PAST LIFE REGRESSION.  You can do your own past life regression for a very reasonable price using the video below.   As well, doing this type of exercise develops connection to your own intuition, creativity and soul abundance.

The benefits of SOUL ABUNDANCE are reviewed on this page HERE.

After you have done it a few times you might consider having a private session with Spirit Medium Laura to see what she gets to enhance your insight.

As a medium, Laura will channel your spiritual guides while in a trance state and fluently access your Akashic Records.  Everything is revealed quite accurately as needed.

brother, child, dadPast Life Regression can be a very useful tool when you are involved in a relationship with self or another that is very toxic, blocked or requires release and healing of some sort.  I have had past life regression to heal a relationship I had with a soul mate of mine.

As well, I did it to release a block I had which prevented me from taking a test.

Each time I did it I had another revelation.

Spiritual resources to heal every day problems for me seems to out perform more traditional intellectual approaches.  I always prefer spiritual solutions in all situations that require healing.

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