VERTIGO: home remedies for vertigo symptoms

VERTIGO:  home remedies for vertigo symptoms

A client came to me for a medical mediumship session with symptoms of extreme vertigo.  Her budget was very limited so I needed to find a home remedy for vertigo symptoms that was cost efficient.

Home remedies for vertigo symptoms
water when hydrolyzed is very healing

Spirit said she should use hydrolyzed water.  When I googled that I discovered machines which hydrolyzed water were very expensive.  See this Kangen water machine.

More on Hydrolyzed Water
I did some research on hydrolyzed water to understand it better, especially since this expensive solution would not help my client.   I realized after research that hydrolyzed water is electrolyzed water.

Electrolyzation is a process which produces both alkalyzed (hydrolyzed) and acidic water.

Alkalyzed (hydrolyzed) is for healing.
Acidic is for cleaning.

As I continued my research I discovered there are many other ways hydrolyze water including the use of alkalyzing minerals such as magnesium.

Below you will find some inexpensive Home Remedies for Vertigo Symptoms which include the alkalyzing mineral approach to hydrolyzing water.

Here is an article on a simple home remedy for vertigo symptoms which relates to the alkalyzing mineral magnesium and water.

I also found this article which states that you can make hydrolyzed water that stays hydrolyzed much longer by using magnesium.  So magnesium is a great way to hydrolyze water.

If you have Vertigo your body fluids are off. Hydrolyzed water and/or Magnesium can help balance this.

Home Remedy for Vertigo Symptoms – Alkalyzing Water Bottles and Alkalyzing Mineral Drops

Alkalyzing Water Bottles.  Young Living has a Hydrolyzed Water Bottle system, so it is possible to get this health benefit cheaper.  Here is an alkalyzing water bottle solution available that is very inexpensive.

Alkalyzing Water Drops.  Here is a way to hydrolyze water using alkalyzing mineral drops available for very little money.  It contains magnesium among other minerals.

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