HAIR LOSS: Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

HAIR LOSS: Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

As I elegantly proceed into my latter years (I am 63 years old as of this writing), I noticed one more thing not working just right in my body.

I am losing hair around my forehead creating a receding hair line! Yuck!

natural hair growth vitamins
I’m on the right here. My forehead keeps going higher. lol!

Losing your hair, especially if you are a woman, can be devastating to your self esteem. We can expect wrinkles and a fatter mid section, but a loss of hair?

Why that is darn humiliating, to me anyway! :)

So what to do about it.

First of all I want to say I do take supplements, lots of them. As well, I do take herbs for hormonal balance after menopause.

I think I have all of that covered.

One thing I did not have properly covered was stress. Even with the best supplements, diet and personal body care, stress can counter all these efforts ruining your health.

Stress can create a hormonal imbalance. Cortisol is released by the adrenaline gland blocking other hormones that might have balanced your body’s endocrine system.

Possible result? Hair loss.

Yet I was aware of this and have done everything I could to relieve stress from meditation to walking to manifesting a new reality in my life.

All of that is working, but still have the hair loss.

After doing a bit more of research on this problem I found a great article by Dr. Axe online. To summarize this article states to lower body inflammation by supplementing and eating anti inflammatory foods such as:

  1. Wild Caught Fish for Omega 3,
  2. Bone Broth for Collagen,
  3. Green Tea which blocks DHT, etc.

I eat an anti inflammatory diet so I have this covered, but still I have the hair loss.

[An anti inflammatory diet basically avoids man made fats, sugar, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine. It encourages whole real organic foods such as vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, wild fish.]

OK. So now I know why it happened, I have done everything I can about those causes, but what else can I do about it?

HAIR LOSS: Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

So I went on my go to place for products to solve problems. I just LOVE Amazon to solve problems because you can read the reviews of others that have found success or failure with a product.

If I see a lot of success, I am in.

Here is what I found.

I found this wonderful product on for Natural Hair Growth. It gets a high overall rating as of this writing. The reviews impressed me.

Natural Hair Growth Vitamins
This natural hair growth vitamin is highly rated on I think it is worth a try.
One of the reviews said this product was the best she ever used and provided a before and impressive after picture of her hair’s amazing growth since using the product.

HAIR LOSS: Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

You can buy this product here. I am going to try it out myself. It looks really great!


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