E-books From Spirit

These are ebooks written by spirit through Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn to catapult forward your spiritual purpose on earth. 

Refunds are not given for e-books purchased as once the intellectual content had been accessed it is used.

Intuitive Living Magic – “L.O.V.E. Your Life Abundance Method– Know about the Law of Attraction but still can’t manifest? The L.O.V.E. Your Life Abundance Method is channeled from spirit and really works! Client results include: “I just sold my house!” “I just got an $18,000 raise! “I met a new man who is exactly what I want!” More Information here. 85+ pages. $24.11 Order here.

Create Your Holistic Business – Want to love your work? Want to attract success by flowing with the energy current of your soul? “Create Your Holistic Business,” will help you get in touch with your soul’s mission on this planet, then gently bring it into the world. You will learn the simple PASS business blueprint success system to discover your ideal prospects, create a system, get the word out and then close the business. Features Selling with the SPIN system and Internet Marketing. SAMPLE! Create Your Holistic Business Table Of Contents and Chapter One here. Over 40 pages of helpful examples, details and features. Order here. Only $24.11.

Channeling Spirit: Access the Collective Unconscious – Gain access to all the knowledge of the universe (Collective Unconscious or Akashic Records) by learning how to channel. Includes: 1. Make and safely use your own pendulum and spirit boards; 2. Automatic drawing and writing; 3. Meet your guides and channel your life purpose; 4. Channel your past lives from Akashic records. 55+ pages. $24.11. Order here. SAMPLE: Table of Contents and Chapter One.

Psychic Creativity: Auras, Chakras, Telepathy & More!– A complete psychic development course. Includes: 1. Basic technique to connect, psychometry and picture reading; 2. Reading auras and chakras (unique system); 3. Telepathy, psychic influence; 4. Remote viewing, medical intuitive scanning. SAMPLE! Table of Contents and Chapter One here. 40+ pages. $24.11. Order here.

Psychic Mediumship: Open The Natural Way” – Learn a natural way to speak to loved ones in spirit. 1. Making first contact using your existing tools, 2. Using the “family map” on the aura to connect; 3. Psychic detective; and 4. Evidential mediumship. Table of Contents and First Chapter are located here. Over 45 pages. $24.11. Order here.

“Makeup Your Breakup: The Love Recovery System.” A spiritual and practical approach to healing your broken heart to find love again. Includes removing karma using violet flame meditation, how to do psychic remote influence and ethical love magic. As well, it contains page upon page of practical advise to sooth and improve you so you can either get back your ex or move on! 50+ pages. $24.11. Order here.

NOTE: Laura is available for support on all of these subjects. Please contact her at (954) 465-7338 or laura@lauramendelsohn.com for your appointment.

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