TELEPATHY or Remote Influence (covert hypnosis, remote viewing, etc.) is another form of Manifesting.

PROOF.  The paragraph at top of Manifesting page provides scientific proof behind why this works. I suggest you review this material to increase your belief in and thus success with telepathy.

MY USE OF THIS METHOD:  I have gotten a client to pay me when she was outstanding on some bills, an old boyfriend to call me when I wanted to hear from him, so we could talk, etc.  This is an article on how I have used it with successful results.  Read HERE.

Spirit Medium Laura does Ethical Telepathy, Remote Influence, Healing, Covert Hypnosis, Remote Viewing, etc. for you.   Spirit Medium Laura will only work in an ethical way for highest good, not to harm, coerce, force or control.

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Using the psychic third eye to first observe, then telepathically send instructions to another is a very powerful way of doing remote influence, remote viewing and even healing.   Telepathic remote viewing and remote influence can be done for business, competing organizations, love relationships, in any way where observation and influence over another is sought.

MANIFESTING USING TELEPATHY, REMOTE INFLUENCE.  You can manifest and heal using remote influence techniques by sending instructions into the eye of the universe to create new conditions in your life.  I teach this in my psychic training series, and use it in my client sessions.

Telepathy, Remote Influence Testimonial,”Dear Laura, I love working with you.  You have brought a new found inner confidence to a situation that we have been frustrated with for the past year.  You truly are the ‘real deal,’ and honest, sincere and reliable.”

Examples of use:

1.  Client came to me to find her missing cat.  It was a very rare breed, of high emotional value  to her and monetarily value perhaps to others.   I was able to remotely “view” how the cat got lost, its current location and send the person who had the cat instructions to return it.  The next day after doing the telepathy, remote influencing session the cat owner got a phone call from a man who fit the description of what I had remotely viewed.  He said he had the cat!   Unfortunately when the owner showed up to get the cat, the man back tracked, denying having it at all. (He must have decided to keep it for his own needs.)   She was unable to retrieve her beloved pet.  However, the technique to “see” and “influence” was successful.

2.  A client of mine did not pay me.  I sent her an intense set of instructions to pay me.  When I was done, my phone rang.  It was her apologizing for not paying me.  She paid promptly.

3.  My boyfriend left me for another.  I sent him ethical, but intense, telepathic instructions to return according to his free will.  He did return for a short while, but then he went back to the other woman again.  You can influence, but you cannot force.

4.  Client came to me to help repair a friendship.  After a few sessions, the man in question and her did bridge the gap, coming together again to work out difficulties and reveal irreparable differences.  She was healed of wanting that relationship any longer, realizing through this process his emotional issues made the relationship impossible for her.  Repair, then closure was given to her using remote viewing and remote influence.

5.  Another client came to me after a horrific break up.  The man she was involved with had problems with intimacy as revealed by remote viewing.  She confirmed.  We sent several sessions of instructions to heal him and her.  He never returned, but she was healed by “seeing” who he really is and releasing her own karmic ties to the situation.

6.  A client came to me to manifest the sale of her condominium.  She wanted to move back to Connecticut from Florida, however was worried that the horrific real estate recession occurring would block this move.  I was able to telepathically remotely view it, and tell her what needed to be done to stage it for sale.  She was able to sell it a very short time after that.

7.  There are several other cases similar to the above, all sharing varying degrees of similarity.  To set your own ethical telepathy, remote viewing and remote influence session do so at  It is recommended to work in 30 minute time blocks.

How to do Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Covert Hypnosis, Healing. This page describes the steps and offers a TRAINING VIDEO on it below.

Ethical Psychic Manifesting, Remote Influence, Telepathy, Healing, Covert Hypnosis, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, etc.:  Can help you manifest a desire for yourself or influence another such as heal a person or relationship, draw someone closer to you, improve relationship communications.


1.   PICTURE.  Obtain a picture of or be able to imagine the face of the person you wish to influence in front of you.  (Can be used on yourself as the subject too.)

2.  PREPARE your command.  The command needs to be 1-4 words at most using your and subject’s name.  For example if you are trying to heal a relationship with Lucy you might send the command, “Lucy let’s heal.” This will open the possibility for Lucy to recognize her feelings for you (if they are there) for purpose of healing the relationship.   Lucy will not respond if she does not want to do so.   Success with mental telepathy for remote influence & manifesting only works if the party to which you send the instructions really wants or is capable to respond.   The mental telepathy simply encourages them, but does not force them.

3.  TRANCE.   Go into a deep Meditative/Hypnotic Trance state.  The training video includes a meditation which will place you in a deep trance.  Here is a free video on that can do so as well.

4.  SEND from your third eye (center of forehead) to subject’s third eye a command appropriate for the situation.  For example if you are trying to heal a relationship you might send the command, “Lucy let’s heal.”

5.  TIMING.   Send this command while in a trance state very intensely and focused for at least 15 minutes at a time over as long a period (days, weeks, months, years) as you can.  Do it only as you “feel” emotion behind it.  Without emotion this will not work.

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