Had a client that asked about her son during her session.  He suffers from depressive bipolar disorder and was getting worse she thought, with suicidal thoughts.

Obviously this was not something she wanted to ignore.  During her session spirit said he was very focused on his inner self.

Spirit said his diet was good.  That is certainly something you need to clean up if you are bipolar. The healthiest diet is one based on real food, free of toxins, chemicals and additives.

Man made fats are particularly toxic.  As well, the diet should focus more on complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.  You can add grass fed meat, free range fowl or wild fish, but these foods are like the side dish, not the main dish.

Spirit suggested her son focus outwardly on nature, the physical world and not his inner thoughts so much as it would help him get out of his head and back into the world.  It would help him be less depressed.

As well it was recommended he take supplements and essential oil.  Here is the research I sent her.  Perhaps you have a loved one that can benefit from this information also.


Bipoloar Supplements.  I thought this page interesting.  Seems they have an entire natural program for bipolar.

Bipolar Research.
I guess these guys are an authority on essential oils.  They say best oils for bipolar are Frankincense, Lavender, Melissa, Vetiver and Clary Sage.  Here is a link to their article.

All of these of these leading brand oils have Frankincense in them, recommended for bipolar.
DoTerra is Balance.  Young Living would be Valor.

I like this knock off called Balance.  I use one of their products for sleep.  I feel outstanding since I have been using it.  Here is a link to their Balance.  I searched but the only oil specifically for bipolar there is Mugwart.  I included a link to it and another that actually has reviews of efficacy of product itself.

Mugwart w/o reviews.

Mugwart w/ reviews.

Lavendar Blend: (I use this one for sleep.  My mental clarity, mood and focus seem to have benefited extremely from this one.)
A more natural guide to bipolar treatment can be found at this web page,
Here is an abstract from this page.
“The complementary and non-pharmacological treatments that have shown some benefit for the depressive side of bipolar disorder are:”
  • Rhodiola. …
  • SAMe. …
  • St. John’s Wort. …
  • Meditation. …
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids. …
  • Light Therapy. …
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine. …
  • Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy.
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