HEALING MEDITATIONs.  Shift your energy.  Shift your life!

These complete meditations contain a channeled message, meditation and prayer to shift your vibration.  These downloads are channeled from St. Ignatius Loyola, The Ones, other Masters or your guides.

After receiving encouragement from my guides, I began to create healing meditations for clients, myself and now are included in most of the channeled articles I do for this website. Some of them have been recorded for your convenience.

One can postulate that meditation can transform your energy, the way you think and see the world.

When your energy shifts, so does the world in which you live.  If you believe like attracts like, you might agree that your experiences change according to your energy.

Perhaps with a new thought, or healing you can begin to attract experiences at a higher vibration, creating Healing to Happiness for yourself.

DIRECTIONS:  As with all meditations please be properly hydrated, in loose, comfortable clothing, a private location for duration of the meditation.  Since these are healing meditations you might need to rest and drink more fluids after the days that you use it as your frequency calibrates to higher vibration.

REFUNDS. We regret to inform you that after purchase there can be no refund, so please read the article first to ensure you want this meditation. Thank you.

HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU NEED.  Simply click on the alphabetized words below to go to a page for further explanation and ordering.

LIST OF HEALING MEDITATIONS (alphabetized within the categories of HEALTH, LOVE, MONEY.)


GRIEF RELIEF.  Heal after loss of a loved one to spirit and all forms of loss.  Go HERE.


LAW OF ATTRACTION LOVE.  Channeled message excerpt:  “Most manifesting when done from a spiritual plane is done by readying your vibration.  If you want love, you have to open your heart chakra as well as remove any ideas of incompleteness from your psyche.”  This manifesting meditation will do this.  Open your heart chakra and remove any blocks to finding love.  $44.  Length:  12:11 minutes.  BUY HERE.

LOVE HURTS:  LET GO, COMPLETE and CLOSE a toxic relationship.  Raise the vibration of a relationship from conflict to communion.  Find peace in a loving, smooth and effortless way.    “After doing the audio version of this channeled download meditation intensely for one day, I found myself beginning to gently, softly and peacefully release and let go of the toxic aspects of a long term relationship.  The relationship was transmuted to a higher vibration of peace. “  $53.  Length:  17:09 minutes.  BUY HERE.



Enjoy your Healing Meditations!