FREE Self Hypnosis Vision Board

Here is a FREE vision board to attain LOVE and MONEY in your life.
  1. Start by setting an online timer for 8 minutes.
  2. Then start the video right away.
  3. Make the video fill up your entire screen by clicking on the little icon with the arrow on it at bottom right of the screen.
  4. You must watch the video every day for at least 8 minutes if not longer.  What the mind focuses on for at least 7 minutes a day the mind will create in your life.
  5. The music is chosen on purpose to provide a hypnotic effect.  As you watch it RELAX and participate by telling yourself you have enough money and you have love in your life.   Visualize the money and the love in your life as if you have it right now.
  6. This works if you do it!

    the law of attraction


Create your own self hypnosis vision board for free.  If you follow the instructions below you will be actively participating in the playback of the “film” you create. This will give you much deeper, transforming results.


1.       Go to

2.       Create a slide show.

3.       First slide make text.

4.       On this slide write a simple statement describing your miracle as if it already existed in your life starting with an “I am” statement.

a.       Ex.:  If you want love in your life, write, “I am loving and loved.”

5.       Create a second slide.

6.       On this slide place the picture of what you want.  You can find copywrite free pictures at

a.       Money – find a great picture of money.

b.      Love – find a picture of two people in love.

7.       Copy to your desktop.

8.   Go back to

9.   Create a slide using this picture.

10.   Go back to step Step 3 and follow through to Step 9.  Do this for as many Miracles you have.

11.   Add some pleasant, hypnotic music using their selections.

12.   Save it.

13.   Find a timer online.  Here is one

14.   Set the timer to 8 minutes.

15.   Play the slideshow for 8 minutes using your full screen.

16.   Pay full attention to the slideshow for the full 8 minutes.

17.   Do at least once a day.

18.   You can add all sorts of words and pictures to the slideshow, but it is best to keep it tightly focused and to only one to two miracles at a time.  Focus equals success!

Mind Movies is an upscale software package is even more powerful!    Go here.

Laura Lightseer Mendelsohn

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