Healing With Essential Oils

Healing With Essential Oils

In the last few weeks spirit has turned my head to the power of Aromatherapy, use of Essential Oils for healing emotional wounds and blocks.

These blocks are more than just blocks.  They limit living our lives.

If you ever said, “The Law of Attraction does NOT work,” it is because you have an emotional wound which is creating a block.

block, blow, blur

It may seem overly simplistic, but this is very true.  Each time during this life and even other life times that you have fallen into a negative way of thinking, you have created the “quick sand,” of your journey to joy.

When you are “stuck” in a pile of emotional wounds, it is very very difficult to get the Law of Attraction to work.

No matter how many affirmations to make or creative visualizations you do, until you “clear” your emotional baggage you will remain with the problem.

Healing With Essential Oils – Client Stories

In the last week I had two client appointments which illustrated how powerful Healing with Essential Oils can be.

Client 1.  Came to me to gain clarity on a relationship issue.  When we were through I asked if we could do some Aroma Freedom Technique with her.

She wanted to decide whether she should move or not.  After we went through the AFT steps, she said she felt no different.

Just as I was about to go into a 2nd round of clearing with her, she stopped me and said, “I lied.  I know I can make a decision now to move and I know I can do it.  It is not frightening to me anymore to make this big change.”

Wow!  This stuff worked so quickly on her.

Client 2.  Came to me for mediumship.  As I brought in her dog from spirit she became very agitated and began to cry uncontrollably.  She remembered how her dog had to be put to sleep after she accidentally fell on him.

She slipped and fell on the stairs.  Some of the dog’s bones got crushed.

As she cried into this memory I gave her Young Living’s Release blend.  She became a bit more relaxed, but still continued to cry as another sad memory about her dog surfaced.

She remembered how her son had abused this dog.  As she remembered that she began to cry again.

I told her to sniff the Stress Away blend.

It was quite shocking.  She stopped crying almost immediately and asked me, “Where did you get this stuff?  I want some of it!”

The energy in the room changed.  She seemed cleared and calm.

I feel this is almost a spiritual miracle gifted to us on earth.  I am here to spread the word.

So how do we clear these blocks?

I wrote a book and created a course on this called, “Soul Abundance.”  Following the steps in this book you can clear.

But the first step in the book is called “Let go,” ironically enough.  My material has a series of release exercises built into it.

But spirit has led me to even more powerful ways to clear blocks.

This is with Aroma therapy.

There are various steps to follow to gain access to an almost instantaneous clearing.  I will outline some of them here.

But before I do this, I want to remind you that I now do this type of emotional clearing work.  It is called Aroma Freedom Technique.

You can book your appointment at BookLaura.com.  Essential oils must be purchased for the clearing.  When you book email or call me at laura@SpiritMediumLaura.com or 954 465 7338 to learn what must be purchased.

Here are the steps of Aroma Freedom so you can unblock to ROCK!

Go to AFT Steps HERE.

More information about this process HERE.

Book private AFT session with Laura HERE.


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