri Medium Laura Radio Show.  “Hi- I love love love your show!! Is tonight’s show Psychic or Mediumship readings?”

Corinne DeWinter, Spirit Medium Laura Radio Show.   “I just love your show & your talent is amazing!!”

Jessica Browdy, Mediumship & Psychic Session, “Hi Laura,Thank you, I received the recording.  I really enjoyed the session and I left feeling lighter and more peaceful.  You really tuned into information with my mom and that was extremely insightful to me.  I thought more about the brown dog you were talking about and the running out the door.  I had a brown dog who I adored just as much as xxxx when I was in middle school / high school, he was a golden retriever collie mix.    I thought you should know that you had a good reading with that, I just didn’t tune into this at the time.  I hope we meet again.  I also hope your radio show went well.  Have a great night.”

H. Wood, Mediumship & Psychic Session, ‘Laura,  Thank you for the deeply insightful hour you shared with me.  I was delighted to hear my mom is well!! I immediately looked for clues in identifying my native guides name and pleasantly discovered this!  …..(side note below, before I reveal the discovery!!).  On December 5, 2014,  I had the honor to assist my dear and closest friend of mine to heaven.  Her name was Belle and she was 74 years old at the time.  Our time together was too short here, but realize she is still right by my side. Nabin was the name your gave me for my Native Guide.  Nibanab= “Little Water Spirits”-so called by the Chippewas.  My dear friend was Chippewa and I have never met anyone quite like her!!  I am sure we are kin!!!  Again,  So happy I have met a new teacher.  Bless you, Hollis”

Aurora Leon, Soul Psychic Sessions, “Thank you Laura. You have been such an amazing asset in my life. Your messages from Spirit have always been so accurate. Things you said years ago are still becoming apparent today. I truly feel that I am finally on the ‘meant for me’ career path, but I need help getting ‘the choo choo back on track.'”

Sherrie W., Holistic Business Course, “Thank you Laura!!!  I’m really looking forward to your clasess.  The holistic one was great!”

Daiane M., Intuitive Playground Psychic Classes, “I love your classes!  I really think your classes are fascinating!  I’m so glad to have joined the team!  You’re very talented with your amazing gifts and I’m blessed & honored to have met and specially to have you as my guiding mediumship teacher. :)))”

Deb Morgan, Mediumship, “I am. And i will always come to you for a reading. You are so truthful and you brought in Michael. I just had foot surgery yesterday so i will be off work for awhile so i will be listening alot more of the show and newsletter’s.”

Olga K., Mediumship & Soul Psychic Session, “Hi Laura, Thank you so much for the reading an the info. Something funny happened . At the reading you kept asking if i knew a marabel and i said no. The Marbella is the the name of the building where i bought the condo.. Very interesting.  I am telling everyone about you . Peace Olga

Serena M., Psychic Video Training, “Thank you for the great courses you offer…the first two I bought are very insightful!  I am flying through the courses so far and will be buying the next two shortly (I guess I should have clicked on the package option as it is cheaper than buying them separately but didn’t see that option at first…oh well:))”

David Rojas, Intuitive Playground Mediumship, “Dear Laura,  Thank you for sharing with us your time & the gifts you’ve nurtured in yourself so that you could help nurture them in others.  Thank you for the validation tonight, just when I was feeling like my connections are weak and that I was imagining or making things up.  … and thank you very much for the tip about hair color often being wrong.  That explains why I see a disproportionate number of blond folks in Spirit!  Breathe deeply, and be well!”

Carole H., Soul Psychic & Mediumship Sessions, “Good morning, Laura.  It’s been awhile since my last reading, and you were so right on with everything.  My Mom is coming to town and I want to schedule a reading for each of us.”  After the mediumship session, “Laura,Thank you so much.  Our reading was so wonderful, and you deliver it with so much compassion, empathy and humor.  It’s really beautiful.  So great to see you. “

Carla Pizzuti, Private Mediumship & Reading, “Laura, thank you for the awesome read yesterday!! right on the money!! well you know what I mean!! lol… maybe I should say “spot on”!”

Ola, Radio Reading, “Hi Laura!  I called in today to ask if I should move or stay at my current apartment. You said I should wait because things are starting to happen for me.  The exact moment you were saying that, my work phone (google voice) was ringing. You may have heard the phone clicking on your end. It was a lady calling to book chair massage for 2 hours this Friday! Then, an hour ago, I received an email confirming chair massage at a event in a few weeks. I wasn’t sure they had enough money even at my 50% rate.  You were right on the money of course….didn’t know it would happen that fast!  Thanks once again for your guidance, it really helps when we (the listeners) start to doubt ourselves =)  Blessings ~Ola”

Suzie Bentson, Mediumship on radio show, “Thank you very much for the lovely message from my family and Aunt Rosie. Aunt Rosie was really something in this lifetime. Actually my sister reminds me of her. Aunt Rosie was a Sagittarian and so is my sister. I am as well, but very different from both of them. “


Dianne C., Psychic Session, “Hi Laura !! I had the very AWESOME pleasure of meeting with you for a personal session last year ! You gave me great direction & your predictions came true!   I’m pretty desperate to get insight on a life changing event & just reaching out!”  After session,   “Hi Laura ! Thank so much for our session! I really learned a lot about my self & have Clearer direction!”

David Rojas, Intuitive Playground Psychic Development, “The material is great.  Also important are the playful atmosphere and allowing whatever comes in to be what it is.  I look forward to continuing this work and figuring out what aspects to incorporate in what I do and how to have it all make sense (or not). “

S. M., Soul Abundance, Psychic Visioning – Money.  Info HERE.  Update:  “Hello,just wanted to tell you that all my hard work has paid off, i will be getting a year’s worth of back pay from disability for the amount of near $10,000 hard to believe, i will be getting a temporary apartment in Sxxxx, til i find property that was donated to me to work and live free i can have my horses and a couple of houses will be built ground up. And i’ll get to farm my lavender garden food and have chickens and a cow etc.  Hope you are doing good too. Best of intentions, Suzie M..  Ps thanks for the reading and class.  Soon ill may be able to call your radio and give you a public thumbs up.”  Earlier:  “Thank you after reviewing one of your classes my homeless status was shifted to living in a condo in Seattle with my Old job as a massage therapist, skin disease is near gone, all other health problems gone and was able to pay 225.00 for a passport so I could stay in Canada. It came back within a week of paying for it, I have a new phone.”

M. B., Soul Psychic Session, “Thanks Laura….that helped ALOT!!!!! Especially the psychic portal and manifesting fears. It makes sense!!!! Appreciate it…MB”

Rohi Custage, Soul Healing, “Thank you Laura!  Your gift to me was such a profound healing.  Wow, so much to share with you!  Thank you!  Enjoy today!”

Colita D., Psychic Reading, “Hi Laura,  It was really amazing & a blessing for you calling me back today.You always seem to cheer me up, and for that I thank God for you being a part of my life.The reading you gave earlier meant so much.  I’m really new to spirit, or spirits trying to communicate with me.  As I expressed earlier I don’t fully understand or know what I can call my gifts.  But thankyou for your patience and dealing with me lol.  The work that you do to help others is amazing.  One day i would so love to do the same with my abilities.I really look up to you and admire the healing and comfort you give to others as well as myself.  I just really wanted to take time out again,  to say thank you.  You’re truly an angel, many blessings to you and stay  always.   Sincerely Colita”

Suzie B., Psychic Reading, “This is a picture of xxxx.  You are too funny because you described him perfectly!”

Suzie Bentson, Soul Healing, “Many abundant thanks for all of your help. I am actually excited about what the guides brought forth with Feng shui idea and incorporate healing for pets and making the home feng shui for pets.  I am going to begin this process tomorrow.  I can not thank you enough for all your help. You have been a tremendous help! You will never know just how much! You are a true shining bright light for me! I love you dearly!”

Susan K., Relationship/Soul Healing, “Hello Laura,  Thank you for your reading the other day.  Really touched my soul and gave me inner strength.  Believe this is part of my journey on earth and I am embracing my Life to give Love and receive Love.  Thank you.”

Heather L., Soul Psychic Session, “I really appreciate your insights.”

David Rojas, Soul Channel Course (can buy HERE), “I just wanted to thank you again for sending me the link to the video for that one.  I finally sat down (then stood up) to go through it yesterday for the first time.  The dance component was phenomenal, and the meditation is something I’ll be doing every day for the next few days to be sure, perhaps at different times of day for good measure.  I’m actually a bit surprised at just how well things come together with such a straightforward sink or swim approach to development, training, and practice.  Thank you for the work that you do and for sharing your experience[s] with the world.”

Christine S., Radio Show, “I just want to say thank you for what you are doing.  I have been listening to the ipod cast of your show while I am at work and it’s been helping me grow. I have not been able to join you during the show because of work, Or I would have tried to call in or be in chat.  I hope you have a blessed day. God Bless”

Yolanda B., Intuitive Playground Classes, “Hi Laura! I loved both classes we’ve done so far in our playground! I look forward to the next one! “

Helen B., Relationship Healing, “Dearest Laura,  Thank you so much, you’re amazing and I am so grateful.  Kindest and big love to you, until next time.”

Feliz Baez, Mediumship of Aunt in Spirit, AUNT in Spirit CORRECTLY DIAGNOSES NIECE’S ILLNESS DURING RADIO SHOW.  She said her niece has hematoid arthritis (rare form of arthritis that affect heart lining and blood vessels) at about 45 minutes into yesterday’s radio show.  Today client went to Cardiologist.  It’s Confirmed!  Client wrote:  “You were right.  Just got back from cardiologist.  Arthritis in my chest.”  List to reading on radio show here;  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/spirit-medium-laura/2014/05/07/mediumship-readings-with-laura

Yonni Boyd, Relationship Healing, “I enjoyed our chat and your insight. I have no doubt you will assist me through with a compassionate heart. For that I thank youI am already begining to feel better about myself.  I will learn through you how to make my path filled with more happiness through the skills you provide me.  Happy mothers day as well.  If not children of your own you also counsel a lot of us. We are your children as well as you assist to guide us on a good path. For that I appreciate you and your gift.

Denise Sonta Ackerman,  attended The Intuitive Playground, “Best $ I’ve spent in a LONG time!”

Lisa C., Soul Psychic Healing, “I owe so much to you for how much you have helped me in my times of sadness and spiritually discombobulated, you literally put me back together!”

Rohi Custage, Psychic Session and Soul Abundance Coaching, “Thank you Laura!  I’m always amazed, you’re so good at this and I’m grateful for all the wisdom messages!  Much Love, Rohi”

Shelby S., Soul Healing, “So far, I do feel much better.  I will definitely try these suggestions. Thank you, again for all of your help today.  You were spot on.”

Carla P., Mediumship & Life Reading, “thank you so much,,, got to listen to the tape…..   It was difficult for me to hear you yesterday, but it was very clear on the tape!!   awesome read!  thank you!

SD Michael, Blog Talk Radio Mediumship show 4/23/14, “That was AWESOME!! I feel like today’s connection was what I’ve been waiting for along. I wish I could put it into words…Thank you, thank you!!”
Miss Trent, Blog Talk Radio Mediumship show 4/23/14, “That was the first time Gramma Ish has come through, thank u!

Jeanette Castello, Spirit Medium Healing & Counseling, Business Building,”Thank you for the session yesterday, awesome as usual….”

Michelle Hoover, Mediumship, “My mom enjoyed your session yesterday (and I enjoyed hearing about it!) and is looking forward to a personal reading from you in the near future!  When will you be sending the audio file?”

Kiier Johnson,  “Thanks laura for the radio readings.  It’s me kier. You really helped to confirm what i been intuitively getting from my guides. Your message “You do not need to be taught you need to teach.”  I’m paraphrasing. That’s what i been getting all the time and i knew it had to be from them. I really like your impression of me starting a group here on my own. That was also a good confirmation and the fact that you said “Teaching metaphysics” i recently said, no kidding, that i want to be a metaphysician. So thankyou laura for being a great channel. I also soon would like to join your video classes as well. Much love and many to you. Thank you.”

Evelin Escareno, Mediumship, “HI Laura,   I want to thank you again for communicating with Joe. As soon as you mentioned the business suit, I knew it was him. The photo that was used at his funeral service was the one in which he wore his business suit, alongside one in which he wore his LA Dodgers hat. Thank you again!  Evelin, P.S. How do I sign up for your newsletter?”


Donna Thornton, http://PsychicMediumChannel.com, Psychic Session,”Thank you so much for our time together today.  I loved getting a reading from you.  You are absolutely on target and I love your method and style.   I really got a lot out of it, and I look forward to working with you in the future!”


B V., Psychic Reading, Relationship Healing With Third Eye Meditation, “Thank you sooo much for yesterday!  It made sooo much sense. By the time I got home he was in a good mood and watching vidoes that made him laugh.  We are off to a better start today. Your spiritual tools are amazing! I am loading him and my daughter up with awesomeness :)  lots and lots of love, B.” 


Peggy Commack, Mediumship, “Hi Laura, Thank you so much for the very informative reading yesterday,you gave me a load of info , I got your recording and i am really looking forward to hearing it again, Your an angel, much love and blessings,Peggy.” 

Ana Sousa, Mediumship on TheVirtualSeance.com radio show, “Hi Laura, I just want to give validation to the mediumship you did with me on Wednesday in the radio show. At first I thought it was my cousin, but a lot did not make sense. A couple hours after the show a person came to my mind. It his my friend’s mom. I then spoke to my mom who was good friend with her, and she totally fits the description, the partying, the drinking, the boyfriends, the light colored hair, the red lips, and when I saw the picture of Lana Turner i had no more doubt it was her…. And the issue with mobility had probably to do with the fact that she was in a coma for 8 months before she died, after she crashed her car…. And she only has one daughter, my friend! But we were close when I was 17/18 years old, then I came to the USA. Why would she be close to me? Should I tell her daughter?”


Patricia David, Mediumship, “Dear laura, I had that private booking with you,,my brother had been killed,I had asked you if he passed immediately,,you had told me no,but he was in no pain, the accident happened at about 7:05 am but they did not get to them until about 9am,,this freaked me out I talked to his daughter belinda and she had a copy of autopsy report,,omg you had it right from my brother,,the autopsy report states it was the impact to his chest and he bled to death,,I never knew this,nobody did,,this is exactly what you told me my brother said,,wow wow I’m just dumbfounded,thank you we now know he did not suffer, god blessed you with such a gift,,,laura, you are priceless,you have touched my heart with your kindness,,you my dear friend are a gift to us from god,,,love your friend patricia david.”


Allison Collura, General Psychic Feedback & Training, “I purchased the medium development 4 class course.  ORDER HERE  I can not tell you how blessed I feel to have found you online. Your gentle and loving nature has been such a comfort to me right now. About a month ago I started I started searching the web for someone to maybe mentor me and I came across your site.  You are amazing! I love watching the recordings of your shows. The fact that you give so much free information is so incredibly generous. You have made me realize I’m not crazy and have given me the confidence to not only accept but embrace and devote myself to this ability from God. So while we have never met I want you to know I consider you my mentor and think that you are truly an amazing person for the education you give.  I can’t wait to get started.  Thank you for your time,” 


Gin Wilson, Spiritual Psychic Session, “Thank you again for the reading – there were such needed insights which you provided me!”


Tracy S.,  Psychic & Mediumship Sessions, “You told me that I wasn’t going to get this other property I put a bid on that was already in contract. You were right. I didn’t get it. It turns out that it’s good that I didn’t get it because for the time being, the other property is taking up a lot of my time.  Here’s the second thing. You were telling me what my dad was saying. You started by saying “My darling daughter..”  When I thought about it later, I said to myself, he never called me his darling daughter. It doesn’t sound like him. A week or 2 later, I went to NY to clean out my apartment. I’m getting the place renovated so I had to go through absolutely everything in there and get rid of it or store it. When I was looking, I found an old birthday card from my dad the first line he wrote said, ‘To my Darling Daughter.'”


K. S. , Mediumship and Spiritual Psychic Session, “Hi Laura,  Thank you so so much for the wonderful service you gave to me and my mom on Friday.  You are such a gifted and beautifully spirited  (psychic/medium) person.  I really appreciate the time you gave as well as the much needed intuitive advice.  I have begun pursuing xxxx.  Thank you so much for taking the time out to email me this.  You are so sweet and loving!  I’ll be in touch.  Thanks again!  God Bless.”


Doris Connelly, Observing radio show, “Laura you are such a beautiful person inside and out, with a heart as big as a mountain. I love to watch your face your eyes, and how much what you do means to you. I hope that it is planed for us to be friends, good friends in the hereafter, I adore you and wish nothing but good upon you. Thank you for the good you do for people through the use of your gift is so precious, wish that I could offer 1/2 of love and spirit that you are able to give. The Lord has given me 2014, I pray that I can see the end of 2014 and begin 2015, but if the Lord has other plans for me I am ready, I have met some wonderful people and blessed with the best family and friends, so I will always hold you dear to me as a great friend. Have a safe Merry Christmas, and continue your great gift and helping people connect with loved ones, I love to watch you and listen to you, you are a great inspiration to me love you Doris”


Melissa Hackett, Mediumship of grandmother, “Thank you so much for the wonderful visit this past Friday!  My aunt and I really enjoyed it and loved hearing from all of our loved ones!  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Thanks again for the great session!  :)Melissa Hackett”


Leanne Roos, Spiritual Psychic Session, “Thank you sooo much Laura, I really appreciate your advice! I think you just confirmed what I already knew, like you said I just needed the stepping stones! It was great chatting to you!  Keep well.”


Lena Mamone, Radio Reading, “I listen to your show on Monday nights.  I have had a couple of readings with you on the show and you have been very accurate.  I would like to book a session with you. “I want to thank you for my reading last Monday as always you are right on.”


Illona Jameson, Radio Show Class & Reading, “I really enjoyed tonight’ss show. But thank You for taking my call. I really just had that feeling. I had been having a lot of dreams about houses and moving back to my old neighborhood where I grew up at in New York and that had been for the past week or so and I just could not understand but I had an idea that is what my dreams were telling me. So thank you so much for making them so much more understandable. You are so awesome. Illona”


Suzie Bentzen, Reading, Hey Laura, Just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate your kindness, sweetness and thoughtfulness. You have helped me beyond what I could ever imagine. Thank you so very much for recording our session. I have already listened to it and I will listen to it again because it is so helpful.  I can not begin to tell you how very much I admire you! I truly do think that you are one amazing person. You are quite impressive. I am so very excited and consider myself so very blessed to have connected with you and learn from you. I am thanking Spirit for the gift of you! Blessings and love always, Suzie”


Patricia Hughes David, Onging, “Who would not love you after meeting you.  Such a great heart.  Laura has sent me info and talked to me through illness.  Helped with my grief.  Lifted me up out of despair when I was ready to give up.  Trust in her judgement and her gift.  I have.  I’m on my way back to living.  Love ya laura mendelsohn.”


Patricia David, Testimonial, “Dear laura, I need to explain to you why I’m such an advocate for you and why I am so grateful (not a stalker lol) My life has been full of horrible tragedies ever since I can remember. I always prevailed.  After we started talking and you did readings for me my grief was a little better. As we went on you gave me messages from spirit from my momma and other family members, I then knew I had to start living again for myself ,my husband and son.MOST OF ALL you showed me so much kindness, you took an interest in my health gave me great info,sent me links to read..you gave me HOPE.”

Roberta L Barragan, Mediumship on “Meet the Medium” TV Show.   “Laura, your reading today for me was so spot on. I have recently over the last 6 months had two other medium connections and have been wanting my Aunt to come through, but she didn’t. The message was not only gratifying to know that she is with me and watching me but also gave me hope about my son. I feel so blessed to be part of today’s test session. Thank you. You have a truly amazing gift. Love, light and blessings to you.” UPDATE from Roberta Barragan:  The video in which the reading was done is HERE.  Her reading is about 41 minutes into the video.  “Hi Laura,  I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was the first person to respond to your request to help with the You Tube trial run and the last person you read. If you recall, my aunt came through while you were trying to read the person before me. The reading for me ended with my aunt saying that I would be reunited with my son, just be patient. So, on his birthday, September 27, he sent me an email and friended me on Facebook. It’s a start and I thought it would never happen. Your reading was so accurate on many levels. During the reading my aunt mentions 4 children and I initially thought and even said in the reading that this would represent her nieces and nephews that she was closest too, but then realized after the reading that this was referencing my 4 children which she never met and it was her way of acknowledging that she knew about my life.  I just wanted you to know the results of the reading and how much I appreciate receiving it from you. Namaste.  Roberta”

Roberta L Phipps Barragan, Mediumship of her aunt, “You are the real deal, Laura…..so many just aren’t, and you care and use your gift to help others…that make’s you #1 in my book!”


Elaine S., Spiritual Psychic Counseling, “”At this time you are probably the most inspiring person I know!  You are truly wonderful and supportive, and I appreciate your taking the time to talk to me.  I’m in a huge transition in my life and it just feels very overwhelming.  I seem to be self-sabotaging at every turn.  I just read your e-mail about your ordeal with your internet connection and the cable company, and the law of attraction and our state of resistance. It made me realize that I need to be at acceptance and calm myself down in order to intuitively know my next move.  I have much to be grateful for!  Thanks for sharing!  Love ya,”

Valerie Pollak, The Virtual Seance show, “Hello Laura, I just heard your show – you seem amazing!”


Amanda Thompson , Psychic Session, “I just wanted to take another quick moment and fully explain WHY I chose you. It wasn’t just your voice. The way you speak is very real and down to earth and you don’t give off a charlatan vibe. Some people go way over the top in trying to come across as “other worldly” and you don’t. I was completely sold after taking the time to listen to your mini readings on BlogTalk and I LOVE that you offer a $5 donation option to move you to the top of the cue (I think EVERYONE should do that as well). The other thing that struck me as wonderful about you was your choice to give back. You charitable contributions and the fact that you are giving to people beyond what is paid for (the short psychic lessons at the beginning of your broadcast) is highly commendable and speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. Which is, obviously, not someone out to cheat people.”


Ana Sousa, Psychic Soul Session, “Hi Laura, i just want to give you an update on my situation, on my reading you told me I should get more info on running an architecture business and you saw library, so I started my research and I found a great amount of you tube videos about runing an architecture business, how to get clients, how to start the business, how to advertise and get new jobs….. Etc… So I just to say thank you, ‘your’ advices was really helpful!”


Tony Gates, Soul Psychic Session, “Thank you Laura, great reading. Very helpful. “


Gail Glansville, Holistic Business Consultation, “Without listening to the recording, what stands out at the  moment is your observation to expand into that void, with a magic wand tap tap tapping the way to prosperity, etc.  Lovely to meet you and shore your energy/wisdom.  Peace and prosperity to you!”

1.5 YEARS (from 8/2012 to 11/2013) OF TESTIMONIALS WERE ACCIDENTALLY DELETED FROM THIS PAGE AT THIS LOCATION.  Let’s say a prayer for their souls.  :)

Continued testimonials from 8/2012 back in time. 

T. H., SoulPsychicMediums.com Radio Show Reading, ” I listened and called into your psychic messages show with Brenda & yourself the last show of yours. My name is —- and you were the one that gave me advice on the show.  I was astounded by how much you connected with what is going on with me in an instant during the show and ever since then I have been looking at your site and using you as an inspiration for myself to have a better life. You really are a truly beautiful and amazing soul. I hope to be as accomplished and in tune as you one day.”C. M., Psychic Reading, “Thank you Laura!  M— is VERY happy after her meeting with you.”L. H., Reading, “It’s truly remarkable what my experience with you did for me.   More to come!”L. C., Mediumship, “You, my dear, have more than touched the hearts of my sister & I. It has been a year since we lost my Dad, [sister] & I constantly refer back to our readings with you for peace and comfort. For that, we are eternally grateful.”R. P., Psychic Reading, “As always thank you, thank you, thank you!  I feel balanced, clear at a peace!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee Now off to enjoying the weekend!  xoxo.”E. A., Psychic Reading, “Wonderful reading.  Quite a shift. Words cannot express my thanks to you…..the information was so helpful…I am glad I taped it…will listen again. I shifted so much in my approach, as per your suggestions. I will see an allergist asap, and get some help for this! .I am sorry if you felt pressure with giving such a long session…but amazingly helpful.”S. T., “It was a pleasure to speak to you today, you helped me greatly understand my health better. Everything hinges on me changing so I can draw to me good health and so on. I will take your advice on the juicing and cleansing. It meant so much to connect with my mom, I became emotional when she talked about my daughters. Oh and my dog Bonni was in the room next to my bed. When I can afford again I would love to call you. Hopefully with better news to report. God bless you and the work you do for others. Take care now. hugs.  “

R. J., Psychic SoulTalk Reading,”Thank you so much for my beautiful reading Thursday night.  Everything you said was 100% accurate, and the messages and recommendations from spirit were so encouraging to me.  I am so glad I contacted you for a reading.  I am now even more sure that everything is going to work out fine for me.  I just have to ride it out and stay positive.  I’m sure I will be contacting you again in the future.”

Ana,  “I thoroughly enjoyed the show & will definitely be tuning again. Even got my sister (as skeptical as she is) to call in & she loved it. Many blessings.”

Gail, “Thank you so much for e-mailing the info on your show this evening.  It was fabulous.  Not only were you and Brenda both spot on, you both have a very nice way with the callers.  The show flowed well, if you know what I mean.  Of course you do.  You are extremely intuitive.   : > )))”

J. F., Soul Archetypes Class, “I must say, our time together yesterday was pure joy for me. I find myself opening to my life path and gaining more confidence with each successive class. I am so incredibly grateful to have such an insightful teacher who offers so much to her students. If and when I’m asked about the one person who surely helped me find my path, encouraged me to truly pursue my psychic gifts, and lovingly assisted me along the way, it will surely be you. Thank you.”

G. S., Psychic SoulTalk Session, “I wanted to thank you for your reading.  It took a little while for it all to make sense and resonate but everything you told me seemed to lift a big weight that has been crushing me.  Something 6 months of marriage counseling hasn’t begun to do.  I have just felt better and more optimistic ever since.  You’re truly gifted!  Thank you.”

M. F., Mediumship Circle, “Thank you so much for an incredible experience.  You were spot on with my brother-in-law, Michael.  He and I shared a special bond. ”

K. T., Mediumship Circle, “What you have is an incredible gift and you provide comfort and solace to many many people.  I used to watch John Edwards when he was on TV and you do the exact same thing except in a smaller forum! The fact that you channeled that girls twin brother who died in childbirth in and of itself was amazing! “

W. V., “Hi Laura, Thank you. I started writing my list of the steps to take for healing and I felt very ‘guided.’  The words just started to flow like you said they would. So cool. Thank you for the reading and your kindness.  W.”

Jennifer Garcia, Psychic Session, “Thank you for helping me with your incredible gift today! ”

J. F., Mediumship Class, “I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the class on Sunday.  I really am grateful to have you as a teacher and hope that you know how much you’re doing for all of us.  You’re such an amazing woman.”

A. A., Intuitive Business Coaching for Holistic Practitioner, “Hi Laura, Great session and excited about creating The —- System. Will keep you updated as things progress:).  Thanks. for the confirmation on the tagline.  Attached is my biz card.  Thank you for the spark & insight, brilliant Goddess! XO.“

L. F., Intuitive Business Coaching for Holistic Practitioner, “Thank you so much for fabulous coaching.  Meeting with you helped me clarify my goal and my CONFIDENCE.”

K. L., Raise Your Vibration, “Thank you for your wonderful class last nite.  I spoke to several of the people [that attended] and they were very pleased.”

D. W., Psychic School, 12 Energy Secrets, “Laura, what is so beautiful about you is how grateful, humble and in-spirit you are – and to let  you know that there is an enormous feeling of gratitude and love coming back to you from all of us.  I meant it when I said how Thankful I am to have met you and to have these classes – to grow, to learn, to connect, to be the best version of myself that I can be. You shine your light so bright and we receive it and are sending it back to you… Thank you for being you and for sharing you…..Love, D.”

B. L., Holistic Practitioner Benefit, “Dear Laura,  I’ve had a handful of people do some amazing things for me.  I have to include you as one of the people who became an angel to me. It’s hard for me to understand and accept that people are this good, or that I was deserving of this kind of treatment, but you really help me to see the truth, they can be, and maybe I am. I am forever indebted and forever grateful to you. Bless you.”

P. H., Psychic School, “Thanks Laura.  I really liked and enjoyed the workshop. I hope to see you soon. Lot of love and blessings.”

B. S., LIFE BETWEEN LIFE AKASHIC SESSION, “Thank you for the generous time and insight you have given me. “

K. T., Psychic School, “Laura – that was one of the best classes ever!!!  Thank you!  I look forward to the next one!”

L. K., Psychic School, “Hi Laura. I had so much fun today. THANK YOU. You are lovely and such a charming teacher. I will try to schedule to meet with you one to one about ——–.   I also hope to come in May to the class. Again thanks.  With blessings and love.”

Brian Lederman, Medical Psychic Reading.  Spirit told him through me his stage 4 Renal failure would be handled with stem cell therapy.  When I researched it for him found only two places do it in US.  One in SE Florida!  He applied.  When die did he wrote me this response.   “I applied for the program for stem cell therapy and they just called and accepted my case. Thank you so much. I can’t express how grateful I am for meeting you. Thank you so much for your kindness and time. I just have to raise the money. They are sending me an e mail with the cost. I’m gonna start fundraising. Thanks again. I feel blessed to know you.”  Brian has created a Facebook Page for fundraising, speaking engagements and book.  Go here to “like and subscribe” to it.    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Re-Creating-Happily-Ever-After/321989097817729?sk=likes

L. A., Newsletter, “I look forward to connecting with you somewhere soon.  Your energy has been so inspiring to me.”

G. P., The Spiritual Millionaire events at United Metaphysical Chapel, “We loved your workshop and your Sunday service. Can’t wait for your message gallery ”

C. S., The Spiritual Millionaire Workshop, “I’m so glad I attended your workshop yesterday.  I don’t do too many workshops these days as I haven’t felt connected or urged to do so.   But, the “ah-ha” moment was worth it.  As I mentioned yesterday, I will be take you up on the 15 minute mini-reading.”

C. G., Reading and Classes, “The more people that get to be in your energy and a recipient of your wisdom is honestly gift enough for me.  I adore you … Xoxo”

Anonymous, Spiritual Reading, “After your reading/clearing I have embraced my intuitive abilities..all I have to say is wow…something magical certainly occurred.     One of the last questions i asked was…do i see what I think i saw? Your answer was yes. That actually was in reference to seeing a person walking around in my house.   Well the craziest stuff has happened in the past 48 hours. (Spirit wise).”

J. H., Psychic Reading, “Thank you for the amazing reading last night.  You are amazing.”

M. C., Psychic Readings, “Even though I don’t get the answer I would LOVE to hear.  I always feel better after I talk to you.  Thank you for putting up with me for more than a year and all your advise.”

S. W., Attract Love, Raise Your Vibration, “It was amazing!! I really enjoy it! ”

B. L., Follow up research after Psychic Reading, “Dear Laura, Thank you so much for your kindness and help. M- and I are so glad to have met and worked with you. I know how busy you are so the fact that you took the time to help me means the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

T. V., Raise Your Vibration Workshop, “There’s pretty much only one chance a month to see Laura and last night was it. It was pretty awesome!”

B. L., Spiritual Psychic reading, “Thank you Laura. M– and I had a great reading and we are both so glad we came and so glad to have met you.”

P. S., Channeling Collective Psychic School, “Great class. Great students to train with. I picked up some new methods.”

K. T., Channeling Collective Psychic School, “The class was phenomenal! Laura is a gifted and charismatic teacher and I have learned so much from her! I cannot wait to attend her next class! Thank you Laura!”

L. A., Psychic Reading, “Thank you again for such a wonderful experience!”

L., K., Attract Love Seminar, “I attended your Attracting Love workshop at Jamars a few weeks ago. It was delightful and energizing to be in your presence.  I would like to schedule a reading.”

D. K., Mediumship and Psychic Reading, “Hi Laura,  I just wanted to say thanks again for all the faith and hope you have given me!  Two weeks ago, I met an amazing man and I am unbelievably happy! On March 9th we are taking a cruise together (something I have always wanted to do). Not only is he intelligent, he is incredibly handsome and shares wonderful stories about the places he has been and the things he has done.  I still would like to have a person to person reading, perhaps during spring break. Love you”

C. G., Spiritual Psychic Reading, “Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn is a highly gifted and humble representation of fierce intellect and generosity at it’s best.”

J. B., Psychic School, Channeling Collective Unconscious, “Dear Laura, Thank you very much for your class yesterday on channeling.  I had no idea what to expect, and I appreciated your candor and your openness about ‘debunking”‘mystifying ideas.  I was able to relax and open up.  I look forward to learning more and trusting my intuition.  Thank you again.”

D. R., Reading, “Dear Laura,  Thank you so much for the inspiring reading on Saturday.  Thank you for your spiritual guidance , love and encouragement.”

K. B., Reading, “You are such a loving person.  Thank you for your kindness to me. It is very heartfelt.”

Ruth, Article “Is Your Vibration Rising?”  “Dear Laura,  I’m just emailing you to thank you for your article on rising vibration. I see that it was written in December last year and, funnily enough, November in particular was a terrible month wherein I experienced every single one of those symptoms to a huge extent. It did seem at the time to be very bizarre, especially with very bad insomnia, cold after cold (in November in Australia, not flu season!), a car accident, loss of friendships, financial difficulties, feeling bitter loneliness, wanting guidance and to return home. My psychic here briefly channelled my parents who have crossed over and they said that every cloud has a silver lining and I know what that meant!

This month in particular has changed my life beyond anything else! I have been meditating frequently and I am very in touch with the higher source. I am incredibly happy and, as your article suggests, I am manifesting the most amazing experiences of my life. Everything that I imagine or dream becomes a reality within my means (which are still limited). Two examples: I contemplated the idea of going to Mexico for my birthday->the next day I find a deal for 80% off accommodation; I contemplated going to a spiritual festival out of my price range->the next day it is announced that the festival is now free. I am also psychically in tune with many close friends now-to a scary but wonderful degree, I am picking up on thoughts.

What a wonderful time we are living in! 2012=not so much the end of the world as a new beginning.  I hope that everyone can experience this very soon!

Also, after a long time of insomnia and years of struggling to sleep, I now sleep like a baby every night. I’ve even been snoring for the first time in my life!!

I am incredibly happy to be experiencing this. What a great time to be alive! I was looking back on the worst of my negative symptoms and they occurred around 11/11/11. December started to improve, but the greatest gifts have come this month. I am buzzing with vibrant energy and incredibly happy.  And there is still more light to come!   Imagine creating our world the way we wish? We don’t have to imagine.  Love and light,  Ruth”

M. M. Soul Healing, “Hi!     Thank you Laura for my soul healing! I actually had tears at the end. I so NEEDED that soul healing. I am very excited about it. Appreciate your time and wisdom. Grateful! Have a nice day!”

J. N., Psychic Manifesting Coaching, “Hey Laura,  It’s been a couple weeks since my visit with you .. just wanted to express my thanks for the special reading we had.  It’s enlightened and strengthened me to life of greater trust within.  A lot was brought to surface that day, just what I’d hoped for.. As a result I’ve shined a new light on the topics and my load is lighter! Laura, I’m seeing the positive changes already Feeling Gratitude.  Namaste.”

J. P., Mediumship, “Hi Laura.    Just wanted to thank you for my reading yesterday.  I truly feel you were in contact with my sister.  I wish I would have recorded our session as I can’t fully remeber all the information you gave me!   Thanks again!”

J. N., Mini Reading at The Living Room, “I truly appreciate my spiritual visit with you last evening!  Your insight was easily able to see the blockages within and surrounding me …beautiful experience.  I’m blessed for your loving guidance and suggestions of awakening. ”

L. C., Mediumship, “Good Morning Laura, I have to thank you again for such an incredible reading you gave me on Sat. You are amazing and, I left feeling GREAT! So happy to get the answers I needed from my father and Holy Cow, how can I explain how I felt when you contacted my spirit guides, everything just fell right into place and I immediately felt like, it’s ok, I’m not ‘weird’! My sister and I think you are just wonderful and have really helped us. Don’t be surprised if my other sister calls you! Take care and I will see you soon!”

J. F., Mediumship Circle, “I wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful I am for your service.  The time that I’ve spent with you has been incredibly uplifting and deeply insightful.  The knowledge you shared is both accurate and inspirational.  Thank you.  What a beautiful gift you have.  It’s so refreshing to see someone own their truth and live in it.  It gives the rest of us courage to lift ourselves to a higher place of love.  Looking forward to seeing you again.”

T. K. Mediumship, “Thank you for your time this morning. I found it refreshing, exciting, exhilarating and validating all at once! You provide confirmation that the questions in my head and the desire to learn more about myself are real. Thank you again!”

L.  C., Mediumship, “Hi Laura – I wanted to thank you for today’s meeting. It was my first one and I received more than what I expected. Particularly the messages from the other side. I was ready for something completely different, so, yes – you rocked my world! I know you don’t remember everything you said to all of us, not to mention the spirits talking to you too, but you got me. I’ve always felt sooooo heavy, I think now I need to do some spiritual housecleaning. Because of your accuracy and wonderful personality, I am going to book a private sitting with you….and so is my sister! Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Laura!”

M. P., Mediumship.  “I want to thank you so much for contacting my father and my brother, which whom I didn’t know about and also connecting with my guides and letting me know that the path I am on is the right one.  I have been getting many messages from my Angels and Guides.  The communication has been so wonderful.  I am grateful for your connection, it was so powerful.  I would love to have a private reading with you to go a bit further.  Please let me know the details.  Thanks and have a very blessed day.”

M. C., Psychic Love Reading, “I want to thank you for all your advice.  I follow what you told me and we are texting.     Are you going to be in town for reading this weekend.  Let me know to book a reading.  Thank you again for all you help.”

R. G., Spiritual Psychic Reading, “Your reading was so insightful.  I never got in depth reading that touched the core of my being as the one I had from you. ”

Shirley T., Mediumship, “I want to thank you so much for helping me.  I think I understand now, why this [her son’s suicide] happened.  I hope I can get to see you again.”

P. K., Spiritual Psychic Reading, “Everything from past readings with you came true and I thank you for advice you have been giving to both my sister and me.  You mentioned in one of your readings that things are going to start improving towards the end of this year and they really are.”

R. P., Spiritual Psychic Session, “Yesterday was perfect in every way! I got a lot of confirmation/validation which is what I was looking for. YAY! And I am sooooooooooo excited about the future!”

C. R., Spiritual Psychic Session, “Laura,  I would like all to know that you are a true rarity.  You possess a special connection with spirit
that should be recognized and appreciated.  My reading with you today was just as powerful,
heartfelt and valuable to me as the first reading.  I truly am eternally grateful.   Blessings.”

J. H. Spiritual Psychic Session and Mediumship, “I was your last reading yesterday. I subscribe to the 11:11 progress list and get emails almost every day. The following was this morning’s, and it is amazing how it ties so directly to what you told me yesterday! Just wanted to share and to profoundly thank you.”

B. S., Spiritual Psychic Session, “Thank you so much for today’s session! It really did clarify many issues that I felt I have using to hold me back! Thank you for helping “ignite” my fire for purpose again!”

A. W., Spiritual Psychic Sessions, “Thank you for helping me through this journey of finding personal peace and happiness.  ”

Spiritual Psychic Session, A. P., “Can’t ever express in words the blessing you are in my life, laughter and enlightenment!”

Spiritual Psychic Sessions, T. J., “Everything you said in our readings, is happening…”

Spiritual Psychic, Love & Business Reading, R. G., “I love every minute of talking to you.  Thank you.”

Spiritual Psychic Reading, C. R., “Laura , I don’t really know how to fully  thank you for that reading today.   You have an incredible gift and the message and the manner in which you delivered it gave me exactly what I needed to move on in a positive way.   Thanks again and take care.”

Mediumship, E. A., “I feel a shift…still integrating our session today….I remain in a state of awe about the experience.”

Psychic Consultation, R. P., “The reading was soooo helpful.  It confirmed everything I already ‘knew’ and restored peace in me.  I’m all happy and bubbly again.   Thank you again, you are amazing!   Thank goodness I bounced into you =)”

Psychic Reading, E. A., ”Thanks again for the amazing reading!”

Psychic Mediumship, R. P., “Im referring my step mom. Her name is xxx xxx.  She should be contacting you soon.  Xoxo ”

Spiritual Psychic Session, Bryan Hayes’ post on Facebook about Laura,   “Want to thank Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn for a great reading……check her out, and feel free to join her mailing list for all kinds of cool updates.”

Jill B., Love Healing, “Thank you so much Laura. That really helped me find peace.”

Spiritual Psychic Session, T. J., “Dear Laura, Thank you so much for seeing my friends and me today!  WHAT a wonderful experience!  You are fantastic..so gifted.  I appreciate everything that you did, and all of the time that you took with us.”

Spiritual Psychic Session, A. W., “I always feel empowered after our counseling sessions.  Thank you!”

Spiritual Psychic Session, V. W., “Dear Laura,  Thank you!   You really are gifted and blessed.  It’s amazing how you brought out everything I was thinking without me having to ask.  I will refer friends to you that need accurate answers about their life.   Have a Blessed Day!   ”

A. B., Mediumship and Spirit Guide Counseling, “Laura, thank you for all of your guidance!  The experience I have had with my two discussions with you have been remarkable to my growth and self improvement. “

Psychic Reading for Manifesting, E. M., ”I just wanted to let you know that I sold my condo.  I did everything you told me to.  My agent actually can’t believe I sold it in under 4 months. He just doesn’t know how powerful our manifesting is!!!   Thank you for your help, hopefully we’ll see each other before I leave.”

Psychic Reading for Lost Object, K. M., “Laura I got my purse returned with all charge cards and ID in it just like you said!!!  Thanks for your help. God bless.”

Psychic Party, K. P., “Thank you so much for last night!  You two were the hit of the party and I really appreciate it!  Several of my friends will be calling you .”

Psychic Reading, M. B. Y., “I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me right away. I was in total crisis mode and you totally pulled me out of it. ”

Law of Attraction Miracle Method, R. Powers, “Believe it or not on 5/31, I got promoted and received a $18,000 raise!”

Law of Attraction Miracle Method, M. N., “Met ’soul mate’ within 3 sessions of Quantum Flow coaching!”

R. H. Psychic Reading, “The boss gave me the word yesterday. Raise is in THIS pay check.  The official announcement will be made in a meeting next week.  Thank you and the spiritual guides.  Lots O luv.”

A. P., Psychic Spiritual Coaching, “I have a feeling that in some life you were very important to the nourishment of my soul…as you are today!”

P. M., Psychic Party, “I thought the ladies were going to get in a fight over who was going to see you next.  (lol)!  You were the hit of the party and thank you for coming on a fairly short notice.   They all thoroughly enjoyed you!  Again, thank you Laura. . . we will be in touch!”

E. M., Psychic Reading, “Thanks so much for the reading, it really helped.  You were sooo right about my xxxx, etc.”   Remaining content withheld for privacy.

P. M., Mediumship Circle, “You told us all many fascinating things.  You are wonderful.”

J. K., Mediumship, “Hi Laura!  I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for speaking with both my mother and I today on the phone regarding my brother, Mxxxx.  It truly meant the world to my Mom to hear some of the messages that he sent forth, and we are so very grateful that you were able to give them to us, we feel truly blessed! You are wonderful, and so easy to talk to. I really appreciate the time and generosity!    I am going to keep your information and pass it along to anyone that may be seeking some of the same peace that we have received today!   Look forward to speaking with you again!  Thank you again so very much!”

Eva M., Writing, “You need to put ’soul talk’ in a book… it is terrific.”

K. S., Phone Reading, “Thank you so much for the wonderful reading…..you have really given me direction!  I am already starting to work on the next level of my personal concierge and image consulting business.”

D. A., Phone Reading, “thanks laura…you are good….no doubt….just got his text like 2 mins ago.”

P. K., Email Reading, “My husband did get a new job like you said, just last month, completely unexpectedly (he’s been with previous company for 7 years and wasn’t even looking for job). I had no doubt that spirit guides were giving you the right information – but it did sound highly unlikely.  Even my husband is now half converted believer! I’ve got few more questions if you have time.”

R. H., Private Session, “Things are starting to happen just as you said. I’m planning to see you soon.   A coworker has a friend who just bought a dance studio and is looking for teachers.  HELLO.  My supervisor said my name is in the hat for management.   I’m not quite ready to move out.  But I feel it will be soon enough.  So everything is pointing in a great direction.   XOXO ”

D. E., Private Session, “I got a job in North Quincy,  just like you predicted! ”

N. M., Private Session, “Hi Laura. Thanks for helping me out last week. I did benefit a great deal from the session. I do feel a lot more at peace with myself. I know you mentioned that I am cut off from the Divine Source right now, which I have been feeling more some time. Thanks again.”

R. C., Private Session, ” Hi Laura. I thought I would give you some confirmation on the last reading we had. I am very excited to start working for a very large immigration practice that specializes in the type of immigrations cases such as xxxx (and litigation for those cases can be VERY expensive and hard). I feel I am truly blessed. Thanks for your great insight, as always.”

A. P., Private Consulting Session, “Dear Laura, I can not begin to thank, ‘my lucky stars’ for you. For your help and guidance. The cloud has been lifting and I feel full of hope, energy and alignment with my purpose. My creative juices are beginning to pour.

I am including my horoscope for today. Please read when you have a minute. I included it for the part that mentions the need for me to seek a guide to help me on my journey. As I mentioned when we first met, I completely abide by the book, ‘The Game of Life’, and I always dreamt of finding an advisor, guide, confidante such as in the book.

It is with this purpose that I write you. I know you have the sessions and the courses that you offer.  [Quantum Flow Coaching, go here.]

1.  Is it possible to set up, for me, a mentorship program, so that not only can I learn about occurrences in my life but that I can understand what and why is holding me back. I am noticing a pattern in my relationship with men and I believe the key lies within.

2.  We spoke about doing something at the wellness center , I strongly feel that there is a strong connection there for you. As you yourself saw with my Mr. T, I am surrounded by strong and powerful corporate men that consider me a friend. They can benefit from your guidance ‘a la’ Rockefeller and powerful men in history that would seek reliable oracles for business decisions.

With all due respect and admiration.

Thank you Laura…God bless you always…many, many hugs,”

East-Mag.com, Article about Laura Mendelsohn as a psychic medium for Feb. 2011 issue.   Go here.

Rebecca Powers, http://www.rebeccapowers.com, Spiritual Guide Life Coaching,  “You know I love you and adore working with you. What I get out of each session is indescribable.  I love sharing what I gain from the sessions too. From yesterday I have gained confidence in my own ability through multiple confirmations given by you and my spirit guides. How awesome is that I have a team of spirits guides and a living angel too! hehe  I really do think you and your work is amazing!

The funny thing about the reading that is truly resonating with me is the the prioritizing your values. It’s so important to me and it’s one thing that has truly changed my life for the better. From relationships to work and knowing that I have a spirit guide for family values and that I can communicate with him through my dreams makes my soul sing! =)

Thanks again for all your love, support and guidance.”

A. P., Spiritual Psychic Counseling, “Thank you so very much…you helped me awaken my happy side once again.. I feel purpose!”

K. S., Spiritual Psychic Counseling, “Thank you for the reading you did for me on Saturday.   About two hours or so later, I went back and re-read the notes I had taken, and was amazed at just how accurate and informative the reading was.  So, I guess we need to make another appointment.”

A. W., Spirit Guide Life Coaching & Mediumship, “I appreciate everything you have done.  I feel like I have direction and a positive outlook.  Your approach is the best I have experienced.”

M. M., Spiritual Psychic Reading, “Thank so much!  I told a few friends about you! Really I feel more at peace with my current decisions and direction! Thank U!!!”

A. D., Spiritual Psychic Healing, “Your insight in terms of bringing together the intellectual and spiritual/artistic really resonated with me.  I’ve been feeling that way for quite some time now.  After today, I’m sure I’ll be guided as to how to achieve that.  It’s time to let go of my parents’ beliefs and let go of NYC as being home.  I am a virtual being and therefore home is virtual (paraphrasing what I believe you said).  I’m going to be on the lookout for the opportunities you mentioned.”

Rebecca Powers, Intuitive Miracle Coaching & Reading, “Wow, in the past week I have unlocked so much working with you. It’s hard to even summarize in words but thank you for your work with me. I’m still relatively speechless which is unusual for me…hehe =)  I can’t thank you enough for being able to communicate all the recent messages.  I know these messages were meant to come to me now and the timing is right. I can feel my heart opening although hard to explain/describe. I am currently working on divorcing myself from my inauthentic self to walk as one loving & powerful authentic self. ”

Linda M., Professional Psychic, Psychic Reading, “Again, thanks for a wonderful reading.  I’d like my daughters to hook up with you and some of my friends.   YOU’RE TRULY GIFTED.  I’ll be getting more readings with you soon.  Things I wrote down made a lot of sense to me since I know how things work in the psychic world.”

Renata, Financial Psychic Reading, “I am delighted to recommend Laura.   Laura is so accurate, gifted and honest!  She went as far as describing that a male had given me a stellar recommendation for a job I had just applied to. She described my boyfriend’s physical features to a ‘T.’. ”

M. C., Love Reading, “During my phone reading you predicted that I would meet someone within three weeks.  A couple of days ago in the parking lot of where I live a young man aggressively asked for my number.   I have spoken to him several times in the past.  Since that he has consistently called me and would like to take me out to dinner.”

D. R., Mediumship.  “I had lit a candle for my father the night before and in the morning was “talking to the candle” so then you had him talking and it all was meant to be.  My sister was in awe, and wishes so much that she could be here for one of the psychic fairs.”

Rebecca Powers, (http://www.rebeccapowers.com), Psychic Reading.  “I can’t even begin to thank you for yesterday. My soul needed it and I feel rejuvenated and peaceful. You are such a gift to the world and I hope you know how awesome you truly are. Not only were you able to give me specific details about my life but your accuracy was amazing. Your insight has helped me regain clarity and feel happier about my life. How awesome is that? I recommend you to anyone who is searching for answers. You totally rock!”

S. S., about article, “Abandon Yourself To Love,” “I really enjoyed reading about ‘love’ on your website…it is so true about acceptance..that is what has been lacking in my own life…it was like I totally forgot that..you really are an amazing healer..very profound, yet very basic and to the point.”

M. M., Intuitive Success Consulting, “Thanks for insight into that emotionally draining situation!  Now I can more effectively deal with my own disturbances as well as understand the dynamics of our relationship. Whew!  This week just got easier.”  “Thanks again Laura!!!!!  The energy block I felt in my lower tummy was gone when I woke up Thursday and I feel I can DO stuff now!  What a huge difference!  I actually am able to get stuff done – simple stuff – that just wasn’t happening before…..even tho I tried and tried.  Will be a busy, magical week!  Thank you!”

D. A., Reading, “I know you’ve probably heard it a million times but you are truly gifted … I said nothing to you and you picked up on the main thing that has been weighing on my mind and heart thank you very much for sharing your gifts with me and for my reading… I look forward to meeting you in person and getting another reading.. I’m very curious to find out about my past lives and see if that can play into helping me in this one ”

L. G., Reading, “I gained a great deal from what you had to say.”

R. D., The Miracle Meditation, “Hi Laura, Greetings from Singapore. I read your article on miracle meditation and tried it out today on a few problems i was having and guess what, one of my problems is already solved! There was someone who deeply offended my mother, but once i did the miracle meditation today morning and forgot about it, now the person who offended my mum said sorry! How cool is that! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us this miracle meditation.”

Amonda Rose Igoe, Public Speaking Expert, Author and Trainer
http://www.highperformancespeaking.com/, Psychic Session, “Hi Laura. It was over 2 years ago that your intuitive reading changed my life. You were 100% right when you said I needed to slow down and stop trying to make things happen. I didn’t know any other way. Since that day I have been moving with more Ease and Grace than I ever thought was possible. It was challenging at first because I had to go through a total transformation. As a result of being committed to slowing down, more opportunities have come to me. I am so glad I met you that night. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are awesome! Abundant Hugs!”

B. K., “Thank you so much for the amazing experience. You are truly gifted…I told another friend about you and we were wondering if you would be able to come back and work with another small group in a week or two…”

Tina M., Psychic Session, “Thank you Laura. You give me the insight to help me..help myself better. You are a delightful woman. Mil gracias.”

L. B., Psychic Session. “Thank you for the energy work you did on me. I felt immensely better after leaving you. I never believed in that sort of stuff before but now I do – maybe it’s just your touch.”

Fabiana Barbero, “Thank you! Your reading was amazing! Wow… I feel much better today, you help me to lift the big dark cloud… and today I can see the sun again! Thank you for your healing Laura!!!”

Facebook article excerpt written by Bryan Hayes describing outcome of a reading done for Rebecca Powers (www.rebeccapowers.com or www.thegirlsrocknetwork.com.) “Rebecca was referred to a spiritual coach by the name of Laura Mendelsohn. Rebecca came to Laura with no real intention, but left feeling she had a new lease on life. It was upon meeting with Laura that Rebecca began talking to her about what was really important including her career ambitions. Laura responded by telling Rebecca that she is a healer. Not a medical healer, but a healer through communication. (later in article) Rebecca teaches women leadership skills through her Rock Solid Leadership Now program.” Read entire article here or http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/note.php?note_id=123741039345&ref=mf

T. Montoro, (Psychic Reading & Manifesting Consulting). “”Thank you so much Laura for your support. You are a great person, spiritually and intellectualy. Everything is just as you said. Thank you again. I have been working on living in the moment…i feel like the universe has opened up for me..and i wanted to thank you, i feel very happy about my life in this moment ..and i feel it is only going to get better!”

Thelma, Psychic Message Service, “You were on the money with your description about my husband…..very much so…… and all the things you told me were correct. You are very good ! ”

Joan C. Roth, www.thetentproject.org, Psychic Reading. “I have thought a lot about the reading you gave me. I really appreciate all that you shared, you are truly gifted and I look forward to seeing you again!”

C. Becker, Goddess Gatherings, www.corinnebecker.net, Psychic Reading, “I so enjoyed the reading that you gave me at the Expo of the Heart. You are amazing! I wish I wrote down everything you said to me that day. I was blown away! When I sat down with you I felt fragmented…you helped me get focused. I could only imagine what I would gain in a full hour session! You were right on target with everything you said!!! I’m having a networking event in my home on March 12th. If you came, I would showcase you.”

R. Powers, Psychic Readings and Manifesting Consulting. “I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that experience [the spiritual psychic counseling session] was for me. I feel like I’m grounded and directed again. That alone is priceless. You are truly amazing and I appreciate all the support. I have so many ideas already, its great! I now have 4 friends I’d like to refer.”

K. Lee, www.metaphysicalchapel.com, “I can’t just have ANY ol’ Medium helping us [Metaphysical Chapel South Florida]. That’s why I chose the two [mediums] I know do a great job and are very professional.”

M. Paris, www.michelleparis.com, Psychic Reading and Manifesting Consulting. “Hi Laura. “Thanks very much for all you gave me today. You were very generous with time and spirit.”

L. Rossiter. Mediumship. “When you read for me, you mentioned something about my Mother and a bird. My thoughts went to a live bird. Not so, she loved a gold sea gull pin(1 bird flying) that we placed on her jacket when we buried her. Also, she always took care of her health the best she could. I believe that it is Ellen and I who have not been going to the doctor or doing a regular blood test or anything else for that matter. Our family doctor passed away up North and the one down here retired. Perhaps we should find one!”

S. Thomas, www.SetForFitness.com, Psychic Reading. “I just wanted to say, ‘Thank You,’ for a wonderful reading. This is an overdue Thank You, but I just wanted you to know that you are amazing. I am so happy that I have met you and had a chance to talk with you. After I left you, I was walking in the clouds, just feeling amazing.”

M. Feldman, Psychic Reading. “Hi Laura! It was so amazing working with you! I feel more focused and so much clearer about what I am to do! I love it! You have a wonderfully amazing gift! Thank you! I would love to have another session with you! I will be recommending friends as well! Thanks again! Love, M–”

A. DeDomenico, Cruise Planners, www.IDeserveACruise.com, Mediumship of Deceased Loved Ones. “I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience yesterday. You are truly a gift to all that have the pleasure of meeting you. I had the best night’s sleep last night and felt relaxed and invigorated at the same time. I really look forward to a long relationship with you. It was wonderful.”

A. Kashuba, Astrologer, alice@kashuba.com, Psychic Reading and Mediumship. “Thank you for taking the time to work with me. It was enlightening and helpful. Now I just have to do my part. I gave your name to a woman who is having a difficult family situation. I think she needs some help on a deep spiritual level.”

C. Schwab, “My session with Laura was very helpful in gaining insight regarding my life purpose. I now feel able to push through the fear and take the steps to change my life.”

Amonda Rose Igoe, Speaker, Author, Public Speaking Coach, http://www.HighPerformanceSpeaking.com. Psychic Reading. “Laura showed up in my life when I absolutely needed some Divine Guidance. As a result of two intuitive sessions I had with Laura, I have a clearer direction with my business and I am able to attract the things that I want rather than chase them. When I met Laura, it was the Universe coming to my rescue. It was an absolute Divine Intervention. I am eternally grateful to Laura. Meeting her changed my life.”

M. Robinson, Psychic Reading & Mediumship. “Your reading has certainly helped a great deal. I was amazed by the accuracy.”

Jen, Psychic Reading. “I can honestly say, that your message was dead on. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea how your insight to my situation has touched my soul. I have had previous psychic readings as to this situation, but none were as deep and insightful as this. Your reading has given me a sense of peace and a course of action to take. You truly have a special gift, and I wish that more people knew about you. You are more than welcome to use any of my words that I have written to you on your website.”

J. Smith. Psychic Reading. “Simply amazing – she is off the charts great and for real…I didn’t provide her with any info except name and the details she provided were stunning…highly recommended!”

Rated five stars by Internet’s most popular expert service. Client’s review –

“Ele_al_val”: “she knows what she is doing ….. very unusual for this site …..”

Rated five stars “psychic Krista” Kas client: “wished i could finish, was good though.”

Rated five stars “Steidinger” Kas client: “’WOW’ she really got it… great reading.”

Adriana Vasquez, Psychic Reading. “I need to thank you for your time during our meeting, the outcome of it was absolutely awesome. You helped me tremendously to cope better with my grief and to understand my purpose in life. In saying that, I need to schedule, if possible, another reading with you…Thank you again!”

Maxine P., Psychic Mediumship. “You were right on. The information about my mother working in health care and having light hair, my ex-husband being a well dressed man of dynamic presence and handsome looks and my ex-fiance being a religious man were all confirmed during your reading.”

Dottie Reilly, Owner, Inner Wisdom Books with Grace, Psychic Reading & Mediumship. It was amazing how you tapped into things which you had no prior knowledge. Your brought in my grandparents and answered questions I had about my business.

Dr. Katrina Pergeaux, Acupuncture Physician, Mediumship of deceased son. “My son was validated in coming through you by several facts. For one I have been led recently by a series of synchronistic events to start working with people who have lost their children. An example of this is I was just asked by a therapist to work with a woman who lost her son a year ago to help heal her. And I just recently began reading about how to heal people with spiritual energy. My son suggested I begin to do this with him helping me from the other side to fulfill his life purpose to be a healer. So this was confirmed. Other confirmed facts were the following. 1. My son said he was almost a genius. This was true. 2. He said he did not apply himself in school. This was true. He was a high school dropout. 3. The shared memory about us gardening together was validated. Once he complimented me on what a fine job I had done gardening. This was a moment of extreme importance to me because I felt I had fallen short on parenting him. 4. It was true that my son was a healer, but did not commit to it during his life on earth. 5. You described him correctly physically and got his correct age of decease.”

Donna Burton, Energy Facilitator/Medical Intuitive, Ordained Minister UB, Psychic Reading & Mediumship. I have had many readings and found Laura “Life Readings” to be exceptional. Her connection with my Grandmother gave me a true sense of authenticity and the messages that came through were solid guidance that I have used to further my personal and business growth. Laura goes a step beyond by researching information that would assist in your area of need and she’s is a great source of logical direction for anyone desiring to find their passion. I have referred many of my clients to her for spiritual wisdom and guidance.

George Canberg, Psychic Mediumship of Wife. “As soon as Laura scanned my aura she said things that she could have no way of knowing; some things that happened between my wife and myself and my father. She has a gift. She knew so many things about my wife that were so accurate; her love of animals, that she was an animal rights activist, that this was her true love.“

Frank Mazzetti. Mediumship of maternal grandmother. “I believe Laura contacted the presence of my grandmother during the reading. Laura said things that were right on like the hair, the glasses, being in the house, most of her time in the kitchen, that I was closer to her than my mother….”

Vesla Ramkalup, Mediumship of her Father and Life Reading. “You are an angel and I trust you. You nailed it with everything the guides tell you. When we needed you the most, you appeared at the right time. My father’s murder brought us together. You helped us to find peace. I think that I healed from my pain faster than expected thanks to you and the spiritual guides. God is good and He is a loving God. He is always with us but we have to call upon Him. He knew that we needed spiritual guidance. You were and are that angel who came to the rescue. You are glued in my heart forever. May the peace of the Lord be with you.”

Kelly Flanagan, Healer, Psychic Reading & Mediumship. “Everything was confirmation of what I already know and feel, which helps me to trust myself in this area. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance.”

Lena Hill, Intuitive Healer, Psychic Reading & Mediumship. “”I keep reading our sessions together. I really enjoy them, quite different than others I have gone to… you are truly gifted.” Additional statement, “Laura’s predictions were right on. She predicted I would get this job and that same day I was offered a job. She’s not only a very gifted psychic but very warm and sensitive and I would recommend anyone who needed some guidance or insight in their life to contact her. “

Elle Stunda, Energy Healer, Mediumship of her grandmother. “You are an awesome intuitive reader. You have a true gift and are a great help to others. And the way you are able to type away while reading is terrific. Thanks for all your help. You are such a sweet soul. God bless.”

Elizabeth Warnick, Therapist, Psychic Reading and Mediumship of her Father. “Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me. I received so much great information that gives me courage, comfort and hope, knowing I am not alone!”

Debbie Dirks, Psychic Reading. “You picked up on my sadness right away without my revealing it at all. I know what my life purpose is now and how to expand upon the things I love to do, have confidence, fulfillment and attract to me what I deserve.”

Ali Handfinger, Psychic Reading. “You were right about my job, that I work in the healing profession, and that I am more interested in moving into policy setting and being an advocate than remaining as a social worker. I am already scheduled to take training in this area at my job and to go for further training as you had recommended I do.”

Alan Printz, Psychic Reading. “Thank you so much for your reading. It was accurate and the channeling was great as well.”

B. K., Life Reading, “Hi Laura,  Thank you sooooo much. I needed the insight you provided in my reading.”

Alan Printz, Psychic Reading & Mediumship. “You hit the nail on the head. My grandmother was very active in raising me, she was a slender petite woman who often wore aprons and long sleeved dresses, a benevolent force in my life. The shared memory about caring for me when I was ill and the confirmation about her cause of death were all accurate.”