The Next Caller in the Queue
by Alicia DiPietro (fan of Spirit Medium Laura Clairvoyant Medium Readings Radio shows on

Is your current beau the one that you will wed?  Or will a better option come along instead?

Will you get a job? Your bills, they must be paid.
If you switch employers, will you wish that you had stayed?

Will you make a move to the  north, east, south, or west?  Where will you end up if your home is repossessed?

Will the judge rule in your favor, or will you have to pay?  The suspense is overwhelming, you’ve got to know today.

How ’bout that inheritance,.. when will you collect?
Will the sum received be as large as you expect?

Is the path you’re on the one that’s right for you?
Or should you change direction, before your life review?

And if someone in spirit should end up coming through,
You’d like for them to share what the future holds for you

You want to know the ending, before you know the plot.
As for living in the now, well let’s just say you’re not.

Time will always tell the twists your life will take
Yet you want to know right now each move that you will make

Have you ever wondered why your life is such a mess?
Your fixation on yourself, is my only guess.

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