CANCER CURE: Colostrum Cancer

CANCER CURE:  Colostrum Cancer

Just got through doing an otherside discernment for a caller to the radio show.  Spirit brought in her grandmother.

colostrum cancer
Broccoli Sprouts and colostrum can be part of a holistic healing protocol for cancer.

During the connection the grandmother kept bringing my attention to kidney failure, said that Cindi was a healer and was caring for someone with kidney issues.

Even though Cindi did not immediately understand the nature of this, the grandmother in spirit forged forward.

Finally we validated why the grandmother in spirit kept bringing to my attention this feeling and information about kidney failure.  Cindi realized she had sent a holistic healing protocol to her son’s girlfriend who was dying of kidney liver cancer!

AND the protocol was working!  This is significant as spirit was trying to get the word out to our audience and to you how to heal cancer on your own.

Colostrum Cancer
Natural Healing Protocol for cancer rated highly from over 1600 reviews.
Here is the book, “The Truth About Cancer,” by Bollinger, for a healing protocol.  It is highly rated on Amazon with over 1,600 reviews.

CANCER CURE:  Colostrum Cancer.  Here is the protocol Cindi said she sent her son’s girlfriend.  Colostrum from yogurt is the most important part of the protocol.

GCMAF, colostrum yogurt.  Can obtain information about this at  Cindi said this was the most important part of the healing protocol as it improves the body’s immune system which then kills the cancer.

Vitamin D.

Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar to set PH to body alkaline.

No Sugar in diet

Broccoli Sprouts

Others have been cured with Vitamin B17.

Here is the show.  Enjoy!  Cindi is on the show at about 45 minutes into it.

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