CHAKRA THERAPY for Manifesting Money


SUMMARY: This page includes information about how chakra therapy can help your manifesting efforts, an exercise to clear them and a FREE Film about CHAKRA THERAPY to manifest desires your life.

A radio show caller asked me whether she would get a job by the end of the month we were in. Now remember I am in trance when I work with clients so my rational mind was not in effect at that time.

Instead of answer her like any normal psychic would, trying to do a prediction, my guides took me to her third eye chakra! Even I was a bit skeptical, but I proceeded anyway.

Learning to trust what spirit gives is an integral aspect to success with this work.

So there I was clairvoyantly viewing her third eye. I “felt” she had a past life contract with her mother which caused scarcity issues with her this life time.

When I asked her if she could relate to this, she said, “No.”

Her mother was not around her much this life time, so she could not have influenced her to have scarcity issues.

Of course, I realized this was the reason for her having scarcity issues. So I asked her to expound upon this a bit.

She said she spent at least 10 of her formative years in Foster homes because her mother was not around.

Do you not think this could have created some blocks to abundance in her? I did.

I swiftly (we were on radio show) did some healing and clearing of her third eye and soul contracts surrounding her abundance issues. Then I made her prediction.

“You will get a job to your liking by the end of this month” I told her quickly.

You may not realize it but your chakras actually contain all your energy patterns. When something is not working in your life, it will be reflected in your chakras.

Your chakras can hold a pattern even after it has ended in your life. It holds the holographic memory of it. If you are having a problem in your life it is because this “holographic memory” is still playing.

This is why CHAKRA THERAPY is so important!  The energy of that chakra will have to be reset to its correct frequency.

I do CHAKRA THERAPY with my clients. Book a private session with me here to obtain this type of healing.

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When you work with a gifted clairvoyant s/he should be able to “see” inside your chakras and clear out what is there preventing you from doing or having what you desire.

While I am in trance, the chakras will appear to me.  The Guides will reveal the blocks you have right now.

They could have come from parental abuse, rape, incest, soul contracts, past lives, scarcity issues, sexuality issues, love problems, communication of truth problems, personal expression issues and so on.

You name the block, CHAKRA THERAPY will provide the answers.

Buddha silhouette along mandala

So you can try to manifest money or use the law of attraction all you want. If you are not getting what you want CHAKRA THERAPY can provide significant help.


  • Get a pen and pad ready.
  • Relax and go into a meditative state.
  • Now ask, “Higher Self what chakra is blocked in me relating to manifesting xxx [fill in the blank for what you want]. Please give the answer to me in the form of a number from 1 to 7.”
  • The first number that appears is your blocked chakra. Write down this number.
  • Now discover the color, location and affirmation for that chakra from this list. Write down your chakra name, its color and your affirmation. We are going to use it below.
Chakra Name Color Location Affirmation
1. Root Red Groin I AM SECURE
2. Sacral Coral Abdomen I AM CREATIVE
3. Solar Plexus Sunflower Yellow Stomach I AM ME
4. Heart Emerald Green Chest I AM LOVE
5. Throat Sky Blue Neck I AM CLEAR
6. Third Eye Purple Forehead I AM INTUITIVE
7. Crown White Top of head I AM SOURCE
  • We are now going to clear your blocked chakra.
  • Imagine you are sending in the color of your chakra through it coloring it completely. This sets it to neutral.
  • Now say to yourself or out loud your affirmation.
  • Your healing of this block is finished.
  • Continue using. You can do this exercise on a daily basis, clearing blocks as they surface. You will know you are blocked when you are NOT GETTING WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE!

After realizing the wonderful power the chakras have in healing an individual to get what they want, I thought about creating my own CHAKRA THERAPY product to do this.

Then I found a product of high quality that I can endorse.  Why reinvent the wheel?

It is a CHAKRA THERAPY healing system to help clear and heal your life at a deep, profound level so you can Manifest anything with the Law of Attraction.

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  1. Manifest MONEY, HEALTH or anything better
  2. Use Law of Attraction for LOVE more effectively
  3. Have your life flow smoothly.
  4. Have this done for you automatically with the healing meditations and exercises provided.

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