Healthy Food To Lose Weight

Healthy Food To Lose Weight

SUMMARY:  When you eat healthy food you lose weight automatically and you protect your body from disease!  It is that easy!

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Before - afterI lost 15 pounds without even planning it.  Yes, I was a bit overweight but at that time in my life I had a lot of stress.

The pictures on the right are not of me, but they sure do look like me before and after.

Eating healthy to lose weight was not my goal.  No.

Getting healthy was my goal when I started eating a healthier diet.  I had just completed my L.E.A.N. Health Coach Certification because I wanted to improve my energy levels and immune system.

About seven years ago I started getting sick four to five times a year, for three to four weeks at a time with a virulent upper respiratory infection that just did not want to go away.

So, I decided to study how get healthier.

The first thing I learned to my surprise in the Health Coach training was how toxic foods inflame the body and make us fat.  WOW!

The Coach training teaches us to go through our food cabinets and begin to eliminate anything that was not healthy, organic and real.

I started eating the best food I could find, food that had no hormones in it, no man made food additives in it, that focused on Omega 3 fats versus Omega 6 fats, that emphasized green and minimized processed foods.

When you think about it this is not so easy to do in an American super market.  It is costly for one to always eat healthy, right?

But persevere I did.

To my amazement without trying very hard, my body got less puffy.  For example, to my amazement the puffiness under my eyes went away!

All my girlfriends had their bags under their eyes removed surgically. (I am in my sixties.)   My eyes were youthful and tight underneath!

My belly fat diminished.  I started to have a cinched waistline.  (I thought that was impossible as I got older, you know?)

The secret to weight loss is to eat healthy, anti inflammatory foods.

• If it’s “beige” or “white,” keep it out of sight.
• If you eat dark “green,” you will become lean.
• If you eat fake fats, you’ll get heart attacks.

I have found a wonderful system to do this for you.  All the steps are laid out clearly.  No guess work.  Made by health professional and what’s more FREE for you to get started.

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