DONALD TRUMP: The Trump Effect

The “TRUMP” Effect.  He says it like it is, (Authentic).  He does NOT censor what he wants to say to be politically correct (authentic).  He believes he really is a winner and says it at every chance he can.

What is the take away for you?  Be a winner!  Everyone loves a winner!  Be your authentic self.  Back yourself up, your ideas, your feelings, your choices.

Eliminate the middle man, the part of you that says, “Hmmm, I don’t know.  Maybe.  I’ll see how I feel.”

Instead be yourself.  Make a commitment to be you every day in every way.  THERE IS SEVERE POWER IN THIS!

Each day that you are yourself, you find your life gets more and more directed.  You are guided.  You know what to do.  You hear your heart.  Opportunities find you.  Finally you enter the magically abundance state of GOD flow, where spirit is leading you step by step on your divine path.

There are four steps to do this.  These steps are outlined in my book, “MANIFESTING MAGIC:  The ‘SOUL ABUNDANCE’ Law of Attraction Secret.”  This book can be found on Amazon in both hard and soft cover.  Just go to Amazon and search for this title.  It has the steps to be as charismatic and powerful at Trump.

Meanwhile here is a quick exercise to help you enjoy the DONALD TRUMP Effect right away.

Take a minute and relax.  Uncross your arms and legs and focus on your breath from your abdominal area.  Do this for about 5 minutes minimum.

Sit back in your seat and think about something bothering you.  It could be money, health, love.  It could be anything.

Ask yourself how you really feel about this.  Do you feel happy, sad, fearful or nothing? One of the most powerful gift we have is our emotions, both negative and positive.  Tap into your feelings now, they are the portal to your powerful authenticity, the key to the DONALD TRUMP effect.

If you feel nothing it means you are blocked.  Ask to be unblocked through healing and/or prayer.  One of the most negative things you can be, which will prevent you from experiencing the DONALD TRUMP effect, is having no feeling.  Passion is power.

If you are without feelings you need a healing.

Now ask yourself what you want in place of this problem.  Be specific.  Write it down on a piece of paper.  Remember to write down exactly what you want, not what you think you can have, or someone else told you to want.

This is a difficult step to finish if we are out of touch with our emotions, but well worth trying to do to see what you say.

Brainstorm.  Write down 10 different ways to bring this to yourself, even if they sound outlandish or odd.  Remember Donald Trump knows no limits.  Why should you?

Commit to take action on one of these ideas.  Place the first step right onto on your calendar.  Stick to your commitment and do it.    Make a commitment to success right now.

WARNING.  The material on this page is extremely powerful.  Do not attempt to be who you are or ask for what you want if you are not willing to house the power required to attain it.

Many blessings,

Spirit Medium Laura

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